Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo Dump

Last week Sally had the stomach flu.  Thankfully it was short lived.  She was quarantined to the basement :) In order to get all of the necessary laundry and sanitizing done and keep all of the sisters separate S and L had to watch movies on different levels.

L chose to use the DVD player :)

 Having a "hoot" with mom

 Little butterball :)
 So fun having Meggers and Dan stop can't even tell that she's 37 weeks pregnant!!!!!!! So excited for baby #2!
 Daddy snuck this little photo, I like it!
 We went on a triple date night.  Siblings and significant others :) It was a lot of fun! Hopefully we can keep it up.  Reid doing the classic "selfie" when he was suppose to be taking a picture of the siblings

Brian photobombing, as always :)


Little lady is starting to transition to a new wardrobe of bigger sizes.  The adorable outfit that Delores gave her
 How lovely has this weather been?! We made it out Sunday afternoon, it was glorious!!

Minnesota Mommy :)  The last time we walked this path I went in to labor a few hours later :) Now we have sweet Emma to walk with us!!

 Daddy stayed and played at the park with the big girls for a little bit and Mommy kept walking around the block.  I came back to a beautiful view of the sun setting and a daddy loving his time with his girls!

 They were so excited to be back at the park!

 Making a mess...I mean snowflakes :)
 Have I said how much I love having a Kindergartner.  We get daily little notes and pictures, she's so creative and so loving!

 Another photo shoot with a cute new outfit--thank you Zielke Family!
 "Mom just told me we're going to Florida, I'm soooooo excited" :)

 Big brown eyes!
 Sally enjoyed her one on one time with Mommy on MLK Monday.  She got to create a few headbands while her little sisters were napping
 I let them play outside by themselves for a little bit, they loved it!
 The key Libby's heart is by allowing her to have a tea party
 Tummy Time!
 Such a big world!

  Rainbows and Flowers to brighten your day!
 Little Lady Rocking her slippers, waiting for Jenny and Sam to arrive...if only she could have stayed awake :)
 Thanks for coming to play Jenny and Sam!!
 Emma giggles if we needed another reason to be more obsessed!

Working on the grasp and coordination :)
Sally's home, nap time is over, gottaaaaaa gooooooooooooooo!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Emma's 3 months!

Emma can't believe it either

Wait a sec

Let me count

Yep! You're right. 3 months have indeed gone by

We're entering my favorite stage ever, the 3-9 month period.  So happy, starting to get on a schedule, so happy, beginning to giggle, lots and lots of smiles, content just sitting on a lap and snuggle, so happy, doesn't need much to please, can't get in to trouble, so happy...

We've come a long way since last month.  She's become a rockstar of a sleeper!  The other day she went down at 3pm and didn't wake up until 11:30pm!!! She went 16 hours waking only twice to eat! Growing little lady!

Her real schedule tends to be 6/7pm-7/8am waking twice to eat.  2-3 hour nap in the morning and 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

She loves her activity mat, the birdie on her bouncy seat, to sleep on her tummy, blankets by her face, to snuggle, her sisters, when her daddy gets home, a full tummy from mama, her changing table, baths and riding in the car.

She doesn't much care for the anticipation of a burp, getting out of the bath, clothes over her head, surprise shouts from sisters.

Her 3 month stats:

12lbs 15 oz--71%
22 3/4 inches--30%
40.6 cm (head)--71%


Continues to rock a full head of hair.  It's definitely getting lighter, just like her sisters, it's coming in golden brown.

I could go on and on about this little sweetheart.  She has fit right in and knows when her mama needs an extra smile or an extra few minutes of sleep.  One of my favorites is that she smiles when she's done eating to let you know she's ready for bed.  I'm so in love with this little lady and so is the rest of her family.  I cannot even believe she's already 3 months.  To put that in a little bit of perspective, I had 3 months left of my pregnancy when it was July!!!

Reid and I keep commenting how much fun 3 is, and we're not being sarcastic.  We've got perma-grins on our faces.  At dinner last night, he said I just love how much love there is in this house! We are truly blessed!!!  A nice little routine and regular sleep certainly helps (oh, and no grad school classes or homework to worry about is starting to become real!! :)

Happy 3 months Bugaboo, We love you so!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Loving the Ordinary

We're enjoying our plain and boring days.  I especially love ordinary days.  It allows me to really take a step back and watch my kiddos, see how much they've grown.  And oh my goodness are they seeming older and older every day!

Sally and Libby recently discovered calculators.  Who would have thought that would bring hours of entertainment!

Kari, Haddie and Aubrey came over yesterday morning.  It was a wonderful play date! We surprisingly got in a lot of good conversation too!  So fun going through this stage of life together, we heart you!! Thanks for trekking your kiddos all the way to our house!

and Sally makes 5, FIVE girls :)

Mom, can you take a picture of just me?

My heart still has a little tug on it each morning as I wave to Sally as her bus pulls away. There goes another day that she's getting older.  But my heart skips a beat each afternoon when I hear the breaks of her bus stop in front of our house.  Greeted with a bubbly, happy, Kindergartner, my kindergartner :)

Libby didn't have school today, so we enjoyed a clean the house in your jammies kind of day :)  But first we played

Oh Hi, I slept 16!!! hours last night, waking to eat only twice.  The craziest part is that is started at 3pm!!
 I still see pieces of baby, mixed with toddlerhood!
 Morning Giggles

I could just squeeze her forever, but I'm afraid I might love too hard and pop her head off.  I remember this exact same feeling with her big sisters.

This girl, she's got me already!

That is all.  Have a lovely day, HEAT WAVE, ABOVE!!! freezing temperatures today!  If you're lucky, I'll be back tomorrow with a 3 month post for Emma!