Tuesday, September 19, 2017

National Night Out, Honky Tonk & Fun in the Water

Catching up from way back at the beginning of August.

Our neighborhood had a fun National Night out, that started with a quick bike parade through the hood!

 Checking out the Fire Truck!

 Still a little so-so about it

 A handful of the kiddos in our Awesome hood!

Have I posted on here about the town Rocks?  People paint them and hide them and then you rehide them.  Other towns are doing it too.  Anyone can participate and add to it.  Here was one of the first ones we found

 Happy Boy!
 American Girl Dolls on the front step...let them be little
 Brecken insisting on walking Emma home, so precious
 New school shoes! Libby's had to be ordered online, hers came a few days later
 Our neighbor owns a horse and asked us if we wanted to come out with she and her Granddaughter to go for a ride.  First they had to clean Honky Tonk off
 Warming him up
 Old pro, horse lover!

 Libby's turn, ready to rock it!

 Emma's turn, I was impressed she followed through, she was so proud after!

Sally recorded for me:

Happy Boy watching his sisters
 and then Kerry invited us over to play in their homemade splash pad, such a great day!

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mason is 7 months!!

This boy just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

Below are a million pictures of this little honey!

You guys, he's on the MOVE! Ugh, game changer!!

He also is beginning to understand how to pick up and bring food to his mouth. A positive game changer, one step closer to never having baby food again! (my least favorite stage)

Lots of drool! Some toofers have to be making their way.

He can mostly sit up on his own...big head problems.

Loves to be a part of the family and the dinner table.  He has different expressions and smiles for each member of the family.

Still taking 3 naps a day and sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night.

Dream baby!

The only thing he gets upset about is putting on shirts...big head problems.

aaaand now for the million pictures :)

from way back at the beginning of August, Mason took a nap with Grandma at the Cousin pool party!

Promoted to the table!

One of his thousand kisses a day, from his Mama
 Playing in the fort with Sally and Anna!
 Morning snuggles, Emma's favorite when Mason can lay in bed with her

The girls wanted to help feed Mason, he wouldn't keep focused, so they created a chain for him to look straight ahead :)


Having fun being able to dress a boy for a change!
 Fearsome Four!
 Love this sweatshirt, Playground Legend!
Handsome Hunk!
 Sunday's best!
 Playtime with mama
 Allll boy, loving watching the neighbor mow the lawn


 and then a plane flew over
 Back to the mower

 Another plane!
 Checking out the grass
 Cheering for Libby at soccer!
 Wearing Daddy's hat

One of his favorite toys!

 Got it!
 Mason on the move [VIDEO]

Cheering for the Vikings

His adorable 7 month photo shoot...still has his Chins for days!

 [VIDEO] More Crawling

 The chubby hands, the curled toes, love love love

 Squeeeeeeeeeeze, I might eat him!

 Feeding himself [VIDEO]

Got it! [VIDEO]

 Getting the basketball [VIDEO]

Happy FriYAY!