Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quick Update

Just a quick update to say the blog may not be updated for a little bit.  No, there's no baby yet, but we are having computer issues at our house :(

Taking the time to find a new way to save, resize and upload photos just doesn't make the top of the priority list when we're days away from adding 4.0 to our family :)

You can always find me on snapchat, instagram and occasionally facebook.

Hope you're enjoying the January thaw, we sure are!!

Continuing to nest in FULL effect over here :) 37 weeks today!!

Hopefully I'll be back blogging soon.  Keeps me organized and on top of my photos!

Blessings to you all!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nesting in Full Effect

We've been nesting around here.  By we, I mean, I've been making my lists and directing traffic and the Mister is doing most of the work.

One more month...I hope! Yesterday I felt totally off.  I told Reid I wouldn't be surprised if my water broke.  Maybe it was my small bout of the flu that every other Crew Member had.  Last night I slept like a rock and woke up feeling back to normal, well as normal as you can feel being a million weeks pregnant with your 4th child :)

We've been playing a whole lot of Mancala around here.  They're quickly learning that their mom is the Mancala master ;) I LOVED this game when I was growing up.  Sally discovered it during a long stretch of indoor recess and Santa gifted it to the Craigmile Crew.  Also to note, how cute is Libby's outfit from Uncle Joey...I want it in my size!

Emma's last night in her crib!
 Waking up from nap, one last time in the crib.  We've been talking about it for quite a while now.  She knew exactly what was happening and why it was happening.  She can recite it all for you.  Most big girl bed transitions go much better than expected.  But Emma got an extra dose of spunk, so we were a little more apprehensive about her transition than we were her big sisters.  She has done very well!  She totally understands not getting out of her bed until her clock turns green.  UNLESS she has a messy diaper.  I guess, I can't really blame her.  She gets out to let me know she has a messy diaper and then she goes back in her bed.  It's only happened a few minutes from her clock turning green in the morning and then today during nap.  I'm still holding my breath until she realizes her freedom, but, so far, so good!
 Playing with the Valentine candles
New Bed [Video]

Practicing when her clock turns green

Her first night in her big girl bed
 Mornings are my favorite!  Peaceful moments, Saturday morning, while Daddy was at his Patriarch group.  Still blows my mind that we have 3 kiddos and soon to be 4!!  Full hearts
 Sally had a big day on Saturday.  She discovered the joy or receiving her First Reconciliation.  In her own words "Reconciliation rocks!"  She even asked how often we can go and when we can go again.  So cool to see the prep work and the preaching in action.  It's starting to pay off.  She really stunned me the other day when she ran off the bus, following up on my day.

My cousin recently lost her battle to cancer.  Her funeral was on Friday and it was a tough one for me.  She was too young, but she also leaves behind two young daughters.  It hits a little close to home with having lost my dad when I was 10 years old.  But also, I can't imagine looking at my girls and know that this would be my last year with them.  Prayers, for her family are appreciated.

So, Sally knew it was going to be a hard day for me as well as trying to keep it together to be able to do a reading at the Mass and be a Eucharistic Minister.  Sally ran off the bus that afternoon, "Mom, how did everything go today? I thought of you a lot today and said a prayer for you."  I asked if they had special prayer time at school where they prayed for certain things and she said "No, you taught me how great it is to say little prayers throughout your day whenever you think of something, good or bad. So I did that a few times in my head."  She really is listening and observing and learning.  We're doing something right.  Hard to explain the joy that I feel with sharing and passing on our wonderful Catholic Faith to our kids, and now being able to watch it in action.

Soooo, yes, Saturday was a very special day, Sally's 1st Reconciliation.  A few special moments between she and I and she and Reid and I on this day.  This girl is something special
 Trying out their Easy Bake Oven, thanks to Grandma and George
 TaDa! Red Velvet cupcakes
 It was also our "dating" anniversary on Saturday.  15 years! One of my favorite pictures of us
 I didn't like the old monitor placement of Emma's new room, this is much better.  Such a big girl and so sweet and precious when she's sleeping.  She's stepping up her Sass game as of late.  Tonight she figured out how to open the "childproof" locks on the cupboards...
 Did I remember to post this picture a while back when Sally and Libby started sharing a room?  You would have thought they've been sharing forever.  They're doing great and their bond is something pretty awesome!
 One last Christmas Gem from Libby's class party.
 Libby decorating one of her birthday presents.  She's only been asking every day since she got it.  Sunday was the day.

Emma woke up from her nap 15 minutes before her clock was going to turn green.  I went in to pick out a few books she could read quietly in her bed until her clock turned.  She did it willingly and I loved being able to hear her read the books and point and say things that she recognized.  Hoping all of these positives last for daaaaaaaaaaaays to come!
 We jumped on the chance to play outside since the temp was above zero.  Felt great to get some fresh air and even get a few minutes to catch up with neighbor friends.  Hard to go from chatting every day in Spring/Summer/Fall to only via text in the winter

 Ready to conquer the world

I had a huge donation drop off today, puuuuuuuuuuurging feels so good!

And we got all of the gender neutral and 0-3month onesies washed.

I just finished up my million pages of notes to leave for Grandma, and neighbors and Uncles if/when we go in to labor.  I wish I appreciated our first birth more, where there was no stock the house, keep up with the laundry, make sure the other 3 siblings are accounted for.  We just got to pack up and head out.  Love the surprise of it all, but would be nice to plan ahead :)

and that's a wrap, mama's gotta go to bed.

