Wednesday, June 17, 2015

16th is an important date

I think I've mentioned before that the 16th is an important date in our family

-Our Wedding Anniversary
-Sally's due date
-Libby's birth date
-Emma's birth date
-Marc and Regan's Wedding Anniversary Date
-Cannon's Birth Date

Yesterday was a big celebration.  Cannon turned 7, Libby turned 3 1/2 and Emma turned 8 months!

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Cannon Man!! We love you!

When your birthday is so close to Christmas, you get to acknowledge your half birthday :)

Holds 3 up, just like her Gramps

Saw this the other day and it gave me a good laugh :)

Emma turned 8 months yesterday.  It seems like she has grown a lot this last month.

Not so easy to get the month photo this time around, grabbing everything

Fine, take my chalkboard away, I'll pull on these instead

She currently has 4 teeth.  2 bottom middle and 2 top fangs, I'm pretty sure there are a few more coming in on the bottom too.

Seeeee, here are my bottom teeth:

She cannot get enough of her food.  Especially big girl food.  She even ate crackers with peanut butter on them the other day.  She could eat and eat and eat, but she'll definitely let you know when she's done.  I think it's pretty safe to say she'll be done with baby food by the time she's 9 months! She also drinks from her sippy cup like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes even one handed...over-achiever ;)

Asking Daddy for some pineapple

Her hair is getting a little too wild and crazy for the headbands, so she's upgraded to the whale spoutd

Time for dinner yet?

We moved her crib to the lowest setting.  She's rolling around like a boss lately and loves to grab a hold on to things.  I'm sure she'd be able to figure out how to swing herself over the crib if we allowed her more time to try it.  Because she's rolling like a boss, she's back to sleeping well, thank goodness!

She wakes up around 6:30 which allows for a few snuggles before her big sisters wake up:

She's sitting like a champ as well, her new favorite toy is her walker that she sits and pushes the buttons on.

 If my mom starts to growl then I really laugh...

She has pretty much outgrown her play mat, as this is how I found her after walking in the other room to grab something...

She kicks and kicks and kicks until the cows come home.  Her feet are always moving away! She loves to be in the bath and splash and splash and splash.  Pretty soon she'll be upgraded to sister baths!

Watching for her sisters to pop up

Are they coming?

 They got me :)
 They're so silly

She loves to be outside and watch her sisters and look at the trees and leaves.  She doesn't seem to mind the grass.

I love this look of her watching their every move:

She seems to be so much more aware and understanding of the world around her.  She keeps her eyes glued to her sisters at all times.

Happy 8 months Sweet Baby Girl!  Your sisters will continue to try and sing Taylor's "Never Grow Up" in attempt to keep you our little baby forever...

"No, I will get bigger and keep up with my sisters!"
 So much joy!
 K, Mom, that's all for now, time for dinner please
 Delores let us try her little walker, Emma was a big fan! Soon she'll be strollin' down the sidewalk
 Daddy's little sailor

Happy Hump Day!

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