Thursday, March 23, 2017

On The Eve of Spring Break

Spring break starts tomorrow, for Sally and Libby.  No school Friday and all of next week.  I'm kind of looking forward to no plans and no hustle and  bustle.

As I picked Libby up from school yesterday she asked, "Mom are you really just planning on surprising us with something?"

Nope sweetie, I assure you, we are not.  No trips for us this year, you got a baby brother instead ;)  Little do they know, there is a small surprise Friday and Saturday.

aaaaand here's another photo dump to catch you up to speed

We got in our March Madness your bracket busted?  A few of ours are.  The kids got to play this year made it a little more fun for them!

How Emma does her picks [VIDEO]

a few had high hopes for the Gophers...

He's growing like a weed :(

Sally's been asking to go to reconciliation.  Not because she's done anything terribly wrong, she just knows the joy that she's filled with after.  Pretty awesome of her.  It happened to be the same night Libby had family night at her school, so daddy took the Bigs and Mama got a break on dinner with just having the Littles
 pretty accurate
 Subway for dinner

Nursing her baby while mommy nurses Mason
 Emma was so excited to have Mason in her bed for prayers, I think Mason liked it too :)

We love Saint Patrick's Day, my Grandpa Moran was 100% Irish

Started the morning off with some Lucky Charms!

and this is why we don't like to start our morning with sugar...[VIDEO]

This photo series sums up how she changes

Super proud and excited because she gets to hold Mason first (Before the photo shoot I told everyone they would get a chance with him)

 Wouldn't be complete without her thumbs up
 Pissed her turn was over and it was Sally's turn
 Emma, can you put your arm around Libby?
 Nope, not a chance
 Libby's turn, let me just ruin the picture
 And that's a wrap...

The rest of our Friday went about like that.  She was one handful after another.  Coming down from a timeout she had "mittens" on...

 Cutest Little Brother
 Daddy had a Watchmen Retreat for church on Saturday, we had morning snuggles...except I don't think this is a picture from that because Sally has her uniform on...we have lots of morning snuggles :)
 Love him so much and his cute outfit
 The Clark Ladies came to meet Mason Saturday morning and deliver the best blanket ever :)
 Forehead wrinkles for the win
 The Nash fam came Saturday afternoon/evening and brought pizza. It was great for the cousins to play and soak up some baby snuggles! He's got his eyes locked on Brian, his Godfather!
 Selfies with Daddy
 Kari got me this awesome mug the size of my  head :)
 Sunday afternoon game time
 Sometimes I get stuff done and other times I just sit and stare and snuggle
 This happened the other day ;)
 Sally was the super star this week...I know, still rockin' the super star in 2nd grade.  I forgot to take a picture of her board so I handed her my phone when we were on the way to school (actually, we were EARLY and got a carwash before drop off)

 She picked and placed the pictures

 I was able to work it out to go in and read a book to her class during my prayer group time, so Libby and Emma were still at the childcare.  Sally was so excited to show off Mason.  It was so sweet to hear many of the 2nd graders' questions.

The super star herself ;)
 her biggest fan

She'll always find a spot to squeeze in and read books, her current fav is Goodnight Gorilla


Mr. Handsome-losing all of his hair on top, but keeping the party in the back
 You guys, our washing machine is broken.  Not terribly, but the lock won't speak to the motherboard...or so I'm told.  So they have to order a new part...from KOREA, I might be out a washing machine for an ENTIRE MONTH!!! Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbors? Pray for me.

Also, so thankful we have Service Plus through Centerpoint Energy, won't cost us a dime.
 It's been a while since Mama's been to Target for a big trip.  Daddy did most of the shopping on the weekends so I could go for quick trips if needed, or run errands to other places.  I kind of missed it, and I think this nugget did too, because she was PERFECT, and she's been FAR from perfect on our other errands other days.  Mason loved it too, he slept the whole time.
 She would wear her Christmas or Halloween socks every day if they were clean...maybe no washer for a month will be a blessing ;)

She loves getting her socks and shoes on.  Even though there is a 50-50 chance she'll get her shoes on the correct feet, 90% of the time they're on the wrong feet.  She was convinced these were on the wrong feet and she needed to switch them.  I think she asked 5 times.  Also, signature thumbs up!
 Sally had a birthday party the other night that started at 5pm.  Since I had to load the crew up for drop off I told Daddy we were doing dinner out.  We tried a local place that we've been meaning to try and it was amazing.  I mean, how could it not be when they serve pretzels larger than my newborn?

