Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Lovin'

We've been having a blast.

We hosted donuts at our house on Sunday after Mass.  Sally had her final swim practice before her swim meet next weekend.

and it was the perfect day to wash the cars

earning their keep

 I'll hang by you, mom, and eat my snack.  I don't like the sprayer
 Let the neighborhood bonding begin

Emma discovered she has a new trick!
 Neighborhood S'Mores! Patiently waiting for Baby Johnson to arrive!  Emma and Theo were snoozin' already

Story time, Sally gets to join us now!
 Libby's first T-ball practice.  Go Red Rhinos!
 Sally was so great playing with Emma and another little girl while Libby played ball

Getting ready for her first hit

Running home

The girls had their first tennis lesson this morning! Brought back memories from when I was little and had lessons!

Nap time is over, time to head outside and play and have a neighborhood pizza party since all of the husbands have late meetings tonight!

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