Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We're Still Here

Life just got busy with the end of the school year activities and the kick off to Summer!!

What a day, huh? 90s!!

Backing up to the last days of Kindergarten...

The Kindergarten Picnic happened to be the day of rain, so it was moved to inside.  A little face painting, she chose a kitty face

Her last bus ride home.  She had awesome bus drivers, especially her afternoon one!

He nicknamed her Sally Sunshine :)

Little Sisters' last day, just the 3 of us

LJ got a hair cut.  4ish or so inches off!


 During.  And I didn't really even get an after.  I like it a lot.  I maybe even should have gone a little shorter
 Lunchtime Convos

 Little Miss Trouble, before nap time
Last day as a Kindergartner!  She wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.  Pretty consistent from the beginning of the year, although she knows a lot more about space!
 Crazy to think littlest sister wasn't born yet, at the beginning of the school year! They're excited to spend more time together this summer
 My girls, what a summer we'll have!

 One last trip to the bus.  They decided to all go

 and just like that, she's a 1st grader.  What a wonderful teacher Sally had, and a wonderful year she had! We've already started some summer reading and it looks like I'm going to have to search a little harder for books.  We picked a few up from the Library today and Sally already had 2 read before we got home from the 4 blocks away....she continues to amaze us with her reading and comprehension, and MATH!

They had an early release on the last day.  We had a fun lunch date with two of Sally's good friends and their families!
 The 3 girlies are going to keep me on my feet this summer.  2 bikers and a rider, lots of helping cross the street and keeping up.  It's fun though!
 Sally took a nap which allowed me to take her out to celebrate a wonderful school year of how proud of her we are for how hard she tries and a wonderful friend that she is to her classmates.  Libby got to hang with Daddy and do a little painting

 Froyo, of course!

Last Friday was the opening day of the pool. It was freeeeeeeezing.  I told the girls we could go to a park instead, but they insisted.  They've been counting down since September

 They did these poses all on their own
 The greatest gift you can give your kids, siblings.  Built in best friends! They have been playing so well so far.  We've had our moments, but so far, so good

 Littlest Sister was happy to be watching from the sidelines, brrrr  Love her crinkle nose smile
Her hair matches her pineapple

 Warming up
 We had a fun weekend catching up with the Lindbergs, so great to see them!  The girls, minus Emma

We also had a fun BBQ at the Christensen's House.  They had a little bouncy house that was amazing, because it kept the kids entertained so we could actually get in some conversation.  We even had a little betting on the horse race.  So fun!  Thanks for having us guys and the awesome food and drink!

We were back at the pool yesterday and today.  Sally is loving the body slide this year, and Libby is loving going down the tube slide with me as well as swimming with her sister.  It's all a bit scary to Emma.  Too cold on her toes and she's not quite sure what to think.  She's certainly a trooper in her stroller in the shade!

 It was a little too hot this afternoon, for this little one so we laid around inside this afternoon.  She's getting so big!
 Her messy, after nap, hair

She loves her baby doll and I love how big the flip is in the front of her hair!

Happy Summer Weather!  Happy Birthday to George, tomorrow!

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