Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Joys and Challenges

Isn't this spring-like weather glorious?!

We rode bikes this weekend.  I got to talk with neighbors, outside, in the morning before lunch while the kids colored with sidewalk chalk.  Simple joys.

I've been a little more disconnected from my phone and the computer, thus, not as many pictures or posts.

Tis the Lenten season to just be.

Emma's first time to really walk around outside.  She learned to walk around Christmas, so there hasn't been very much opportunity for her to walk around outside.  She loved it, cannot get enough, and gets REALLY mad when she can't go to the park or has to come in.  And like all kids do, they know exactly where to find the mud and to fall right on in to it.  Oh well

So proud
 We also had a fun time at the Lakes for dinner Saturday night.  They have two little ladies the same age as our older two, and wouldn't you know, we enjoy the company of the mom and dad too.  Thank you Lakes for the food, laughter and fun!

4, my favorite age.  They're so pleasant at this age.  Their questions and conversations are second to none.  Love this little spunk.  This is how she came down after her nap.

 Each morning at breakfast we've been reading in our Family Lent book.  The other day is recommended putting a cross in your pocket and each time you felt the cross it would remind you to pray for a special person of your choice.

Libby's clock turns yellow during part of her nap, which allows her to get out of her bed and read books. I saw her, on the monitor, once her clock turned yellow.  She got out of her bed,  went to her knees and did the sign of the cross to say a prayer for her special person.  A few moments later she stood up and grabbed a book and went on her little way.  Couldn't we all learn a thing or two from the 4 year olds ;)

Insert proud mama tears and an immediate text to the hubs.

Libby's proud of her pillow she completed.  Thank you Ruby for the fun birthday present!

After I posted on IG that 4 was my favorite, I thought it only fair to post the other kiddos too.  Here's where the joys and challenges come in.  Each age has its own set of joys and challenges.  Each time we enter that age is seems to get a little easier.  Maybe we're softer or maybe we're better suited.

16 months, a good age, as long as you're in agreement that said 16 month old rules the roost.  Which, in my case doesn't fly ;)  She'll learn, hopefully quickly.

Loving the slide, as it teaches her how to climb, you know, things like chairs to get on a table or get whatever she wants *sigh*
 But I really do love how they learn something new every single day.
 Pissed because she has socks on and it's too slippery to climb UP the slide.
 Can't get her socks off.  Devastating
 Sisters, can you please help  me?
 Got IT!
 And then there's 6 1/2.  A whole lot of joys and a little bit of challenges.  Love her love for reading and how much she learns and retains from it all.  She's a little adult with wonderful ideas.  World changer, this one will be.
 And Mommy was the last to get whatever was being passed around our little family.  But Mommy's didn't conveniently come on the weekend, so Mommy doesn't get a sick day.  Daddy had a work dinner, so it was all mommy all day.  But then the stars aligned and Mommy tried to make the best of it and really did have a fun evening with her 3 girls.  Bath and coloring and bed and all.  Because when you're sick you can't be multitasking as much and it forces you to just sit and be and observe and think all these thoughts, and suddenly you realize you now have 3 little artists sitting at the art table and how can that be?  Weren't we just trying to survive life with a newborn while Daddy was finishing up Grad School?
 Libby got to do one of her favorites today.  Eat a few crackers outside after her finished lunch and belt out Let It Go! Soon and very soon this will be an every day occurrence.

Happy Hump Day I hope it was filled with more joys than challenges!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Girls Weekend 2016

We all made it, all 9 of us.  We have 11 kids and 2 more on the way, and we were all able to get away.  We may have all gotten a text at some point that someone had a fever or someone threw up, but it didn't happen Friday, so we were all able to make it :)

Lots of sillies, lots of girl talk, lots of snacks, a few therapy tears, lots of laughs and many memories to be cherished.

Thank you to our rockstar husbands for holding down the fort so we could all attend.

Lizzy and I busted out of town around 12:30

We made it!

Slowly but surely we all started trickling in.  We hit up Happy Hour and the awesome Walleye Cakes-num num

Cheers to Kristin making it and Blue Moon

Meggers arrived!

Welle added in on the fun!

Dangerous, have you tried? I love me some Rootbeer, can't even tell it's beer. ruh roh
 Waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive
 Pyramid/selfie-stick entertainment
 Daddy rocking it with 3, even though at one point one wasn't 100%, it rotated and is still going around.
 The rest of the crew arrived, Mandy came with gifts, matching Twin Cities Live Hats :)
 And then we made it across the street to the Legion and rocked the Karaoke and the dance floor and the cheap drinks

 Dancing it up

 Bundled up for the 5 steps home
 A much relaxed Saturday, with a 75 minute first ever facial, wonderful.  Thank you mom!  Eventually we made it out for some pizza and beer at Benson's, 7 steps away
 Missing Kristin!--ChumRatas!
 Daddy was Super Dad, got all 3 girls dressed and took all 3 to 8:45am Mass.  Emma was happy, just didn't like being put down for the picture.  They're even Valentine Dressed Appropriately, and No, I did not lay out clothes, he's totally capable

And then I came home and Emma was pissed at me for leaving and is still letting me know it as she's afraid I'll leave again.  And we all got a case of the bad colds.  Her 2 bottom molars are still making their way in.  Should be interesting how long I have to pay for it when Daddy and I get back from our upcoming trip...

The girls' Valentine's, not sure why the pictures won't rotate correctly

 Sally's words and creativity

If you're still searching for something extra for Lent, I would recommend this great little blog {Blessed is She}.  You can sign up for their daily devotions and/or follow them on instagram.

They also have a weekly background you can download for your phone or computer, thought that was a neat little idea

Happy Friday to you and you and you!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Special Person's Day

Libby got to celebrate Special Person's Day at school.  She invited Gramps to come.  They had a blast!

 Libby's Fabulous Teachers
 Then she got to have a special lunch date at Noodles
Thank you Gramps for taking the time to come down and make Libby feel extra special.  A day she'll never forget!
 Loving her creative Valentine's she received. (and Sally was home due to a fever and bad cold)
 Emma rocks the stairs both up and down
 I "caved" and brought her in, should have stuck to my motherly instinct because 4 hrs and the doctor and we left with the same information we entered with ;) No Strep and no influenza
 Lots of Go Fish and Old Maid

Happy Little Babe
 Late night fun with Snap Chat after Ash Wednesday Mass

 A favorite scene of my day, going to get the mail and little lady peeking over the door to smile and wave

Pictures from our Trivia Night Fundraiser