Friday, February 23, 2018

Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

We woke up to a beautiful new fresh blanket of snow.  I love a good snowfall.  Especially when the temps aren't frigid and I don't have to drive anywhere.  MN girl at heart!

She's got her orange spoon and some morning sunshine, happy happy
 Love Sally's creativity!
 Morning fun!
 Emma's proud of her new skill of writing her E for Emma

 "Mom, take a picture of us, we're buddies!"
 How much does this look like my brother?
 Enjoying our whirley pop, thanks Lindbergs!
 Got to pop in to celebrate an early Valentine's Day with my Kindergartener.  We celebrated on the 13th since it was Ash Wednesday on the 14th!
 Loving her Valentine Mail from De-Lo!
 Mason too! (The Bigs too, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them) Thanks Delores for continue to make our kiddos feel extra special! We Miss you!
 Some sunshine called for an afternoon walk with a stop at the park
 Loving the fresh air and vitamin D!
 Morning Bus patrol
 Spring is coming, had to update my centerpiece!
 Love this little Dude and love slowing down to just watching him play

Nana and Grandpa came down to celebrate Mason's birthday, hang out and watch our kiddos for us while we met up with My Sibs and their Sigs for some fun at Battle Show Game Room.  While we may not have gotten the High Score, we sure had a lot of fun!



Siblings and Significant others aka Sibs & Sigs
 MN Girl, loving the outdoors
 Toddler in the house, discovering all kind so fun!  Hey, if it allows me to get dinner prepped, go for it!

 President's Day Jammie Day with a side of painting
 Libby--picking a 4-leaf clover
 Sally's--Dolphin at sunset, hoping to see it in person in Florida!
 Miss Emma's, it was very creative, Mama just gave her a limited supply of paints ;)
 Sweet LJ reading Mason some books to allow me to quickly finish getting ready in the morning when Daddy was on a work trip




Happy FriYAY! More snow to come this weekend!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mason's 1st Birthday

Mason had a great time celebrating his 1st birthday!  It was filled with all of his favorites.  We like to keep it simple so the birthday person isn't rushed from thing to thing and they can enjoy their gifts and their day.

He got a turn at having a poptart like his Sisters

I think he likes it

 Sisters reading their birthday cards to the birthday brother



 Present time

 Grandma stopped on her way out of town to deliver Mason's birthday gift


Quick photo shoot after his morning nap before heading to pick up a birthday balloon

 Loves his Balloon!

 Just hanging and watching my little one year old.  He LOVES socks


 and then we had pizza, his favorite.

Next up was his delicious cake, compliments of Kari!

 He got mad that there wasn't anything to chew, and then he got really mad when we was  downgraded to just a piece of the cake.

 More presents
 Remote control car from GodFather Brian

 Quick Family pic before heading up for bedtime stories

 Each sister read a book to Mason

Good Night Good Night Construction Site from Uncle Brian
 G'Night sweet baby boy, thank you for a wonderful 1st year. You are a dream! We love you more every day! ♥