Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Fun

Libby wrapped up her Catholic Schools week with Wacky Day

 It was sports day for Sally and a typical morning for Emma :)
 Friday was wacky day for Sally :)
 Our school has a tradition of Dad's at the Door.  They surprise the students by lining the entrance to the school and giving high fives.  Sally had no idea and was completely shocked! She's in the pink jacket about to spot her dad ;)

Still can't quite believe he was there. "I saw you leave for work the way you usually leave, I had no idea you would be here."
 And then once the students were inside, Father lead the dads in prayer
 Here's a picture of Libby with one of her teachers on Pajama day
 Nana and Grandpa arrived on Friday for the weekend! They offered to watch the girls while Reid and I attended Trivia Night, a fun fundraiser for our school.  Our group tied for 4th place out of 20 or so teams and we were the Starbucks Baristas.

This lasted about 1 minute, but it sure was a cute picture!
 Nana got a pictureof each of the girls in their track suit

 We all got to go to Open Skate.  Thanks to Nana and Grandpa for walking the track with Emma so Mommy could get on skates too!
 Daddy shared his skates with Grandpa for a little bit too!

 Emma enjoyed her time too :)
 Nana and Grandpa treated us to brunch on Sunday after Mass.  We went to our new favorite place, School of the Wise.  My first ever fu-fu coffee drink in a mug, I always get them to go

Thanks Nana and Grandpa for watching our girls and all of the extra goodies, we appreciate you and your time!

The sun was shining so we went for a walk and then the Bigs and Dad stayed outside and played in the snow
 The snow part of the snowman is great, Mom needs to work on getting some accessories
 My husband's a nerd...his love for Eagles will never die
 Love this picture Daddy got
 The girls were impressed!

Have you thought about what you'll be doing this Lenten Season?  I would highly recommend listening to Father Mike's podcasts if you don't already!

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