Thursday, February 28, 2013

Libby's One Year Book

After too many hours and minutes, I have completed Libby's First Year Photo Book.  Thank you to the Target coupons you get with your receipt, we got this book for free!!

Here are the pictures I edited to put in our frames above our new couch

Here's a new addition to Libby's bedtime routine.  Of course because I'm recording everything ever goes wrong, but you get the idea :)

Happy Last Day of February!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Silly Girl

"When you wake up in the morning, it's a quarter to four, you brush your teeth.."-Raffi

The other day I heard Sally giggling in the kitchen as she was waiting for me to come so we could leave to visit daddy at work...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lunch Date with Daddy

Since Libby has dropped her morning nap, we had been meaning to see Daddy's new desk and meet his new coworkers.  We had to wait until his schedule allowed on a Monday or a Friday from 11-1, we do lunch early so both girls are down by 12:30 :)

He was excited for his girls to meet his coworkers

Grandpa Joe would have liked his view of the Grain Belt sign!

Daddy wasn't too excited that Mommy made him stop for a picture at the busiest enterance :)

Loving the waterfall

Beyond excited to have lunch with her Daddy!

Isn't she the cutest almost 4 year old?

 I always give Reid a hard time about his picture taking skills.  He takes like 500 at once and just keeps snaping no matter if we're ready or not...her's proof

Just a second mom, let me fix your hair

Sally, do you have a nice smile on?

Not one of us is ready for a picture

I dare you not to smile when looking at this picture

Walking Daddy back to work
She's got him wrapped around her finger!
Thanks for taking time out of your work day for your girls! We're oh so proud of you and thankful for how hard you work so Mommy can stay at home with the girls!!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Last week of February

Can you believe it?  Also, I saw a funny thing on Twitter the other day "I would like to meet the person who decided to put the first r in February!" :)

We had a great weekend, the sunshine sure is a mood booster!!

My princess doing her princess puzzle



Tracing her name with a Q-tip and paint

She dressed herself...she was also excited to discover that Mommy had put out the Easter decorations.  Meet Peter Rabbit

Mike came to visit Daddy and the girls, while Mommy had a girls night

Carrie's Mega Bucket.  Love you girl!

Poor Lizzy got stuck sitting by the sappy one :)
 Sally's Preschool celebrated it's 50th Birthday!
Face Painting by Miss M

The final product

Knock the hats off with Mrs. Andrews

Pin the candle on the cake.  This was quite fun to watch, Sally had never been blindfolded before.

The final leg of the maze

Blowing out the candle

Cheering Sally on during the cupcake walk

 We went for a family walk before 5 o'clock Mass...hoping to get the girls nice and tired, to sit quietly through Mass.

Craigmile Crew!
 Daddy got some extra one on one time with Libby while Sally went to Sunday school and Mommy went to Target

All in all a fantabulous weekend! Happy Last week in February!

We also got our new couch this weekend.  Pictures to come once our pictures arrive for our new frames :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Great Recipe for Lent

I came across this EASY pasta meal a while back on Pinterest.  It is a big favorite at our house.  We add sausage to ours, but you could also leave it out and it would be a great Friday meal during Lent!

Two Timin' Pasta


Mornings are my favorite, remember? :)

**Another word we love that Libby says is Chapstick for some reason she call it POPS**
**Bored and need some entertainment? Go back in time to February 2011 there are some fun videos on here during that month.**
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

They make me smile

Working on her bridge during nap time.  At least I got 2 hours to myself.  She was so proud and excited to show Coach Gretchen!

Libby ADORES Sally!

Can't believe how Sally is turning into a full blown kid, losing the baby fat.  She's going to be FOUR!!! She is very proud that she gets herself dressed all by herself each day.  Mommy just lays out her clothes the night before!

Only Sally can get Libby to laugh a certain way

Her shirt says it all!

Going in for a kiss

Dinner was a success!

Tippy Tippy toes!  Sometimes she does a leg kick to give her an extra boost to try and get whatever she's reaching for...usually shoes

Being Silly with Uncle Joey!  We hope he has fun in Vegas...we also hope he makes it home safely...