Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Libby's a Pre-School Grad!

We jumped right back in following our return from Cali.  Libby had her pre-school "Movin' on up" ceremony on Monday.

She was so excited to wear her pretty dress!


She got an award for being such a great friend and kind to everyone

 so proud

 Caught this sweet moment while we were enjoying her slideshow
 The Craigmile Crew! Supporting Miggy!
 We got to sneak Sally out of class so she could be there to support Libby too.  They're so excited to go to school next year!
 We had a great year with Miss Miller, what a fabulous teacher.  She genuinely loves what she does!
 another Big Fan of Miss Miller is Emma!! She looked forward to her high fives and hugs each morning we'd drop Libby off!
 Another great year with Mrs. A, was so fun to have her back to back years.  Go Vikings ;)
 Girlfriends, ready to take on Kindergarten!
 PhotoBooth, the Craigmiles have got this down!
 and Friday was her last day of pre-school, ever! I wasn't really that emotional about it, until Miss Miller came out for pick up crying, then I lost it !
 She cannot wait for Kindergarten to start.  If she had it her way she's skip right over summer!
 I love how much my kids love school, I can't imagine having to push them out the door, otherwise.
 Tradition, cheers to a wonderful school year, not the academics, the effort, and kindness and always being true to who she is! Love you, sweet Libby Jo!

Their favorite part of the morning, when Mason wakes up.  They all fly up to his room and greet him and hug and kiss.  It's going to be a fun summer!
 Emma built a church and put everyone in their pew
 I found these gems from when Grandma was here and they were playing school

 and then Sally had May Crowning on Wednesday at school.  The 2nd graders dress in their 1st communion gear and each bring a flower down to give to Mary. Such a faith-filled special year!


Sally's class 1/3 of the 2nd grade

 Sweet Sweet girls in her class
 Anna won Culvers and Canvas from the school Gala and she invited Sally and Layla to join in the fun! Thank you, Anna!

 Mom, come take a picture of our silly faces


Oldies but goodies, from Daddy's phone, I guess they were late to sync

 a morning when Daddy had all 4 solo

 Divide and conquer
 When the Breunigs came to visit!!

and that's all for now! Feels good to catch up on pictures!

Monday, May 29, 2017

La Jolla

We snuck away for a quick trip.

If you follow me on instagram and my instastories, this is of no surprise to you.

We did a little trip when Emma was 3 months old and it was wonderful.  We wanted a repeat when Mason was 3 months old.  The perfect traveling age, in my opinion.

A few pics of the sibs saying "See ya later" to their brother

 The challenge of 4 looking at the camera and smiling

 I knew Biggest sister would miss him the most

Reid had a work trip to California that came up.  Mason and I decided to tag along.  Reid flew out on a Monday.  Mason and I flew out on a Wednesday afternoon to meet up with Daddy in LA. Grandma arrived on Wednesday to take on the 3 girlies!

Mason's a dream baby...he was even more perfect on the plane, than I thought he could be.  Some angel moved our seat to be the first ones after 1st class, so we had extra leg room.  I was excited and nervous about this.  Excited for the extra leg room, nervous if he was a terrible baby the people who should be annoyed (1st classers) were going to be pissed.

He was a gem, nursed, napped, smiled, giggled, repeat.  Once we landed a guy right in front of us, in 1st class said,

"I was a little mad when I saw that you were seated right behind us and thought to myself, I sure home my headphones would be able to keep out any noise. I didn't hear a thing the whole way.  He's the best baby I've ever seen on the flight.  Not that, if he was terrible, it would be your fault, but the fact he was great is your fault! Way to go!"

 I thought that was a great way to put it!

2 hour time change, so it was really 8pm in MN

We spent one quick night in LA and then drove to San Diego.  Reid had to work Thursday, so Mason and I took the scenic route to our hotel, waited to check in and then waited for Daddy to join us.


 Meanwhile, it was a soggy mess in MN.  Made us more thankful for the warmth and sunshine on the beach!  Grandma's helpers for Big Noodles!
 Beauty Shop and dance party

It was wonderful! We loved the location we picked.  Research and reviews hardly ever disappoint.  We ended up in La Jolla.  We were down a few miles from the more popular area of La Jolla.  More flat beach and less Sea Lion stink...thank you reviews!

We wanted a non-chain hotel. Something a little smaller in hopes of baby monitor success, aka being able to sit somewhere, have the baby monitor work and not be too far from our room once baby monitor was activated.  We hit the jackpot.  Our room was steps from the beach and the monitor worked while on the beach.  Mason decided to be the best napper ever, win win!!

Daddy's done with work, soaking up our first sunset

 Mason adjusted to the 2 hour time change like it was no big deal...dream baby

Mason watching his first sun set on the beach.  Reid has become quite the photographer!
 While Mason slept Reid and I enjoyed some dinner, drinks and conversation on the patio.

