Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Momastary and The rest of the park pictures

Being her nutty self
 Way back when, when Glennon announced her book tour places and dates, Molly and I were quick to commit to having a girls night to go and listen to her.  She was even more real and freaking hilarious in person! I love how she always finds a way to make you feel like a successful mom and inspires so many people to give back and do good. Love wins! Check out her New York Times Best Seller: Carry on Warrior!!

Couple of Monkees waiting for Glennon

You guys, she's following me on instagram!! AND she only follows a total of about 130 people, kind of a big deal to this Mama =)

Breakfast on the go!

Have you seen these cute little things around the cities? It is a place to share books!!

Love this one

Picnic.  Love Libby's little hand resting on the chair.  She was too busy watching our neighbor's dog

Wagon ride with Daddy

Libby has been sneaking her books off of the shelf after she wakes up.  Love that both the girls are book worms!

**Happy Last day of April. Don't forget to say Rabbit

Monday, April 29, 2013

Reid's Golden Birthday!

We spoiled Daddy this weekend! He deserved a whole weekend celebration.  He does so much for his girls it was time to give some extra love and attention in return! We love you oh so much Daddy and we hope you felt it this weekend!

There was a whole lot of enjoying the beautiful weather with walks, playing at the park, hanging around outside, grilling, picnics, and lounging in the sun and a little sunburn.

There was also quite a bit of eating!!! Spaghetti, Donuts, meats, caribou, meats, cold stone, chocolate mousse cake, meats, brats, caramel rolls, and a little more meat.

I surprised him with dinner at Fogo De Chao...that's why there's so many meats =)

Heading to a local Spaghetti Dinner with the Gearman's

Sally's Donut pick at Glam Doll Donuts


See, Daddy's really good at sharing

"Are you gonna give me a bite?"

LOVE their Daddy!

Saturday Morning Donuts

Big Slide  for a Big Girl, pretty sure she would have gone down herself if Daddy would have let her


Tunnel Ride

She couldn't get enough



If you've been there, you know how important this is!


It was a first for all of us!

He was very excited!

The Gearmans! Thank you for celebrating with us!

Happy Birthday Babens! xxo

Special Birthday dessert, heavenly!

We had this all over the windows,  balloons, signs, sidewalk chalk and a scavenger hunt!

Getting ready for Church...thanks for the picture Delores

His Girls

Free Birthday Caribou!

Happy Happy Birthday Reid! Cheers to many many more! So glad I've been able to be along side you for 11 of those 28 years! Love you oh so much!

**Daddy was smart and took Monday off to ease out of the birthday weekend and into the work week!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Excuse the late post. Computer was doing sill things yesterday!

Also, there's not going to be a whole lot here because it is 71 degrees and SUNNY OUT!!!

PLUS PLUS PLUS we're celebrating Daddy this weekend, it is his GOLDEN birthday tomorrow!

So, pictures from the earlier part of yesterday...I'll talk about our, I'm assuming will be, awesome weekend, plus seeing Glennon speak in person!! Freaking Hilarious!!

Off to the SUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN to thaw the MN winter bones! TOODLES

Mommy, spring is here!!

Bottom step is the perfect height for her.  I guess some of these pictures are from Wednesday and Thursday too.

Drunk on Spring Weather, FINALLY!!

Chasing bubbles

Snack time with friends! The Lindbergs will be adding another little lady soon!!

One of her favorite "games." She lays down to pretend to take a nap, only she hasn't quite figured out where it is appropriate to play this silly game =)
Happy Weekend, Happy Happy Everything!