Monday, October 16, 2017

Interview with Emma, our 3 year old

**Not sure what is up with the original version, but I've tried numerous things to fix it, so you'll have to watch it being recorded from the computer...shoot, sorry :(**

An interview with Emma, our 3 year old:


Gosh I just love this girl! Happy Birthday Emma Jean! I'm so proud to be your mom! WE LOVE YOU!!

Emma's THREE

Third one's got spunk! Oh Emma Jean, you are such a bright shining star in our family and to all those you meet.  You light up our life, and boy are you passionate about life.

Three is my favorite and least favorite.  Least because, well, you know, threenager.

But FAVORITE because she's freaking hilarious, and oh so sweet and spunky and you guys want to know what she wanted for her birthday???'

1. To be sung Happy Birthday to
2. To blow out a candle
3. An orange balloon

That's it.  I meet those requirements and it will be the best day ever, according to Emma!

Everything is the best thing ever.  She loves all parts of life! 3 is such a magical age!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Emma Jean! We love YOU more everyday.  God sure knew what He was doing when He created you!

Love always,
Your Family!

Emma's 3rd year Video [most likely it needs to be watched on a real computer and not a mobile device???]


**You know, she really hasn't changed that much in looks, she's still a peanut.  But she has definitely grown into her personality.  She could barely talk a year ago...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Daddy went to Colorado

Daddy went to Colorado a couple of weekends ago.  He went with 3 other Men from our Parish to attend a Patriarch Retreat.  He had a wonderful time.  Met a lot of really great guys and learned a lot about His Faith and how to be the best Patriarch he can be.  We're proud of him for going, and so glad he made it back safely.  14 hours in the car one way, driving straight through, His wife was a little nervous, and she doesn't get nervous about much.

Gem of a place they found for breakfast, seriously
 Marathon Day at school! Pinkalicious, C-Mile Sisters!

 Libby's 1st Marathon she gets to walk, she was so excited
 Sisters! It was a wild animal theme.  Sally's class were pandas
 Our Priest (and Principal) rocks, "Go Ahead, take a picture, I'll photobomb it"-Father T
 They arrived!
 Elk everywhere

 The immediately went Hiking before checking in

 A complete rainbow, so cool they were higher than it. "Mom, I think God gave them that rainbow, saying Good Job for making it, thank you for coming to learn about Me" -Libby
 3D's class of Pandas
 The view from his room
 Waiting for the afternoon bus
 Beautiful morning in the Mountains
 Saturday Morning Soccer
 Sally was excited I let her stay home for a few minutes, to let Mason wake up from his nap on his own.  She had an old phone with WiFi so we could text and Heytell...

 Miss Diva
 Gorgeous Fall Morning, cheering on LJ
 Daddy's view was a bit different

 Me with the Littles

 Parish Festival! We had our awesome sitter home with the Littles so we could enjoy a little bit of a later night.  BINGO time
 Love our little community!
 Sunday morning cheering on the VIKES
 Excited for Daddy to get home
 Sending Daddy pictures of the kiddos
 Miss Emma trying on snow gear, insisting on taking allllll her clothes off to try on the snowpants
 It was finally Emma's turn for her 1st day of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd! She wasn't excited at all ;)

It's just an hour and a half every other week... She could go to more pre-school, but we only send our kiddos for 2 years, I stay home for a reason.  It's what works for us.  So, she won't start real preschool until next year.  This is a perfect fit, and we've heard such awesome things about this program!
 She wanted to wear a "jumper" just like her sisters
 Running in to school with her Emma Bee back pack
 Beautiful Girl with lots of spunk!
 So fun to have the Joergers stop for a quick visit on their way up to Alexandria!
 Helping her to be a Gopher Fan!
 Explorin' in the enchanted forest
 Emma got to open an early birthday present from her Godparents.  She was SO excited to finally have her own Viking gear to put on on Sunday! She loves her Godparents!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Mason's 8 months!

Happy Friday, October 13th!

Yesterday Mason turned 8 months old!  Only a quarter of a year left until he's O N E! ! ! !

He had a few outtakes this time, since he's ON THE MOVE! 

He continues to amaze me with his dream baby status.  He's almost always been a relatively good sleeper.  As of a week ago he was only waking once in a 12-14 hour span.  It was no big, deal, quick nurse session and he was back to sleep.  All was well in the world.  His sister's were sleep trained (cry it out) around 6 months.  I think they were waking more than once at night.  I earned my due, and it was not a fun process, but the reward was oh so glorious.

It was on my mind to eliminate the one feeding, as I knew if I didn't do something about it, it could eventually turn in to more and the older they are when you decide to sleep train, the harder it is. So on Monday, I decide this was it.  Against, all advice I always give out, when peeps ask for help and sleep suggestions.  I usually tell them to do it on a Thursday, so that you have the weekend and help from the Hubs to make up for sleep deprivation that the training can cause.

Wellllll Mr. Dream Baby, like everything else in his life, thought, this ain't no thang.  Monday night, he woke at 11:30, I changed his diaper put him back to bed.  Expecting it to be a long night with multiple wakings waiting for his mom to give in and feed him....

I didn't hear from him again until 6:30am. WIN.  Wow, okay, night one was great, I'm so going to pay for it tonight, I thought.

Night #2. I didn't hear from him until 3:45am, went in, changed his diaper, ALMOST caved and fed him as I knew it would allow me to get my blessed 2 more hours before I started hearing his sisters.  He cried for at most 5 minutes, and then I didn't hear from him again until 7am.

Night #3 Wednesday night, Didn't hear from him until 6am, that's 12 hours, so he earned it, I fed him, thought I'd gamble and lay him back down, he went back to sleep until 8:30am.

Night #4 he slept 13 hours straight.

Last night was Night #5 he slept 13 hours again.  Little Mister is sleep trained without a battle or much need for training, and Mama realizes she may have had her last middle of the night feeding without realizing it was the last middle of the night feeding :(  Maybe there will be one more, maybe there won't, but just like I've heard before, all of a sudden it's the last time ______ (fill in the blank) and you don't even realize it's the last time until you look back.

Bittersweet.  yay for full night's sleep, sad for one more step to no more baby.

Enough sad talk, let's take a look at this cute little guy who is THE HAPPIEST LITTLE BOY EVER!!!  God is so Good!

SHOES!! His first time wearing any, thank you Johnson boys for sharing your clothes with me!

 He now has TWO bottom teeth
 He's not really loving baby food any more and wants all the big boy stuff.  He's eats a regular lunch of, cheese, peanut butter sandwich, fruit and yogurt!
 "Hey mom, can I take a picture of you and Mason?  Here, stand under the pretty tree" -Sally
 He's finally starting to transition to just the two naps, but we still have 3 nap days. 
 He LOVES his sisters, always watching, babbling and inch worm crawling after them
 Mase Dawg!  The only thing he doesn't like is putting his arms in shirts
 another bathroom invader!
 He's beginning to babble more syllables and his sisters are SO excited about it!!  Big Boy on the swing...surprise surprise he was ALLLLL smiles!


 The cutest little baby boy there ever was! Thank you for all of the JOY you bring to our family and everyone who encounters you.  You make life so very sweet!  Happy 8 Months, Sweet Mason James (TEEEEENY, Baby James, Boogs, Mase Mase, Mase Dawg, Mase Money, Kevin)

Happy FriYAY! We almost have a THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE Year old!!