The next morning we walked a few blocks to get some coffee and breakfast before putting Mason down for his morning nap
 We hit the timing perfectly.  These must be a spring beauty in Cali, these trees popped up everywhere and were so pretty.  Wish this picture was scratch and sniff
 Cute little restaurants and quaint patios blocks from our place
 Baby's napping, prayers and relaxation on the beach.  Never expecting much out of Mason, but then he always allowed us at least a 2 hour nap! I sat in the shade more than I ever had, because I honestly didn't think I would get this much sun time...I only packed SPF 8!!

 Once Mason woke up we had to drop off Reid's work car rental and pick up our own.  Kind of funny the street we turned on was Sassafras, a name I often refer to some of our children
 I thought this was the roller coaster from the opening credits to the 90s show Step By Step.  It isn't, but it is similar :)
 Another nap time on the beach.  See where the 2nd palm tree is, behind me?  That's where our room was, on the 3rd floor
 We called this guy, Reid's buddy, we would see him morning, afternoon and evening.  We wondered what his greatest find was.  He never came close enough for us to ask
 The hotel would set us up with an umbrella and chairs.  The shade was needed often. Zero clouds and a small ocean breeze...doesn't get much better than that
 He's up, time to explore La Jolla


 La Jolla Cove

 You're lucky this one isn't scratch and sniff, so stinky from the Sea Lions, but very pretty!
I think the first ever National Geographic Gallery shop.  Of course He needed a pic by the eagle.  There were maybe 25 pictures in the gallery and 4 were from MN.  Reid didn't think it was appropriate to keep taking pictures, so I didn't get any of those :)  There were a few from Duluth, the North Shore and Fairbault
 We walked to the Taco Stand, a local favorite and we were quick to see why, yum!
 We put the boy down and enjoyed another sunset on our balcony

and then dolphins decided to starting jumping and swimming around

More dolphins jumping

Another beautiful morning! My boys checking out the morning ocean
 a morning stroll on the beach

 We joked that this was Moana's castle and sent the picture to the girls while they were baking cookies with Grandma!

a yummy breakfast

checking out the birds the walked in and were eating crumbs off the ground

So thankful for this extra time to reconnect with my husband after adding a 4th child to the mix, as well as giving Mason lots of extra attention!  Thank you Grandma!! She knows the importance of little get aways mixed in to the busy life of raising kids, as my Dad would encourage them to do the same!
 Cheers to another nap time on the beach
 Mason was up, so it was time to explore Mt. Solidad.  The highest point in La Jolla.  You can see a white cross from our hotel and so we wanted to head up to check it out.  It's also a veteran memorial..,if you know my husband you know he was in heaven.

The beachy area right below is the beach our hotel was on, to the left of the pier
 The beautiful cross



 I forgot my sunglasses in the car
 They were doing a dedication ceremony, honoring another set of soldiers or ship and adding a new plaque.  Reid was all ears!
 The King hanging out in the King Bed, getting ready for his afternoon nap!

Our hotel-La Jolla Shores

More sunshine and relaxation.  So fun to people watch as well.  There was a wedding just steps away from us
 Mason's up, time to get ready for 5 o'clock Mass.  The only time Mason was ever upset.  He wasn't a fan of the organ at Mass and decided it would be a great time to fill his pants.  Thankfully we only had one child.  So, I didn't get as many picture of the church and area as I would have liked.  But he sure is a cute church goer!
 His little boat shoes...still a little too big, but I had to snap a pic

 The only church pic, Mary Star of the Sea
 Palm trees for days :)

Our last morning before heading to the airport.  We picked a good day to depart, the sun wasn't shiny as brightly, foggy, and very humid.  Made for a great morning walk, though

Currently, at home the butterflies were hatching and the girls were being rewarded for great Church behavior with Grandma

We walked to the pier

 Great place to take a snooze

But now you gotta wake up because we have to take some pictures by the ocean and dip your toes in the water before we head back to MN

 Checking it all out

 I anticipated him to cry, because it would be shockingly cold...of course he didn't...


Love my little boy!

 and my Hubs!
 Sooooo many wonderful memories.  Time to pack up and head back to our girls!
 another successful flights, with a nearby passenger mentioning He is the best baby he's ever seen on a flight!

 Smiling while he's sleeping
 Giggles while we're coming in for a landing! [VIDEO]

Our flight was ahead of schedule, like that ever happens!  and we were welcomed home with some pretty excited girls with super cute welcome home signs...thank you Kaylee!! (we allowed Grandma to head home earlier so she didn't have to wait until 7pm to make the drive to A-Town).

What a wonderful trip.  Obviously there were moments of crying or things not being perfect, like Mason hating the car and the bumpy windy streets.  But all in all it was better than I ever could have imagined it to be.  It's easy to dream and plan a million vacations while you're on vacation.  I wonder where we'll end up next.  We would like to take the Bigs on our next adventure...I think :)

 Back home and smoothered in love!

and I think that's a wrap...I don't have time to proofread, just have to hit publish, because it took way too long anyway :)

Phew!  More updates to come, of jumping right back in to motherhood, with a pre-school graduation!!