Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Everything Happens for a Reason

When we got home from our Christmas in Alexandria, we came home to frozen pipes.  We've lived here for 5 1/2 years and this was the first time.  No water was coming out of any of our faucets.  We decided to bring all of our space heaters to our backroom at heat it up a bit.

When we turned the heaters on it said it was *cough cough* 51 degrees.

The girls went down for naps and we still weren't too concerned.  I decided to send Delores a text, as her kitchen faucet has been frozen a few times.  She came over with a heat lamp and a text to her son, that he'd be over soon to help.

Once Stan {the man!} arrived he helped to decide that it had to be near the source of our water since it wasn't coming out of any of our faucets.  Once we found the coldest spot Reid held my blow dryer on it for about 8 minutes and the water started flowing, and that was that.

A big to-do about an actual 8 minute process.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Monday morning Reid had to leave at 4:15am for a work trip.  I was woken up at 3:45 with "Jackie, the pipes are frozen."  Reid assumed his position and within 5 minutes the water was flowing again.  I crawled back into bed and smiled.  God knew all along that this was going to happen.  Had we not had our trial run a few weeks ago Reid either would have left with a pit in his stomach knowing he was leaving everything for me to figure out, or he would have missed his flight trying to figure it out.

Tuesday night I went to bed and read this in my "Living Faith" book:

"I'm always surprised by the different ways people view the same events.  One person will see the hand of God constantly at work; the other will chalk it all up to random events.

In the gospel reading today, the disciples "had not understood the incident of the loves." Moreover, when Jesus came to them on the water, they did not recognize him.  At the early stage in their discipleship, "their hearts were hardened."

Our challenge is the same.  As our own discipleship unfolds, we, too, must come to recognize Jesus and his work in our lives.  Otherwise, the events in our lives will seem merely random, and we will fail to recognize him.

Is your life a serise of random events or is God guiding your life? Today, we pray that, like the disciples, we might also come to recognize the presence of the Lord in our midst and his ever-guiding hand."


Thank you for the frozen pipes Big Guy :)

We've been able to avoid anymore freeze ups, as I periodically have been waking up in the middle of the night to run the faucets and flush the toilet.  At least we have faucets to run and a toilet to flush, right?

Moving on.  Sally went back to school today and loved it! She learned all about penguins {Nana, your favorite!}.

Meanwhile Libbers had her 2 year check up, and she ROCKED it!  We had practiced a few times earlier this week so she would know what to expect.  The doctor was very impressed with her willingness, her vocabulary and her big girl underwear!!  The nurse awarded her the bravest 2 year old she has seen!

When the nurse came in for shots she said I'll have you lay down.  Libby said Okay and did it and responded "Hurt for a minute, then big sucker!"  The nurse wanted to hand her a sucker right there and skip the shots.  She didn't even shed a tear, brave little girl.  So proud of her!

She's a healthy one too.  26 pounds--38% and 33 1/4 inches--29%

A well deserved sucker!!
Thank you to Delores for hanging with the girls yesterday so Mommy could sneak out for a quick hair cut!

This was during our heat wave yesterday, something like 6 degrees  ABOVE zero :)
How precious is this?

Sally sitting in her bed during her quiet time with a workbook and pencil.  She was so excited about the activity books I picked up for her from the Dollar Spot at Target!  I'm reminded more and more every day how quickly Kindergarten is approaching!!

Happy Hump Day!

Grandma comes tomorrow!!

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