Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Magic

A while back we surprised Daddy with an early Christmas present, an Eagle ornament for the tree.  He has his American Flag, his Cardinal, Vikings and Gophers and he was missing his last "Favorite"

 Sally waiting to see it
 How precious is she? Working on her Godmother's Birthday card.  She was mimicking her sisters, asking how to spell and would pretend to write it after I said it, shake her head yes and say ok, next?
 I forget when this was, but one of the newer snowfalls, they played for a good  hour!
 Playing football with Daddy
 Oooooooh this girl, the trouble she's going to get in to when Baby arrives and I'm nursing 24/7...she whips that chair around the kitchen like she owns the place, to get to all the things she must have now, like ice or water.  Lucky for me she doesn't know she was to hold the lock button for 5 seconds to unlock...
 More awesome skating without the holder!

 The excitement each night of who earned the Advent Chocolate.  There's no more rotation now that Emma's in the mix.  Based on behavior from that day and there have been times when someone has gotten it two days in a row!
 Mommy (and the girls) got our baby fix earlier this week when we got to hang with Emersyn and Hundson! mmmmmmmm I'm ready for the peaceful snuggles.  4.0, please please please be an awesome newborn who loves to snuggle
 One of the favorite Rusty the Elf finds is when he has a note for the girls to have mom check her email.  They each get a personalized message from Santa.  One needs to listen to their parents right away, one needs to try hard to have good manners at the dinner table and one needs to control her temper, can you guess which is which?

 A rare occasion, I was able to find a babysitter in the afternoon to come hang with Emma and Libby so I could volunteer for Sally's class Christmas party.  She knows all the planning involved in order for Mommy to help at school without her sisters, so she asks for once a year.  So glad I was able.  Fishing for Candy Canes.  How many can you catch and release in one minute?

 Quality time is what she craves, so glad I was able to give it to her
 We're 33 weeks!! Check out our Baby Pool on the side of the blog, if you're not on mobile version.  Otherwise click here...if it doesn't go right to our game page, search Cmile4.0 (no spaces). Take a guess! Boy or girl, birthdate and size!  No offense taken if you pick a late birthday or a big baby!

 and then it was Libby's turn! She was able to have both parents' undivided attention. Thank you Anna for hanging with Emma!!  Libby's sweet little program, she sang her heart out.  Love her

 A while back Rusty was in a kleenex box, the girls asked if they could hold him (since they wouldn't be touching him!) and read him a book.
 More stubbornness.  On this particular morning it took an hour and 40 minutes to get her to eat some breakfast...because she only wanted it her way...remember, tight ship.  This mama doesn't back down very easily.  She hasn't pushed it since!
 Goooooooooood job he was out finishing up  shoveling/Snow-blowing the new fallen snow!
 A few weeks ago with our weekly Thursday tea times, A cup of Christmas Tea
aaaaaaaand that's a wrap for now.  I'm signing off until after Christmas.  Remember to slow down and soak it all up.

**Know that you weren't left off any mailing list.  We didn't send out Christmas cards this year since we'll send out Baby Announcements in February.**  Sooooo thankful for a February baby.  I need some time to be a bum in January so that we can fully soak up alllllll of the newborness in February!

Have a Blessed Christmas!
The Craigmile Crew!

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