Friday, November 17, 2017

Grandparents' Day

Libby was excited to have her 1st Grandparents' Day and Sally was excited to have them back for a 3rd time!

 This is Sally's teacher, she has since had her baby, a healthy baby boy, Tommy! We're so happy for her, but already miss her!

Then the Grandparents came out to our house for lunch! Always great to have them be just a few hours away!

Bummed that Mr. Mason was more than ready for his nap when they arrived, so he missed the party.  After a solid 3 hour nap he was happy as could be!

 One of the biggest Viking Fans I know!
 Teething? check out the drool!
 Emma had her 3 year well visit a few weeks ago, it was so sweet watching her do her vision check, and then to see her do her hearing.  She's such a peanut!

Weight: 29lbs--32%
Height: 35.25inches--13%

 Our neighbor invited us to be on the Jason Show again, this time to model DIY Halloween costumes.  She sneakily didn't tell me I needed to dress up until after I had already said yes :)

Emma and Brecken the TV Stars
 A red Lego!
 2 Dinos!

 We help guide Sally with what is worth spending her money on.  She was excited to head to Fleet's Toyland and get a crystal making kit for only $10!
 Our Bookworm, all day, every day, if she could.  She'll read anything and everything and she'll read something more than once, the girl just loves to read!
 I love getting Libby new things, as she often doesn't get new new, more "new to her" hand me downs.  For some reason we didn't have winter boots in her size, so I surprised her with these.  I want them in my size!
 One day Emma and I declared it the day to be PUZZLE DAY, where we so ALL of her puzzles.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever, and has asked every day since to do it again and again.  I love my gig!
 She loves when Sally's basketball practice is from 6-7pm and she makes the cut to go!
 My favorite thing to switch out for the seasons, our mantel
 Proud of our girlies and their wonderful remarks from conferences!  Sally's self portrait, she says it reminds her of me when I was little
 and how cute are these pictures that Libby has drawn! She's not required to label everything, but she loves to write and spell and read and just learn in general!

 and then the sweetest little discovery. In Spanish class they learned all about the Day of the Dead.  She dedicated her mask to Grandpa Joe and then continued to make a special spot for it on her desk, complete with a cross!

 Mason's excelling too...although, he's "doing it wrong", one of his favorite places to crawl is through the bottom of his exersaucer
 Found in Sally's lunch. "Sally I hope that we can play together. Sisters forever. Love your little sister. Love, Libby."  Also found in Libby's locker are notes that Sally secretly places in there.
 One of the Kindergarten Mom's graciously hosted a night at her house with all of the Kindergarten Mom's so that we can have a chance to get to know one another as we'll be on this journey together, for a while.  Love this picture one of the mom's captured.  I just love our little community!

I'll leave you with some Emmaisms :)

I love the name connection she makes.  As I've maybe stated before, some of my most treasured mom moments are the conversations I'm able to have with the kiddos in the car.  Emma is such a chatterbox, I sometimes, secretly record our conversations:

Happy FriYay!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mason's 9 Months

My goodness do I love this kid! Is it because he's a boy? My last? I don't know and I don't really care, I just really love him :) and so does the rest of his family members!

He got and almost conquered his first chest cold.  Never fun when any of your babies are sick, but especially when they're under one.  I always get nervous when it involves breathing, but he did great and still slept like a champ for the most part.

To make matters worse, he's also in the process of popping some top teeth.  Poor kiddo :(

He had his 9 month well-visit today. Another blessing of a healthy kiddo!

Weight: 18lbs 1oz--22%
Height: 28.75 inches--66%
Head: 18.5 inches--94%

Long and Lean and perfectly perfect!

I had to call in back-up for this months photos, as he's a busy guy, even when he wasn't feeling well!  Thanks to Daddy for adding the sillies so I could make sure he didn't climb off the chair and get the picture taken.


How's this pose, mom?
 Hey, is that squirrel back?
 He sleeps 12-14hrs at night, with bedtime around 615pm.  He takes two naps a day ranging from an hour to 3 hours.  Happy Mama!
 Still army/worm crawl, but boy can he cruise.  He can also tell you where all of the plug ins, cords and lamps are, and if his sisters left anything interesting on the floor
 He's down to only nursing 4 sessions, can't believe there's only 3 months of this bond left. It's definitely bittersweet, as it keeps me tied down and to a schedule, but man, am I so thankful to have been able to provide that for all of my  babies!
 He loves Big Boy food, especially whole crackers that he can eat like his sisters.  He can chug his sippy cup of water and soon I'll be having him taste some whole milk to prep for that transition.
 He could eat all table food if life wasn't so crazy with 4.  Sometimes he's ready for dinner at 4:30 and our dinner might not be all the way ready, so it's easiest to have one of his sisters feed him.  He usually doesn't mind.
 He loves to go from crawling to sitting and he loves to practice his downward dog before falling asleep at bed or nap.  If I stand him with a toy he can hang on, but he's not quite pulling himself up yet.
 He says Ma-Ma, Da-Da and Ga-Ga, can wave, clap and what sounds like Hiiiiiiii.  He knows how to talk to get attention and he knows how to flirt.  He knows when his mama leaves the room, but isn't NEARLY as attached as his sisters were.  He shakes with excitement when his Daddy gets home and giggles with glee when his sisters get off the bus, and no one can get him to giggle quite like Emma. 

He's quite the celeb around this house.
 Thank you thank you thank you Mason for all that you are to our little family, we love you so very much and thank God that He blessed us with you!
 A new sign in his room that Mom found at Hobby Lobby!

Excited to celebrate his many 1st with the holidays quickly approaching!
 So fly!
Extra Thankful & Grateful for our health, when we're quickly reminded how blessed we are that the most of our concerns are little colds and viruses!

Happy 9 months, Sweet Guy! We love you so very much!