Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sally's Birthday Celebrations

We went big for our girl, Sally, since it was her Golden Birthday!

We started off her Birthday Weekend with Ice Cream cones on the patio, Friday night

She started talking about what she wanted to do for her birthday party, I think, when I was still pregnant with Mason.  Anticipating the craze of a newborn, the 4th child and planning and hosting a 2nd grader's birthday.  I did what any mother would do, convinced her to have a PJ movie birthday party ;)

We had breakfast for dinner--french toast with Strawberries and we watched SING!  Part way through we paused it and had a dance party and I pulled out a few games I used to play with/teach my students.  It was a great time.  Sally has wonderful friends, such good kids with marvelous manners!

Headed outside for ice cream and opening presents.  Emma thought it was fun to hang with the big girls
 Celebrating Sally!

Sunday we went to Mass.  We're going to be sad to see our NET team leave :(
 aaaaaaaaand then Sally got to get her ear's pierced.  She was a rockstar, so brave! She chose Emerald, her birthstone!

One last pic without earinngs

 So sweet!

On her birthday on Monday, she woke up to a scavenger hunt, a favorite birthday tradition.  The last gift was a new gear bike, she was so excited and surprised!

Asked for a quick sibling picture before heading to school
 Came home and Emma and I were ready to greet her off the bus (Mason and Libby were still napping) with balloons, sidewalk chalk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, Sally's favorite!

 Trying out her new gear bike!
 Making a wish!
 May all your wishes come true, Sunshine Sally! We love you so!

Life is great when you're 8!

Catch up from other days :)

 Big Brown Eyes
 If you know Reid, you know this makes him want to die...
 Thanks Godmother, Emily for the cute outfit, ready to cheer on the Twins!
 Libby getting some Mason Giggles


Every once in a long while Mommy goes above and beyond and has activities set  up for after nap.  Libby's love language...painting

 "Mom, come take a picture of us snuggling in your chair, we're dressed like Queens!"
 Loving his new found world, outside!
 Hard to tell, but see those two back packs? That's Sally and Libby.  I let Sally walk Libby in to pre-school.  That means Libby got to get off at car drop-off with her big sister.  Yes, of course I cried!!! One step closer to Kindergarten :(

Libby couldn't be more ready!
 Rockstar scooter girl.  She's turned less naughty and more awesome buddy to hang out with!
 We're loving this Spring Weather.  We had out first "Suit UP" of the season last Friday with some spray bottles!

Mason continues to be the best little newborn.  He loves to blow raspberries all day long and only stops when he discovers that he can move toys! [VIDEO]

And that's a wrap on our celebrations, 2 birthdays, Easter, a Baptism and a 1st Holy Communion! Happy May!

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