Thursday, May 24, 2018

Celebrating Sally

The beginning of beautiful Spring weather and celebrating our Dear Sally Ann

Father Don knows our love for Cardinals...

 The Girls' school had a Fiesta of the Arts.  A quick snapshot of some of the girls' work

 We were excited that the Mary garden was coming back with new life after winter.  Emma wanted to stop to pray a quick Hail Mary
 Love lazy afternoons to sit and watch them play
 Walka walka walka...will this boy ever walk on his own? I know as soon as he does I'll wish that he wasn't...
 Waving to the school Bus

These two were having a cute moment at swimming, I just missed the photo, but still got one of them together
 On the look out for the morning busses
 Spotted One
 Making sure everyone knows where to look
 Daddy would caption this "Team work makes the dream work" makin' sure the Cardinals are fed
 Can you spot the toad?
 A little water always attracts a crowd
 Boys and their chairs
 The water was ICE COLD, he plopped himself right in

 Emma getting ready for her Chop Chop Timber

 Ok, Mama, I guess it's too cold
 Much better
 Lovin' life
 Slidin' into summer
 Snack break
 I could just eat him up
 Was fun to go on a quick after dinner walk with just Libby.  She wanted to check on the flowers and say Hello to Daddy's new Mary Satue
 Ready to turn 9!

Morning Scavenger hunt to find and open her gifts
 a new scooter from Grandma and George
 New earrings from Nana and Grandpa and a special smoothie just like mom
New Microphone from Auntie Jenny

waiting to surprise his Biggest Sister for lunch
 Excited to see her sisters
 We got to eat lunch with Libby first
 Think Mason's teething?
 and then we got to surprise the birthday girl with us being there and we brought her her favorite, Noodles and Company

 Love making her feel extra special
 Working on his Birthday Card for Sister Bear


 We love Sally!

[VIDEO]  Sally's official Birth Time

New dress from Uncle Marc and new tennis shoes from Mom and Dad
 New shoes Sally bought with her birthday money from Nana and Grandpa (Emma wanted to try them on...)
 Birthday hangover, but still having fun with the balloons

Mason says crackers and a quick peek in to his newly discovered tantrums...


Hopefully I'll make it back soon to update our Mother's Day fun!