Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

It's definitely one for the memory books.  It'll be a "remember Christmas 2016 when..."

1. Libby's first run down the sledding hill she went into a tree
2. Friday night Emma woke up at 11pm with the Stomach flu--why does it always come at night?
3. Saturday night Reid got the stomach flu
4. Sunday there was an ice storm
5. The power went out for about an hour because of the ice storm

BUT, we still managed to have a good time and store some pretty happy memories.  I'll let the videos and pictures tell the stories

First morning of Christmas break and the girls woke up to this:

[VIDEO]--I love Sally's face

Their invitations
 Peaceful moments sipping my hot coffee by the tree, saying a few prayers.  Being thankful for all 3 sisters playing together upstairs
 Boom Booms on my fingers, please, Mom
 Special memories stored away from this day.  The girls (and parents) had a blast.  Their dolls got their own seats as well as a cup and saucer.  They got to order what they wished.

 The best was when lunch was over and we said "your surprise isn't over, now you get to pick out an outfit for your doll." I wish I would have recorded it, Libby was SO grateful and couldn't wait to go pick out Josefina's Feliz Navidad dress!  I loved how the whole time prior to them getting to pick out an outfit, not once did either girl ask for anything.  Love giving surprises!
 and then we stopped at a few stores to look for C-Mile 4.0's coming home outfit, but we ended up finding the ones we liked online.  It was fun to not have a toddler or stroller in tow.

Real dads carry American Girl Doll Bags
 and then we surprised the girls again with a jammie and Christmas Lights drive. We went to two hot spots near us that have a synchronized light show...Emma couldn't believe her eyes
and then Sally couldn't look away
 aaaaand then it was the first official night of the Bigs getting to share a room.  They could not wait.  Starting at 3pm they kept asking how much longer until it was time for bed.  Love their bond and close friendship.  They're off to a great start falling asleep and following the rules!

Emma moves soon, but we have a few nights of a sitter, coming up and I don't want her to have to deal with that ;)

and then it was time to pack up and head to Nana and Grandpa's.  Here's what happens when Daddy's in charge of breakfast...[VIDEO]

Sally's Christmas card and gift to us--love it!!

 Our little artist


Griswolds--loaded and ready to head North
and then it was time to hit the slopes as soon as everyone arrived
 watch out for that tree--LJ, such a trooper, she never cried and she continued to sled!
 Matching hats!
 in her prime
 Go Gophers
 Tough one
 Cannon, teaching the girls how to make bracelets without a loom--they were in heaven. And Emma using Grandpa as a jungle gym
 Time for B-I-N-G-O


 Being cute...prepping for the flu


Helping Gramps call out the numbers
 Popcorn helper!
 She took a nap before her cousins arrived, so she enjoyed extra one on one attention and some extra time to master a puzzle!

Christmas Eve Sledding Party...Emma (and Mommy) getting some much needed fresh air!

 Sledding crew!
 Emma's first time!


On your marks...


Prayers before Christmas  Eve Dinner
12 Days of Christmas [VIDEO]

Time for Gifts!

 The box is always the best part
 Prepping daddy for the flu...

Christmas Morning--Santa came!

 Quick matchy match cousin picture before Marc and family headed out early to beat the worst of the ice storm
 Christmas Miracle--Mommy got herself and the girls ready, solo, (Daddy had the flu) and out the door and on time for 9am Christmas Mass, without falling on the ice.  We missed being all together at Mass, but thankful it doesn't happen on a regular basis or the fact that the stomach flu is the worst it got...it could be so much more...
 It was fun to be able to sit next to Grandma and George at Mass
 Merry Christmas from the C-Mile Sisters!
 Cup of Christmas Tea

 I could eat her up!

 just as we finished dinner the power went out. It added for some excitement.  We sat around and played "I'm going to the North Pole and I'm going to bring..." and then we took turns playing Sally's new game Simon. Emma enjoyed trying to blow out the candles and then thankfully the power came back on in time for bath and bed


Monday morning we loaded up and headed back.  Thankfully the roads were only iffy 10 miles from Alex and then the rest of the way home was smooth sailing, except for Chatty/Demanding Kathy...aka Emma.  I recorded a little clip

We were home in time for naps and then we got to organize and do laundry and start some NESTING...getting Sally's clothes moved over to her new room and organize all of their extras.  Makes mommy feel good, that's for sure.

Daddy put together Emma's gift from Santa!


Thank you Godparents for our new after dinner routine of Jesus Calling for kids...Emma reciting it over and over after we read it.
and that's a wrap! Thankful for Nana and Grandpa for all of the delicious food, generous gifts, endless loads of laundry, the extra special touches and their endless hospitality.  It can't be easy having us all there and throwing in the stomach flu!  We appreciate you.  Thank you!

and now we're home bound until C-Mile 4.0 arrives.  But first the Moran Christmas will be celebrated here!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with many blessings.  Happy Birthday Jesus!!