Friday, January 12, 2018

Mason's 11 months....already!!

I'm quite certain if you look up the definition of 11 month old, this is the picture you'll find...

Nailed it!

Mason celebrated his first Christmas and stocked his toy bin with lots and lots of trucks! We have a lot of fun setting them off and watching Mason chase them.  He loves the wheels and any ball. He's starting to throw the balls.  He grunts and giggles to himself.  He quickly realized the louder he is the quicker he'll be heard in this family and get what he wants

 He's all boy and I couldn't love him more
 Not sure if it was teeth or a little cold that was going around during Christmas, but he turned in to quite the Mama's boy, I'm not really complaining...except when I'm trying to get dinner on the table and it's 4 against 1 (Daddy's still en route home from work).
 He practically jumps out of my arms at the sight of anyone of his sisters and has a unique connection with each one.  He will be plenty cared for in the future!
 He continues to be a gem of a newborn/baby/almost one year old.  He rarely makes a fuss and when he does it's usually rightfully so.  He has started to crawl on all 4 more regularly.  He found the stairs, dangit, and is quite good. He's getting braver and darting from the ottoman to the couch.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he's standing on his own and taking his first step, dangit
 He's down to just nursing in the morning and before bed.  In two weeks I'll drop one of those and by his birthday he'll be mama free...both bitter and sweet.
 He's getting close to needing a haircut and loves to pull at his hair with messy dinner fingers.  He's become quite active in his crib and discovered if he throws his nuk out someone will come in...
 A few of his nicknames: Mase Dawg, Mase, Doggy Dog, Dog, Googily Bear, Boogks, BooBoos, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Baby, Broski, Fuzzy and of course Mason James.
 Breakfast squishy face
 He's the center of our whole world and we couldn't be more obsessed with this little guy!! Happy 11 months, Big Guy, we love you so very much!!

How is my BABY going to be ONE???? How, just HOW?!


Wish he would have done his touchdown a little better.  Sally came up with another cute one "and that's a Mason James' 1st Down!"

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January Heat Wave

We joined the rest of the Minnesotans as we crawled out of Hibernation for a few days to enjoy our Heat Wave!

Mason's nap schedule finally allowed me to check out our tinest little skater.  The cutest little thing! I even got a chance to take a lap or two on my skates!

Enjoying some time together while Libby was at a birthday party, the Littles were napping and Mom was out running errands

 Emma asking to take a picture of her Castle for Daniel Tiger

 He'll be out of the stroller joining his sisters soon enough
 Emma was being stubborn because I wouldn't let her push the stroller.  Sally felt bad and went back to rescue her :)
 Winter in Minnesota...Mason was mid blink
 Mason heard an airplane
 On Monday we made it out for a morning walk to the park!



and then she stated that she had to go potty and couldn't hold it for the walk home...girlfriend has no shame, took it like a champ, she thought it was the funniest thing ever

Emma insisting on taking a picture of me in the enchanted forest
 Emma had her 1st night of swimming lessons.  Girlfriend shows her spunk even when she's in a class setting. If she didn't want to do something she said "Mmmm, no thank you."
 at one point she got pretty comfortable with her platform and started swinging on the bar, and went under.  Her teacher had to come and help her.  When asked what her favorite part of class was, she said "remember when I went all the way under and my teacher came to get me. That was hilarious, I like that best. I want to do that again next time..."



Emma wanting to take another picture of her animals all snuggly in their bed
 Precious morning moment of Libby reading to Mason [VIDEO]

Daddy had a lot of fun exploring this box with Libby this weekend.  Thank you Nana & Grandpa!

Little Mister must be developing something, and it better NOT be walking.  He hasn't been the best napper as of late, how is he already standing on his bumper?!  2 days until he's 11 and Why? :(

fun reminder on my timehop.  8 years, MANY memories later.  So glad we made this decision for our family!!

**Also, I apologize in advance for typing errors.  I never go back and proof my posts, ain't nobody got time for that. I notice lots of errors in to, too, two, there, their there's or missed words or whatnot.  So, please excuse any typos :)**

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Interview with our 6 year old, Libby

Clearly she was SUUUUUUUUUPER excited about this ;)  Sorry about the "chaos" [Happy Kiddos] in the background


** Something weird is up with the video upload, so I had to do the ghetto way ;) **

Saturday, January 6, 2018

January Border

January 2010

January 2012

 January 2013
 January 2014
 January 2015
 January 2016
 January 2017

Happy January!!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas with Nana & Grandpa and New Year

and then everyone got a terrible head cold that Libby had started with on Christmas Eve, wah wah.  There were no Nana & Grandpa still came to celebrate Christmas!