When we're down one kid-said kid at birthday party-why does everything seem to go so smoothly and so much easier?
 3/4 of the Sibs
 The Mason love has not wore off.  Each morning the first question out of each Big Sister's mouth is, "Where's Mason?"  This morning when I came down they all needed to give their morning hugs and kisses
 We're rocking it! Sometimes the stars align and allllllll 3 children at home nap at the same time.  I used my time to schedule well visits.  We've been avoiding the Doc office because of all the germs.  Sometimes I think I should get a medal for how awesome I am at coordinating stuff.  We have one visit for 3 kids at once, and the 4th child has their school Mass, so that means Daddy is there and then can follow us to the doc appointments to help.  Winnnnnnnning
 His Shirt says it all.  He's been an awesome sleeper at night.  Usually a 4/5hr first shift and then a 3-4hr second shift.  Last night was the best, 8pm-2am quick feed and back to bed until 6:30am.

Stop growing kid :( but keep sleeping
and now it's time for Spring break, a full week and then some with all my children.  Daddy has the day off tomorrow to help us kick it off! Here gooooooooooes nothing!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mason is One Month!

Time: a Mother's worst enemy

How can my baby be a month old already? As if 36 weeks to delivery went that fast.  Not fair.

Also not fair?  We were short changed on that month.  He was born at 11:59pm, so only got one minute with him on the 12th.  Then there's only 28 days in February. AND we set our clocks ahead so we lost an hour.  Not fair ;)

At least we've been soaking him up as much as possible.  Still thinking Feb is definitely a good month to have a baby!

So fun to have new sets of clothes to look at!
 Checkin' out his Mama
 Delores came out for a visit! We miss her! Crazy to think she's held all of our kiddos this new!
 Rockin' and singing to her brother without being asked
 Assembly line for the birth announcements :)
 A store was having a great sale and I spotted modest girl swim suits so we stocked up, I want Emma's in my size!

 working on completing Mason's room, 4th set of letters, excited that it's the final time. I'm too much of a perfectionist to be a crafter
 Daddy met friends for dinner one night last week.  I wore it like a badge of honor that I did a whole day all on my own.  Dinner and bed went quite smoothly too!
 While his sisters read books, he snuggled with me.
 Little lady is loving learning some sight words and working on her bob books!
 The crazy high winds blew over our grill...hopefully it'll still work!
 Sally had a 1st communion prep retreat, so we asked Nana and Grandpa to come down to watch the kiddos and hang out for the weekend.

 Chattin' with Gramps
 Regan won tickets to the Gopher Hockey game.  They stopped by to meet Mason on their way through.
 Bookend boy cousins
 Dinner prep with Nana
 putting on a show for us to watch and cheer
 Sally directing the posing...Emma always doing a thumbs up when she gets her picture taken...
 Costume change and an added prop
 He's been sleeping pretty great! Typically he's less tired and wants to hang around 6am.  Daddy bring him in for extra attention and snuggles
 Even with springing ahead we made it to 830am Mass and then we went out for brunch with nana and Grandpa before they hit the road
 and then Mason turned one month :(

He sleeps most of the days and nights away.  The few times he's up, he's very alert! He's a pretty chill baby.  He doesn't full on cry much or for very long, he just gives us little warnings.

He seems to be ready for bed around 8pm, he'll do two 4 hour shifts and then typically a 3 hour one.

So thankful I saved the simple stickers for the last child when I have less time to be creative.

 We love him SO much already
 Such hard work
 After nap sibling snuggles!
 It's funny how quickly Emma got promoted to being considered a "big kid". Thankful for Daddy's extra energy.  Losing an hour of sleep to a newborn mom, is probably one of the cruelest things
 If it's going to be cold, it might as well be pretty and fun.  We know March snow doesn't stick around long, the sun is too warm and it melts quickly
 and then I have had many candid moments where I've got the Big sisters being so cute and patient with their brother.

Emma teaching Mason his prayers
 Sally adoring over and over and over again
 I missed out on my candid photo of libby because my hands were full of mod podge...crafting, the letters M-A-S-O-N

So I borrowed our photographer's picture of proud Libby!

Happiest Birthday to my SisterFriend, and the one who helps keep me sane all of the days! So very grateful for this beautiful soul!! Love you Girl!

and that's a wrap. Time for bed, because someone stole a precious hour!