Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Special Time

I had some special one on one time with Emma while the Bigs were with nana and Gramps and Daddy was with his Buddies

Wakes up Happy Happy!

Mommy had some great time with her littlest lady and I also had some great quiet time, filled with Chick Flicks on Netflix, a great book, some sun tanning, and lots of time to myself.  

Lots of giggles and now a whole lot of baby food.  She's up to 6 teeth now and counting...baby food is for babies...
 Daddy caught at 26.5 inch Northern!
 Mommy got to take Grandma's spot for Friday's adoration, sooooooo much to be thankful for...I should have brought Kleenex.  Grandma had fun with Emma.  Emma was less than impressed with Grandma's dance moves ;)
 and Giggli'
 Daddy's pretty sunset
 Morning walk!
 So peaceful!
 Came home to some Geese and their family
 Morning nap for Emma, morning coffee for Mama
 Grandpa Joe would stop by every now and then to say Hello. I was down on the dock and the Loon made it's call
 The fellas, Golfing
 More giggles
 The Boys, shooting?
 More shooting?

I brought Emma down to see the water, immediately the loon made it's call
 I couldn't resist :)

Happy last day of June, are you kidding me?!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend With Nana & Gramps

Reid had his annual guys weekend in Alex this past weekend.  The Big Girls went to Nana and Grandpa's and Emma and I went to my mom and George's (although we had the house mostly to ourselves, and Grandma had her girls weekend and George was up at a Cabin).

Emma and I came home too, because as part of the planning for the guys weekend, was to have all the spouses and kiddos meet up since there have been so many new additions to the group this year.  It was great fun, but we didn't get any pictures.

Here are the pictures I got from Nana from the fun they had with the Bigs!

Friday Morning Nana had arranged for the girls to go to White Horse Ranch

They had a blast! I'll let the pictures tell the story

 Thanks to Aunt Joan for the connections!

Collecting Eggs!

 Riding miniature horses! This particular horse is blind, his name is Vision :)

Helping Nana bake

 Libby's favorite, tea party!

 Saying Hail Mary with Mary, one of Nana's friends that she visits!



Feeding the ducks
 Lunch time with the Ghent Craigmiles! One month apart!
 One year apart!
 Cute Little Lady who won't let anyone hold her but mama.  Cutting teeth it tough work...

Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the wonderful memories the Big Girls will forever cherish! Thank you Mom and George for letting Emma and I crash at your place, it was a relaxing and refreshing weekend!

Happy Week Ya'll

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Hump Day

Emma's starting to learn how to give kisses:

 The other day was a rainy day so I let the big girls watch Curious George, the movie.  Libby's got her mama's emotions.  She was crying because she was sad that George and the Man with the Yellow Hat were being separated. Do worry, it ended on a happy note and L was smiling once again!

Sally was proud to donate money during VBS to go toward recovery efforts in Nepal

 LJ wanted to take a picture of her Mama
 Mowing the lawn, just like her Mom
 Last day of VBS and last event at Good Shepherd, so very bittersweet
 Sally's crew leader, Dani, was so awesome!
 Some of Sally's favorite 6th (now 7th) graders.  Another Emma Jean! Such sweet sweet girls!
 Surviving the summer!
 Pretty little lady

 The Kelzenberg Ladies making Emma the most stylish of our crew! Her first pair of shoes and they're Sperry's!
 So adorable
 Taking her walker for a little stroll.  Thank you for letting Emma borrow your shoes, Maggie!
 We went for a walk the other night and saw a family ahead of us drop a beloved stuffed animal.  We had Sally scooter as fast as she could to give it back to them.  They were very appreciative!

 I was gone most of the day Saturday, celebrating my future Sister in Law.  Daddy got to hold down the fort with the girls.  He did a great job, AND Emma took a bottle!! Whoop Whoop.  It's days like this that make Daddy extra appreciative of my role ;)
 Celebrating Emily, soon to be a Moran!
 Headed to the park
 Enjoying the lake life and celebrating the bachelorette! Cannot wait for the wedding!!

Happy Birthday to Gramps tomorrow!!