Submit your baby guess, if you haven't done so already, link on the side, if you're not on the mobile site :)

36 weeks on Wednesday and we start our weekly prenatal appointments!  Baby movements have not slowed down...apparently him/her  still has plenty of room to do cartwheels!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January Boarder

January 2010

January 2012

January 2013

January 2014

January 2015

January 2016

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom! So thankful God has blessed us with the gift of Children, life's not boring, that's for sure!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Moran Christmas

Happy 2017!! Hope you had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year.  Another memorable holiday for the Craigmile Crew...LJ's turn with the stomach flu.  A week after the last member had it, what the heck? I thought we would have been in the clear.

But, before that, we prepped for the Moran Christmas!

Emma in this mask cracks me up

This is how we Target, during Christmas break, with all 3 girlies and  needing to pick up a few items that take up a lot of cart space, so I let Sally help and push a cart too.  Needed to keep it fair and let LJ push.  Emma was loving it!  We also picked up our first pack of newborn...let's be serious, a small pack of newborn diapers and a larger pack of size 1 diapers.  10 lb babies is how we roll ;)
 Joey and Emily discovered that Cooper has Trivia Night every Wednesday.  Obviously Reid was the first to come to mind.  We made it a double date.  It was a lot of fun, we'll be sure to do it again!
 The Lindbergs were in town.  Always so fun to reconnect with them.  Thank you for taking the time to come out and catch up.  Amazing, how well the girls all play together, without the Mamas' help.  We actually got in real conversation with minimal interruptions, my how times have changed!
 Emma's strong selfie game ;)
 On Friday we hosted the Moran Christmas.  So fun to have the cousins play so well together!
 Grandma and George came with some fun Minute to Win It Games!






7 little Blessings with 4.0 getting close to joining the crew!
 Emma Jean...such a character
 Emma got the first gift [VIDEO]

 Jammies to match their American Girl Dolls .  Fun day and evening with lots of laughter and Memories.  Thanks Family for coming to play!
 and then the next day was New Year's Eve.  The Martinson Family came over to celebrate.  We decided, with two Preggo Mamas we'd make it more of a day thing and everyone could peacefully go to bed in their own bed, especially since it wasn't likely that Mamas would make it/want to make it until Midnight.

The Dads and Bigs went to see Moana.

 While the Moms enjoyed nap time.  This is how you NYE when you're leggo my preggo. 10 weeks apart, take 2 {Emma and Aubrey are 10 weeks apart} So fun to go through these stages of life together!
and then everyone got home and woke up from naps and we  played and we laughed.  We fed the kiddos dinner, got them situated with a show and just as the adults were about to sit down to eat. "MOOOOOOOM, Libby's throwing up!" Ahhhhh shit...and that was a wrap.  Still hoping and praying we didn't spread it to anyone and Sally and I stay clear from getting it!

The rest of the weekend was taking down the Christmas decorations, organizing, cleaning and organizing.  We're in Baby Prep mode now!

Libby's sweet ornament she made us
I want her outfit. Tights from the Johnson Fam and Dress (it's fleece, even!) from Grandma and George
So very thankful for Daddy's willingness to get a list and tackle it so he could do most of the running around since I'm slowing down.  I may have been having a few contractions and he wasn't too thrilled about it, so he won't let me do as much as I want.  He did an awesome job setting me up for a successful week.  I feel like I have so much more time to get the little things checked off my list.  A combination of that, as well as no more holiday or birthday prep.

LJ coming back to us! Enjoying some time to do her Aqua Beads
Inviting Emma to help, they have so much patience for one another, it's the sweetest thing
In the stage of loving her baby dolls.

Happy 2017! I thought I would share this great reflection I received the other day:

"My heart is heavy tonight, gripped with the pains of this past year for friends, for acquaintances, for neighbors, for family members. My heart is heavy with my own personal pain.

I'm mesmerized at the thought that next year all that has happened this past year, all of the feelings should somehow dissipate. Tomorrow, for some reason, the pain should no longer be there, because we will have begun anew.

But that is not reality. We do not start over tomorrow because the calendar turns over a new year. We do not get a clean slate just because it is January 1st. We still have the same feelings, the same aches, the same pains, the same memories, the same mess.

I think of those lyrics, So this is the new year. And I don't feel any different.

Nothing will be different, it will have been as before.

Except for one thought that I cannot release --

We get a clean slate, a do-over, a peaceful heart, a restful spirit, an antidote to the long loneliness... a King who reaches out His hand and says, "I'm here."

We get that every single day, every single moment, every single breath --- we get that now.

He pulls us in, inch by inch, and we are held, safe, secure, peaceful.

And then I hear Him say, There is more to come.

We were not promised easy roads and smooth plains. We were promised suffering just as our King suffered, we were promised joy just as our God's joy, we were promised love just as He loves.

There is more to come. 

I rest in His deep embrace, and I breathe Him in, and I say Give us courage, give us strength, give us peace, give us joy.

And we are held by a God who never promised easy. Instead He promised to be present, to be constant, to be steadfast.

And in the heavy darkness of space, of fear, of anxiousness, He brings us the light of the stars.

He says, There is more to come.

More love, more wounds, more scars, more tears, more laughter, more joy, more peace, more experiences, more relationships, more prayer, more smiles, more saints, more light.

Neverending light.

There is more to come. 

And He is here"