Sunday, January 12, 2014

MartMile Staycation

We had such a fun weekend filled with lots of laughter, memories, good food, drinks, and awesome friends that continues to root deeper and deeper each day. "See?!! That's why we're friends!"

It was one big love fest :)  We posted a picture on FB and someone commented that Kari and I looked liked sisters {which we kind of agree with}, so that continued on with Reid and Andy being brothers and we continued to looked for similarities throughout the weekend.

Before I continue, I need to say a BIG Thank you to my mom and George for taking the girls for the weekend.  It was so great to not have any parental responsibilities for an entire weekend.  So, thank you so very much and for the extra driving you did.  George even continued Reid's Saturday morning donuts for the girls :) We know they can be a handful and lots of fun and we appreciate the memories you created with them, they had a great time!! Thank you!

After the girls were on the road with Grandma heading to Alex and Kari and dropped Haddie off with her parents, we met at West End for the best Mani/Pedi to date!! It was a great start to our staycation!

"We're getting a pedicure!"
We were able to do a little shopping and then we met up with the hubbies, freshened up and headed out for the night!

Excited to be Kid Free!
 We headed to Tilia's for dinner, it was amazing! Thank you to those of you that recommended, it didn't disappoint!

The Martinsons

The Craigmiles

 Not sure what we were reacting to, but Reid took a picture, I think it's funny how we have the same reaction!

Brothers, ordering the same thing
We then headed downtown to check out the Shout House.  I've never been there and we wanted to go somewhere with live music and energy, it didn't disappoint! We also were happy to find it filled with people of all ages, not just a college bar scene, I would go back!  Reid also go in free with his College ID--Yay Carlson MBA!


Kari wanted to be sure to get her sparkly elbow patches documents, and my colorful stripe :)

The Big Boys :) Bunnies?

Singing and laughing along
Thanks to my sister for recommending Uber cab service, we had a memorable ride home with Jimmy {or was it Tommy?;)}  I would HIGHLY recommend downloading this app if you use lots of cabs.

"For Free? For Me?!"
With no kids we were able to sleep in! We headed downtown to pick up our car and grab some breakfast at Keys!


Breakfast of Champions!
We showered and got ready for the day and headed to the movie theatre to see The Hunger Games:Cathing Fire---AMAZING!! Never a dull moment! If you haven't seen it and/or read it, another highly recommended thing to do!

After the movie we had a quick snack at the mall and then headed to Centennial Lakes to go Ice Skating! It was very pretty and fun, we'll be back!!

The Christensens were able to meet us for dinner at Pinstripes and enjoy the great company and delicious food!  Our only regret is that we would have made reservations for  the bowling or other activities there. We heard some reserve those at least 3 weeks out!

We decided to try our luck with getting a lane at Park Tavern, but didn't get so lucky.  After the boys played a few rounds of darts we headed back to our house.  Not without a quick run for some FroYo, though!

It was nice to be able to sleep in yet again.  We enjoyed some coffee and convo and then headed to Hoagies for some breakfast and mini donuts!

It was time to part ways and pick up our kiddos.  Reid picked up the girls while I stayed back to do some laundry and get ready for the week.  He was excited to see his girls after a full week away! We all took naps and went to 6pm Mass.

As you can see it was a wonderful weekend and we made the most of time without kiddos!  Here's to hoping we can make it some sort of an annual thing!  Come back and play soon Captain Hook, we miss you already!

The MartMiles

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