Friday, January 31, 2014

I am Thirty!

Wow! It was a fantastic day.  To say I feel incredibly blessed, would be an understatement!  I received so many text, phone calls, messages, cards, and generous gifts it's hard to actually believe!!

Reid did a wonderful job of making me feel extra loved.  He paid attention to every little detail, from making sure the dishwasher was unloaded to taking me out to dinner.  I didn't lift a finger all day.  AND, we didn't let the snow stop us one bit.

I actually like the snow, it's so pretty!  I just wish it would be a little warmer so we could play in it a bit more.

Tiffany sent me a Heytell on my birthday eve, asking what I was up to on the last night of my 20s.  I hadn't even really thought about it that way, until she mentioned it.  I thought it was pretty appropriate that I spent it doing Yoga.  With all the quietness and breathing it was a neat way to say good bye to my 20s and welcome my 30s, with open arms! 

She dropped off a little surprise to be enjoyed the morning of my birthday.

I love that she got me a princess balloon, as she knows the girls so well. She made sure to write in 30th! :)  Of course I waited to open the gift until the actual day.

My morning started with my sweet little two year old walking in to sing me Happy Birthday, with her raspy morning voice and crazy hair to match it.  I was sure to record the song later in the day so I could always remember it.

Sally soon joined us and gave me extra Birthday snuggles! We enjoyed a low key morning with hot coffee, cards and gifts!

My card from the girls and Daddy!

Tiff mentioned I should open her present first thing.

Her gift was so creative and filled will all of my favorites!!

Donut holes, how cute is that?!

LOVE this tumbler she made, it is so me!! It was filled with more of my favorite candy and gift cards to my favorite places.  THANK YOU!!! You know me so well!
We got ready for the day! Daddy shoveled the snow away so we could still fulfill our plans of a late morning date at Mall Of America!!

I got a new winter coat using a gift card I received from George!! Thank you!

Then we headed to Noodles to cash in on my free Birthday bowl!

They listened and got along so well ALL day!! So in love with these two!!

My girls!!
I received a generous gift card to Nordstrom Rack from my Mom, so I went browsing in there for a while!  I found a lot of really great things, but didn't want to use it just to use it, so I think I'm going to hold on to that gift card until I really need something. Thanks Mom!

Before we headed home for naps we stopped at Caribou to cash in on my free coffee!  The girls got to write on the chalkboard while we waited.  Sally wrote "I love my mommy and daddy!"  Libby wrote, "me too" ;)

Daddy did a great job listening and he bought me a new winter hat, exactly what I was looking for, but could never find!!
After naps Joey and Emily came over to babysit for us!! A while ago, Joey had sent me a text that he and Emily would come over so Reid and I could go to dinner on my birthday! Thank you so much guys, we appreciate you and the girls had a lot of fun!!

Emily brought BEAUTIFUL Flowers (My favorite kind too!) and delicious homemade cookies!!
Reid and I went out for Sushi at the West End!

What an AMAZING Husband I have! Love you, Honey!
We decided to be rebellious and we stopped at the Fro-Yo place to put in my purse to sneak in to our movie!! YUM!!  We went and saw American Hustle!  It was very good, thanks Jenny for the recommendation!

See? Beyond loved and a freaking amazing day!!

The fun doesn't stop there, either.  Tonight we are going to the T-Wolves game and watching from a suite that Reid's cousin bought, who happens to be the head coach of the Grizzlies!!

AND tomorrow night, Reid has organized a big birthday bash for me with all of my friends and family!! So excited to Par-Tay!!

Thank you again for all of the love and very kind words sent my way, it truly means the world to me!!

Welcome 30s, I'm excited to see what you have in store for me!!

Nice one, Reid!
My heart is FULL!
Happy Friday, Happy Last Day of January, Happy Weekend, Happy Everything!!

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