Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I am Loved!

I had a great mother's day weekend with my 4 little loves, and the Hubs did a great job with all of the behind the scene stuff!  Anytime the sun is shining it's bound to be a good weekend and what a gorgeous weather weekend we had!

Per Instagram post:

"There really are places in your heart that you don't know exist until you love a child."-Anne Lamott

My love as a mother is not split into quarters, it is quadrupled and I will forever be in awe of that and the four wonderful blessings God has entrusted to Reid and I.  Thank you C-Mile Sibs for making me a Mama, you make life so beautiful!

Thanks a lot crying mess, especially as she inches closer to Kindergarten

 Love that she crosses out the author and puts her name

Sooooooo many blessings, so very grateful!

Mason turned 3 months on the 12th!! We're entering my favorite baby stage.  3-9 months.  So happy, so content because they can't move and starting to get on a true schedule.  Although, Mason's been excelling at those for quite some time already.

Bed anywhere between 6:30 and 8pm
Wakes either around 3 or 4am
Then again around 6am.
Nap from 8-10:30 sometimes there's a cat nap if he's up earlier than 7.
Nap 12:30-4ish
Somtimes a cat nap around 5:15

When he's awake he's loved on by all members of the Crew! He can swat at his toys from his activity mat.  Beginning to grasp things and bring them to his mouth.  He's found his hands and his voice.  Loves to smile and laugh.  He recently saw me walk into a room and walk out and he cried..uh oh, loves his mama! Loves to blow raspberries and just continues to be a gem of a newborn.

 Love his little tongue and how it quivers when he smiles
 Always moving his hands and arms and feet when he's awake
 Oh Mister Mason, how was there ever life without you? I don't think anyone in our crew could answer that question.  I also don't think there has been a moment when you've been awake that you haven't been loved on.  Thank you for all of the giggles, smiles, chatter, wonderful Zzz's, and snuggles! We love you always, my handsome little man!

 Big brown eyes with a twinkle in them, always


Sally's awesome Butterfly gift from her Godmother, Jenny!!

 Oh this girl, she is just hilarious!  When she has her helmet on I can't not smile when looking at her!
Joey and Emily stopped by Saturday afternoon to say Hello and get in some Godson snuggles! Love his double chin
 Busting out the shorts and short-sleeves!
 Can still see glimpses of babyhood, chubber cheeks and hands, but then many glimpses of a Kindergartner too, love this gentle soul!
 We'll be doing a lot of this, this summer so the littles can nap.  A few minutes later they were in a full on water fight with Daddy!
 Took Mason a full 10 minutes before he could open his eyes all the way, so bright.  Thanks for the cute hat, Breuing Family!

 Testing out the neighbor's homemade splash pad, so cool!

 Daddy's on a work trip.  4 on 1.  Morning babysitter so mommy could take a quick shower before Emma's clock turned green!

Happy Hump Day!

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