Monday, April 9, 2018

Destin, Florida- Day 5: coming home

Day 5 my least favorite day, for obvious reasons :)

Our flight wasn't until 4pm.

Check-out was 10am

Someone was checking in to our room that day, so we weren't allowed for a later check out.  After packing everything up in an organized way to still allow us to swim until we needed to leave for lunch and then the airport.

Bye pretty view

One last debate of who's turn it is to push the button
 Our cute little travelers
 One last family swim

 Quick warm up in the sauna before showering and getting ready for lunch
 Steam room!
 a yummy brunch spot brought to you by Reid's tripadvisor research...Brunch, daddy's favorite meal.  The table cloths were paper for the girls to color on
 and then we're getting our bags checked and Sally told me her tummy really hurt.  I thought it was a mix of all the junk food she was allowed as well as the nerves for flying since her ears were effected the most on our way to Florida.  We made it through security, which luckily was a line of only 1 person. 

She complained again that it hurt and I said, if you're going to throw up make sure you tell me with enough time to find a bath... "MOM, I'm gonna throw up!"

Luckily we made it to a garbage can near by.  She said she felt great after it was all said and done.  I was still thinking junk food and nerves.

While waiting to board our plane we called home to check in on Mason :)
 Excited to be Daddy's travel buddy
 We had a layover in Charlotte (pretty sure it's one of the largest airports in the world).  We had to taxi for a bit to wait for our gate.  Sally said her stomach ache was back.  I was in panic mode, as you're not allowed to get out of your seats while taxiing.  Didn't know if I was gonna pull out Mama Bear and push through whomever was going to stop me. 

Sally had her "motion sickness" bag ready, and I told her to tell me if she was going to throw up so I could help.

Luckily once we made it to our gate and they turned off the seat belt sign she said she was going to throw up.  We made it to the toilet on the plane...poor thing.  At this point I knew it was more than junk food and nerves

Meanwhile Emma was chatting up a storm one minute and the next she was out cold, of course while we were taxiing, so was only allowed to sleep for 10 minutes until we had to get off the plane.
 I made Sally grab her "motion sickness bag" and I'm so glad I did.  Poor thing had to walk nearly a mile to our next gate (seriously, is Charlotte the biggest airport?)

Mind you, it's spring break, we're in one of the busiest airports and as soon as we find a seat to sit down to wait for our plane, Sally gets sick again.

I know what everyone is thinking. Please PLEASE don't let that family be on our flight and don't let me be seated next to them.

We waited to be one of the last to board so we didn't have to risk Sally throwing up while walking back to her seat in front of everyone.  Fear not, she did it in a bag in the gate walking to the plane. 

Reid was worried if the Flight Attendants saw they may not let us on the plane, so we tried our best to hoover around and hide her.

She made it back to her seat and the entire flight keeping everything down.  We tucked her in by the window and she slept for pretty much the entire flight.

Poor thing, how miserable to feel like that and to have to fly.

We made it off the plane, down to baggage claim and then out to the car where Grandpa was waiting to pick us up.  Good thing mommy thought to have Grandpa grab a plastic Target bag just in case, because the minute we got in the car, Sally was sick again.

and then all 3 girls were out for the drive home.

We pulled in to the garage and I sighed a big sigh of relief that we survived a parent's worst nightmare.

The next day I continued to praise Sally for doing the unthinkable and that she's stronger than she thinks she is.  She powered through and handle the situation better than I could have imagined.

I'm thankful for MANY things, but toward that top are:
1. That it was Sally, the oldest, who has good aim and can still handle certain things while being sick
2. If it had to happen at least it was at the VERY end of the trip
3, A solid stomach of my own to be able to help console her and not have to turn away and be sick myself.

She got a nasty bug, she was down and out until Easter Sunday night.  We were thankful to still be on break Easter Monday and then ANOTHER day off with Tuesday being a snow day.  Of COURSE Libby and Emma got it too,,,what are we doing wrong?! So many stomach bugs this year!


We had a BETTER than expected vacation.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Reid and I didn't have many expectations because you just never know how it's going to go when traveling with kids.  It was beyond anything we could have prepared for. So So many cherished memories.  We have some awesome little travelers.  Yes, we will do it again, maybe next year, we'll see.  Mason still won't make the cut until he's at least 3 and there were times when we said what a ride it will be when we can travel as a 6 pack!!

God is so Good!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Destin, Florida- Day 4

Day 4, my favorite day

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise!


 Breakfast with a view

 We hadn't officially made the connection, but realized Destin is in the same central time zone as MN, you learn something new every day!
We knew it was going to be a glorious day with full sun, so we started our morning on the beach.  After lots and lots of sunscreen, yes, even for Mommy!  I encouraged the kiddos to keep cover ups on as long as possible. 

 and then everyone peacefully played in the sand.  Reid and Sally worked on a great sand castle that withheld it's walls even 6 hours later when they came back to check on it

Experimenting with how much sand it takes to absorb all of the ocean water
 She could sit and pour sand back and forth for hours, it was wonderful
 A creative one, just like her dad
 His shirt says it all, love him
 and then Mom decided to do some fun photos on the side while other kept playing in the sand.  Names in the sand and jumping pictures

 pouring and repouring and pouring some more
 Water girl!
 Mom's turn
 Dad, always up for Mom's shenanigans
 after a break for lunch we brought down the boogie boards, I didn't have my phone out when Sally and Libby were doing it, but I did capture Reid and I


Reid didn't expect me to go so quickly so he only got the end of what was a really good ride, I promise, you can hear it in my giggles

Sally's creation and picture  taking skills
 and then Tripadvisor for another win.  My favorite place we ate, Dewey's on the water.  You stand in line to get your food and then pick a table to eat it at.  It's fresh from the coast!  The location is also known to have the best sunset views.  It was beautiful, although clouds came moments before the sunset, but we saw dolphins right off the dock!

Emma and Libby were especially buddy buddy this evening


our perfect table spot
 Patiently waiting to submit our order
my perfectly perfect dinner!

Reid's delicious dinner of choice

 Trying to catch a bit of the sunset

 on a roll...
 I'll pose like this...[VIDEO]

 Besties for the night
 C-Mile Sisters
 High School Sweethearts
 Emma wanting to take a picture
 The end of a really great day

stay tuned for our last day, our flight home and how I survived every parent's worst nightmare!!!