Watching for Nana & Grandpa's car to pull around the corner.  This picture is not staged, they did this on their own

They're here! If you look closely you can see all 4 C-Mile Sibs watching through the front door

 We took advantage of the Grandparents and took Libby out on her Month Kid Date.  Since it was her birthday month is was a two on one.  So glad she was finally feeling well enough to venture out and eat.  Love this girl's simplicity.  She wanted an Arby's roast beef sandwich, Fro-Yo, and a quick swing at the park (a true Minnesotan!! during 10 below zero weather).  Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, a lot of Mommy's favorites too!
 Was so great to give her our undivided attention!
 Silly faces!
 Such a sweet sweet girl with a big big heart!
 Such a good dad!
 She may have taken this request back if she knew she'd be coughing for 30 minutes after coming inside...oh well, memories made!
 One present for each in the morning.  Emma was excited about her new snowglobe!

 Making Olaf cookies with Nana!
 Sillies with Daddy
 School is in session!
 Listen up!
 Present time! (sidenote: Mama's getting old, she now needs glasses.  I kind of love them!! I can where them all the time or none of the time, but should when I'm driving and when I'm reading.  PSA if you need glasses get them at Costco!!)
 Digging right in!

 Christmas stories, thanks Nana and Grandpa
 New click click shoes and Crown!
 Magic Show time
 Intermission: Emma sings along to Sally's harmonica playing
 Silly goose. Thanks for making the trip down, Nana and Grandpa, sorry if we passed on any germs!! It was fun making memories with you!
 Watching the Vikings clinch the #2 seed.  Is it too good to be true?

 Viking Fan! Love his little hands

Record cold temps.  Highs of 6 below zero, getting as cold as 25 below, but feels something like 35 below???  Trying out the boiling water to ice??



Reflecting on another wonderful year.  2017, the year we welcomed Mason James into the Craigmile Crew! It's as if he's been here all along!  My top 9 Instagram photos

Wouldn't it be great if this was everyone's New Year's goal?  What a world it would be for our children's children

 We typically get together with the Martinson Family for New Year's Eve.  We went back and forth, the both of us.  Should they come, should they not.  All the germs all the who knows what.  We ended up staying separate.  I had told her if I was her and she was me, I would want her to tell me to stay away, you don't want all the germs we've had and are yet to come.  We made the right call, New Year's Day Emma woke up with the fever that Libby had had 7 days prior and then the next day had the stomach bug too.  But before that hit, we did sneak out for a family New Year's Eve dinner at Culvers
 When I see a picture of us, I understand why we get so many looks when we go out.  I'd watch Us too :)  It's a busy stage, but a fun stage. Love our Crew!
 Ordering their ice cream
 Happy New Year from the Craigmile Crew!
 Thankful & Grateful for all that we are and all that we have and that includes you!
 Still young at heart!  Enjoying some Champagne and playing a little Mario Cart, we didn't make it to Midnight, those days will be back soon enough, when we're out and about and not having some many Littles that depend on our help with all of the needs.

We had a funny conversation exchange while playing Mario Cart.  A car drove by and Reid said they probably saw through the window we were playing Mario Cart.  I responded with, they probably thought, "Oh, I didn't know they had teenagers in the house?!"

:) Nope, just a couple of 30 something parents, acting like kids :)
 Cheers to a wonderful year, and EVEN year :)
 We started the New Year off with a family rosary!
 Mama got to sneak away to have lunch with Kari, since we didn't get to see each other on New Year's Eve.  Daddy did a fun little project with the Bigs while I was away

Hours left of Christmas break...was definitely bittersweet.  Was sad to have them go back after break seemed like a bit of a flop with sickness getting passed around and keeping us laying low.  But, also grateful that that's the most of our worries.  They were excited to get back to see friends and I am excited to get back in to a routine :)
Kicking it off right with every Mother's dream, grocery delivery.  Anything to not have to pack up Mason and Emma in the freezing cold to get groceries.  A service that I often think is too good to be true!


Happy 2018!!