Tuesday, February 12, 2019

M A S O N is T W O!!

Our Mister Mason James turns two today...technically not until 11:59pm, but you know :)

He continues to be such a gem! He's freaking HILARIOUS! Has such a big heart.  Loves his sisters like you wouldn't believe, but Daddy is indeed his favorite!

I love that he got to witness Elizabeth's birthday and my birthday, so close to his birthday, so he kind of has an understanding of how things go around here.

When we walked in to get him this morning he gently asked, "Sing Happy Birthday to Mason?"  Gosh I love this kid!!

 Bigs had a 2-hour late start so we all got to go outside and play in the fresh snow!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him from this year:

 It's really too bad he's  not a joyful kid!

 This is a pretty good summary of Mason :)

and last, but not least his 2nd year slideshow...enjoy:

Happy 2nd Birthday, Mason James! We love you more every day!

Love always,
Your Family

Walking away from babyhood toward Toddlerhood...

**Sorry I have been MIA...hoping to get back on the blog routine during Lent...I plan to give up "the gram" so will have more time to sort and organize and post pictures here!**

Thursday, December 20, 2018

MEA with Father Don

We packed up the Crew and headed North to Bemidji to hang out with one of our favorites, Father Don!

As some of you may know, he was diagnosed with ALS last December.  He's doing well, all things considered.  If you care to follow his Caring Bridge Site, you can, HERE. I would highly recommend it.  It's very inspirational and he almost always recommends a great song!

 Such a good Little Traveler (they all are!)
 Pool time

She needs more meat on her bones, always cold
 Hours of fun in the pool!

 Notice the blue lips from being cold

 Mom's turn! We had fun playing Airplane, Pencil, Solider!
 Emma, comin' in HOT!

 Cards with Father, the Lobby of this hotel is stellar

 Lake Bemidji
 Quick stop to say Hello to Paul and Babe

 More swimming

 Everyone jumping at the same time

 Snack Break!
We would put the kids down, set up the video monitor, sneak out and chat it up with Father. It was quite lovely.  He also treated us to our very own private Mass Sunday morning at his new place. Cherished memories, for sure! Praying for you always, Father. So grateful for your love, prayers and friendship. We're richly blessed to have you a part of the Craigmile Crew!

Emma met up with Auntie Em to help shoot a video for a project she was working on for work. Mason and I hung out at the Library while they were filming

 Observing the other visitors


 Little Boy heaven, alllllll the leaves and a dump truck

 Prized possessions
 I'm not even sure...I think they were pretending to smell the fake candles??? This kind of stuff is typical around our house...

 Busy morning of errands, thankfully he still crushed his afternoon nap
 Bedtime stories
 BEAUTIFUL Fall days, stored for gray gloomy days like today
 Mason REFUSED to try his boots on, touch his boots or even look at his boots UNTIL his Daddy got a new pair of boots...Mason put his boots on too? Daddy boots? Mason Boots?

A flashback worth remembering how far we've come.  Reid studying during his MBA program...how did we survive?!

Happy almost Winter Solstice