Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Libby's Birthday Celebrations

It was so fun celebrating Libby's birthday and making it all about her.  She doesn't need much to please her, which makes it that much more fun to fill her day with little surprises.  She doesn't demand much attention from day to day, so it's nice to have it be all about her for a change.  Of course, every chance she got, she shared it with her sisters and friends :)  Love her sweet, caring soul!

Her Godmother Meggers gives her a gift for her half birthday in the summer, but she let her open her Christmas present early.  It's now her favorite outfit.  Thank you Meggers!!

 I've been soooo excited for this surprise.  Grandma gave Sally an American Girl doll once she turned 7.  A tradition she was going to keep for her Granddaughters when they turned 7.  After thinking it over, I asked her if she would consider giving it to Libby for her 5th birthday.  She was all about American Girls because her big sister was, and giving it to Libby when she turned 5 would allow more time for Sally and Libby to be able to play with their dolls together, especially since they'll be sharing a room in a few short days!!  Grandma said no problem, as long as I thought Libby was responsible enough...I reminded her we run a pretty "tight ship" around here :)

Libby had no idea this was even an option.  She soon had picked out a doll she would hope for when she was 7, Josefina, because Libby's middle name is Josephine and because she also loved horses and Libby loved her long black braid.  Then Libby thought, hmmm, maybe I can put it on my list and ask Santa.  Little did she know, she got it from Grandma and George for her birthday and Grandma was able to be here to watch her open it.  She hasn't stopped smiling since!



She also got to open it a day before her birthday, lucky girl!
 Birthday morning, present scavenger hunt! Sally, explaining to Libby the gift she picked out to give her
 alllllll ready for her special day! 5 is a tough one for mom :(
 Sally has always wanted to walk Libby down to her classroom, I told her on her birthday she could.  Remember, tight ship, if Sally did it more often then she's late for the start of her day ;)
 DADDY got to come in and read a special book to Libby's class.  Their bond is something very special.  It reminds me a lot of my dad and I.  Reid was surprised Emma and I weren't going to tag along.  When he finished, he text and said he understood and how grateful he was for that memory of it being just he and Libby.  Mama (former teacher) knows when she needs to bow out ;)
 and then we surprised her with lunch at her favorite place, NOODLES!
 Sister cheers
 See? magical bond
 Love her to pieces!

 So grateful!

 it's the little things, and traditions.  Birthday balloon!
 This is what happens when Daddy's along at Party City...

 Exactly 5, she was born at 12:44pm!
and then Daddy worked from home and mommy got to check out her Friday afternoon sport camp she gets to go to.  Usually Sarah is so kind and bring Libby to and from since it's right during Emma's nap time.  So fun to be able to meet her teacher and see what she does!
 She didn't want cake, cupcake, cookie or ice cream, she wanted gum, because now she can.  Tight ship--no gum until they're 5 :)  But we still had to do the candle!

Enjoying one of her gifts!

Saturday morning skating! Uncle Joey got to come see her too!
 Skating on her own!
 Godfather coming over to deliver his birthday gift
 Just like her mama, looooooooves new shoes, especially tennis shoes

 complete with a super awesome Nerf Gun!
 They love Uncle Joey!
 Thanks for stopping by Uncle Joe Joe!
Caught being sweet, playing her new game so peacefully

and then it was time for her very first real birthday party!

 Waiting for the girls to arrive
 Reindeer ears!
 Hot Potato, Sally's in charge of starting and stopping the music.  Whoever gets the hot potato got to give her their gift

 Sweet Sweet girls, missing 2
 again, no cake or cupcake, but she did accept a cookie to decorate.  She planned her whole birthday meal--Big noodles, grapes, carrots, tostito chips and sugar cookies they could decorate
 always have to have one of Emma...

 and then we capped off the weekend with another open Skate after Sunday Mass
and now she's 5!!!

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