Thursday, June 30, 2016

Reunions and Camps

We've been busy around the Craigmile Crew.  We're looking forward to a low-key Family 4th weekend!

Emma's excited about the newest kid on the blog, Emersyn! Baby love!

Sally had a great time at her Basketball camp!

Speed dribbler

Basket Bowling

The girls found a "ladybug" {asian beetle} and they named it Dotty.  It consumed them for many hours of many days.  They even wrote up invitations for a Ladybug camp and the park for the neighbor kids.  Unfortunately Dotty, died on Saturday.

"That's ok, we have plenty of time this summer to find more ladybugs!"-Sally

I'll just gently set this right here.  Our we putting our voices and energies toward the most impactful changes for our world?

Last weekend we headed north to CSB/SJU to celebrate my 10 year College Reunion.  Thankful for Nana and Grandpa coming to hang with our little ladies!

 We stayed on campus, twin beds, roomies and all :) It was a fantastic time! Although, I think we're all still recovering a bit...32 isn't quite the same as 22

 The La

The 21 year olds looked like babies!  One of them took this photo for us

Breakfast at Kay's.  The boys loved the giant coffee mugs, complete with a spot for your thumb

We headed out to SJU to explore and remember.  The smells, they're all still the same, a good same!

 His Freshman dorm room!

 There's something about this photo that gets me all choked up, and I don't know what it is.  Nice capture, Carrie!

So many memories

Meanwhile, The girls were having a blast with Nana and Grandpa.  They got to go to DQ to celebrate Gramps' Birthday!

 Loving on the Birthday Boy
 Nom Nom
 Sip Sip

Headed in to Sunday Mass
2006 Bennies! (missed you Meghan!)
 Snapchat fun
 The Ladies
 Likely up to no good
 Well, that was fun!

Thank you Nana and Grandpa for taking such great care of our girls!

Thanks CSB/SJU/Bennies/Johnnies/Friends for such an awesome weekend with lots and lots of memories!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


This last weekend we Surprised Grandpa for an early birthday present.  It's his favorite thing to have everyone together.  Back in March or so we started setting up the plan.

Saturday morning Nana and Gramps arrived at Marc and Regan's and an hour later the Victorian Craigmiles walked in to surprise that we'd be all together!

It was a nice and relaxing weekend.  The cousins played very well! Thanks for hosting, Marc and Regan and all of the wonderful food!

Happy Early Birthday Gramps!

Emma continued to be a baby hog! She's obsessed with baby Madden!

 The other sisters wanted in on the bottle feeding action too!

 We gave Daddy his Father's Day gifts early.  He was sporting one of them on Saturday {Best. Dad. Ever}as he was testing out some rollerblades...
 Libby wanted to try blading as well. A few minutes later Sally got a chance too.  They quickly realized it's a bit harder than it looks
 Lots of trampoline bouncing and water slide splashing for these ladies
Cannon is so good with the littles...

What fun memories!
 The whole crew before heading to church!
 Happy Father's Day to our Strong and Faithful Leader of our crew! We love you!
 We ended Father's day with a trip to the Social! Yum Yum!

It was picture day yesterday for the Red Rhinos!

Happy Summer! Happy Beautiful Weather!

The mister got hit with some nasty bug and/or food poisoning and/or heat something or other. We're hoping it sticks with just him :( yuck!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Beach Bums

The girls finished up their tennis camp.  I'm a little relieved it's over.  Sally was bumped up to the next level so we were up at the courts for 2 hours...that's a long time to keep Miss Emma occupied.  We survived!

Littlest fan cheering for her sister {Navy shorts, white shirt is "Ibs"}

I got lucky and captured Libby's awesome backhand!

This was Sally and Libby's first time ever playing tennis.  I was very impressed with how much they improved over 6 days!

In the meantime our house siding and painting is finally complete!! It looks so fresh and clean, you'll have to stop by and see it :)  I felt like we were locked up for quite some time.  They weren't able to put in many full days of painting, either the dew point got too high or it started to rain.  We were living in a "bubble" unable to look out our windows for a week.

We got to have our patio back as well.  We hung out outside yesterday afternoon, it was glorious.  Sweet Sister Sally made Sister bracelets for her sisters.  CS-Craigmile Sisters.

Can you spot Emma's, while she's trying to crush a popsicle?

We've heard a lot about the sand bottom pool at Minnetonka Regional Park.  Today we finally had a chance to check it out.  It was quite lovely and peaceful, minus the sand.  I did end up buying passes, as we only have to go 4 times for it to pay for itself.

Emma wasn't sure how to walk in the sand, eventually she peeled herself away from her mama

 Sally can be so good to her and Emma feels so safe when she's with her
 Coming in to attack Mommy with sand
 These two are quite the playmates!
 A rare moment when she wasn't hanging on my leg
 You guys, I hate sand.  We don't use the word hate at our house, but I hate sand.  The girls LOVE it.  In fact, in the background of this picture, do you see the sand angel that Sally made.  Ooof it made me want to crawl out of my skin.

Practicing Selfless Love today and I introduce my girls to the beach
 and this one quickly realized how much I hate it.  See that fistfull of sand, she was giggling and trying to dump in on me.
 Catching some rays
 Developing a master plan
 We rinsed off and had a little picnic before heading home for naps.
 Oh this girl, she's our wild card.  Hilarious little stinker pants, and she knows it!

There's a little more PINK on the block! Welcome to the world Emersyn, we cannot wait for you to come home so we can meet you!!!

Happy FriYaY, Friends!