Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The rest of June

We made it back from a wonderful few days up in Walker.  The weather could not have been any better!  Before I get to those pictures, I have to finish off our fun from June...

Lazy days in the hood with neighbor friends
Love this pic, Alisha snapped of Emma and Emersyn!
 and then our Travy needed a new battery.  Thankful it went out on a Sunday and we already knew of the ONE car place that is open on Sundays and it happened the day before Reid was gone for a week long work trip.  So glad I didn't have to get stranded somewhere with all 4 kiddos and a husband out of town.  Libby went with Reid to get the new battery while I took the others and the Camry home from church.  To kill time they went and ate "lunch" at Wendy's next door.  They were the only ones there because it was 10:30am...

 Hut Hut
 Reid spotted this in one of the airports and sent for Sally to see
 Tea Party-Pinkies up
 Living the dream, jumping in the rain
 Playing in the rain
 Finally walking at 16 months!


Storytime at Chick-Fil-A while the Bigs were at basketball camp and a rocket adventure
 Elephant was the theme

 She's famous ;)

Supporting our friends' lemonade stand
 Being a boy...
 Mama's prayer when she's about to lose it ;)

The bond between these 2 is VERY strong
 3rd one has Spunk
 So glad he doesn't have to travel often
 Learning to use a spoon like a big boy

 We started a Friday dinner tradition.  Pizza and peppers on the patio in swimsuits running around...can you spot the 3 sisters in the bigger pool?
 FATHER'S DAY!  Church prep...[VIDEO]

God certainly knew what He was doing when He chose you for us! We love you more everyday and appreciate how VERY hard you work to give us your EVERYTHING! We love you Craigy!

 Why have I not thought of this before?  We braved brunch with our 4pack after Mass since Brunch is Daddy's favorite.  They gave us a buzzer for the wait so we sat in the car and watched a Saint movie until it was time to be seated!
 LJ Crushing the Selfies
 Mason wasn't being the picture perfect smile for the camera like normally is :)
 "Hey guys, I found some creamer!"
 Take 2...still no luck

 "But I wanna jump off the ledge"
 He's way more patient than I am.  Letting the girls help him build our new night stands
 We had a string of rain and we needed out so we all headed to Target.  Mom picked up a few things that were needed while the kiddos and Reid strolled and played.  I snapped this when I was around the corner from them and they didn't know I was watching
 Libby had a week of Basketball camp and she loved it.  Sally completed her 3rd?? summer of basketball camp and continues to love it.  The shot went in and she won a prize
 Monday nights Reid and I are on our Parish's softball team.  The Bigs get to come along if the game is early enough. 
 A morning when Sally was at basketball and we got the wagon out
 Emma wanted a turn pulling and you'll quickly see why we don't take the wagon out too often at this age...

 Back to the house to crawl in and out and color instead.  Mama can sip her coffee peacefully
 More spoon least favorite milestone to allow them to learn...but Mama doesn't always have time to sit and spoon feed

 Pool Party
 Complete with Lifeguards ;)
 another Friday night dinner on the patio
 Gosh I just love this kid!
 Holy Family held it's first 5k, sponsored by Enki.  We had fun running, and couldn't beat the location.  The start was basically in our backyard.  I'm in the purple tank
 Our cheer squad
 Cheering on the runners at the Finish Line.  Even Mason was cheering and clapping!
 We did it! I was a bit toasty!
 Go mom Go
 We went in for pretzels, of course!
 and to think we were missing a husband and 3 kiddos in this awesome group!
 Afternoon adventures biking to parks while the Littles sleep and mom enjoys some peace and quiet

 Watching the Big Trucks drive by
and that's a wrap for June! Whoop Whoop!