Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hours away from Christmas Break

We're hours away from a two week Christmas Vacation!! Whoop Whoop!

On the same day we had Libby's afternoon birthday book read aloud, the morning, the kiddos and I were in helping Libby to make her Gingerbread house, it was a fun little activity.  Very well organized!!

 Her Advent Candle hanging in her classroom windo.
 So impressed with Libby's Nativity drawing/painting!
 and then my heart melted and I was a puddle of tears as a proud mama!
 my work here is done ;) If only the rest of the world could have this figured out by age 6!
 and then our sweet Sally Ann.  She had an awesome writing project that she worked on. I got to take a look at her outline.  We were also at her class Mass this morning.  She did a great job introducing the opening song. The season of giving!

 8 years ago I was counting down the days of becoming a full time Stay and Home Mom!!! What a ride!  How much does Mason look like Sally?!
 Gems left on the white board at Reid's work when we were there visiting Santa

 all they need is a box!
 Can't remember if I posted this gem or not, doesn't hurt to post it twice!
 Loved her cute little outfit.  Little Lady has so many clothes with all the hand-me-downs
 Had to snap a quick picture after Mass on Sunday, for Gaudete Sunday (the Rose colored Candle on the advent wreath) the kiddos all had on some pink!

"Rejoice always.  Pray without ceasing.  In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus." - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
 We had a fun little Frien-Mas at the Buelow's house! So grateful for these friends that are like family! The kiddos played outside and watched The Grinch and the adults played a little Christmas Family Feud!
 Going to do my best to slow down and soak up the magic of the season with our 4 little angels! Pictures with Mason are getting harder and harder...

 Leg kick!
 Did you get it mom? I'm done!
 Merry Christmas, if I don't get a chance to pop back on here!

**hoping to get Libby's quick 6 year old interview up at some point**

Happy 95th Birthday, Great Grandma Gen
Happy 5th Birthday, Bobby
Happy 1st Day of Winter!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mason's 10 months!

Mason turned 10 months on the 12th, a special day, what would have been Grandpa Joe's 62 birthday!

Mason is a drool monster! He now has 6 teeth, 2 on bottom 4 on top.  He smiles and giggles and talks and hugs and kisses and says Hiiiii and Daaadaadaa, Gaaagaaagaa, HOT and WOW.

He eats most things.  Has quickly learned the louder he is the quicker he'll get your attention, which usually never means crying, just shouting.

He's on the move and climbing and pulling himself up and following you around.  He's just the sweetest.

He has 2 naps a day.  Roughly 9-10:45ish and 12:30-3.  He goes to bed around 6:15pm and wakes up anywhere between 6 and 8am. 

He's down to just 3 nursing sessions.  Morning, afternoon and bed.  Bittersweet for me.  I've been grateful to be able to nurse all of my babies for a year, definitely a blessings as well as a sacrifice! The other day I calculated: Reid and I have been married for 9.5 years.  I've been pregnant for 3 years and nursing for 4!!  We're definitely entering into a new phase of parenthood, as I realize those will likely be the final numbers for those categories!

 and now I'll just let the pictures and videos do the talking of our sweet Dream baby!

Not sure if I posted this yet, Mason says "WOW" [VIDEO]

Mason mimics Reid making fun of girl talk "Like O M G I know, right?!"...


Pulling himself up in the crib AND taking his pants off.  He's also mastered throwing his blanket and nuk out...
 Sleeping with one leg up
 and then this happened and I about died.  I swear he knows I can see him!!!
 One of his favorite places to crawl is under the table, but he almost always gets hurt, flips over, or bonks his head, or stands with the chair or bench and slips


 always happy, always smiling
 and always drooling
 I don't know, but there's something about his cute little toes, and it brings be back to feeling kicks and movements when I was pregnant and his cute little diaper butt with the pockets on the jeans!

 Overalls! He looks like my brother here, I think
 We do put socks on him, but he always pulls them off

Just smiles and giggles when he's outside! You know he's the boy after 3 sisters, when he rides in a "purple" sled
 He's such a good daddy.  I was at a neighborhood annual Christmas party and Reid brought all the kiddos outside.  Not an easy task

 C-Mile Sibs!
 Post nap playtime, I'm sure I have a bunch more videos on my Youtube page you can watch :)

He HAS figured out the stairs, but doesn't go for them too often.  I'm sure it won't be much longer before I have to block these on a regular basis
Doesn't have another hand for the ball, so you uses his mouth...[VIDEO]

Peeeeek, I see you, Mom! It's been a breath of fresh air to have a baby this age not constantly glued to my hip, like his sisters were!

Such a little Ham, gosh I love him!

Happy 10 Months, dream baby! You can stop growing now and just be Mama's little baby boy for ever and ever. OK?

Love you more every day, Sweet Mason James!