Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

A few pictures that were slow to upload from Reid's phone from Thanksgiving and Nana and Grandpa's as well as Grandma's 95th Birthday Party

"When the [Emma] Bee Stings..."
 Allllll the siblings
Emma's first time ice skating!!
 C-Mile Sisters!
 Matchy Match
 Unseasonably warm temps

 The most precious little sleeper...she's started to sleep with her baby during nap times
 She would read all day every day if I let her
 Finally I have four matching frames by our front door.  I've been wanting this since I found out we were pregnant with's the little things that make me so happy and fulfilled
 Found myself a new winter jacket for $20 thanks to Target Carthwheel and a $10 coupon from Nana!!
 Still loves to play Dolls with her sisters. "Mom, take a picture of me and Mary Ellen"
 "Me too!"
 She can be the sweetest.  She went out all on her own to do some shoveling for Daddy.  Dear Winter, please send more snow!!!
 an innocent little Third Grader!
 They had fun finding Rusty hiding in the car!
 and that's a wrap on Sally's Basketball season

 Basketball Buddies!
 Part of her team
 A parent group hosted a super fun night at school.  Come in jammies, bring blankets and watching Polar Express in the gym!
 A picture of Sally and her good friend Anna at the Polar Express Party
 an awesome gift Libby received at her birthday party! Such a fun game for kids and adults!
 But really, just a big box will always do!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Gift of our Catholic Community!

If I haven't said it here before.  I am so very thankful for the gift of our wonderful Catholic Community.  We have so many wonderful happenings at our church and our school.  Many Many opportunities to deepen my faith.

One of the most recent things that was SO incredibly awesome were some relics of Saint Pope John Paul II.

Here's the flier:

Grandpa Russ and I attended the school Mass with Archbishop, which was great.  I rushed out to get Mason down for his nap.  I encouraged Gramps to stick around to check out the veneration and reception.  He did and boy did it deliver!!!

We quickly learned that by venerating the relic, a drop of Saint John Paul's Blood, a first class relic, anything that touches it, is blessed and prayed on then becomes a third class relic.  I gathered up all of our rosaries to bring along to my evening veneration.

It was a powerful experience for me and for many.  Hard to describe it in words!

 The evening celebration had a line that zig-zagged throughout the church, while Sister gave a talk on Saint John Paul's life.  It was beautiful (not many seated yet, because we're all standing in line waiting our turn at the veneration)

one of my, now, third class relics, my rosary (Reid got for me when he visited Rome)
 The back of the prayer card that is given to you after the veneration
Also grateful for the wonderful families and friends that have become an important part of our lives.  The Sandquist ladies waiting to catch the bus with our girls, while their parents were heading home from Florida.  It takes a village. 
 One thing I think I do take for granted is the ability to FULL on celebrate Christmas and all of the holidays.  Growing up, I went to public school and we still celebrated the holidays back was Christmas break, not winter break...

The girls' school puts on a beautiful Advent Prayer service.  Libby was excited to participate this year.  A sweet teacher friend sent this to me of our little Libby awaiting her turn for the stage.
 A treasured photo that was posted on our school's facebook page during their Advent Program Rehearsal!  Oh Miss Libby, maybe a future teacher?
 Excited to hear her sisters!
 Libby took it so seriously, keeping a close eye on her music teacher, not wasting any time searching the crowd for her family :)
 Our sweet Catholic Girls
 and a proud little sister
 I love me some Mary and any and all Feast Days that have to do with her.  Last week we celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Celebrating the fact that she was born without original sin.

and today, the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe, a story so powerful and awesome that you should look it up! We had a special family rosary tonight around the Christmas Tree.

Yesterday evening, I got to be a part of a beautiful woman's event that prepared our heart's for the coming of the Lord.  With a talk by Liz Kelly.  It was so powerful to be in a room surrounded by 100 woman, who share in this same faith, took the time to pause during this busy season to refocus our attention on what it's all really about, the birth of Jesus.

Beaming with gratitude that God lead our family to be exactly where it is.

Happy Advent Season friends!

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