Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmasy Things

Last week Reid had another last minute California trip...wah wah.  Such is life when you work in least it'll slow down when it's time for Baby to arrive.

We found the perfect quote for our quote board.  Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception, tomorrow, Dec 8th!

Peaceful moments, the way Advent is meant to be!

picking my battles, letting her pull all the floss out, so I could get the big sisters ready for bed
 Proud of LJ, she read the directions/colors and completed the page all on her own.  Just as proud the second time around!
 We had a cleaning, tea party, baking day on Thursday.  A cup of Christmas Tea and special chocolates from Nana! Jammies allllllll the live long day
 2nd graders were in charge of creating a manger scene.  I set my OCD self aside and let Sally do it all on her own.  She did a great job!
Rolo my surprise Emma was a rockstar at it.  They also didn't try to eat one until I offered it at the very end.  Can't say the same for leggo my preggo Mama ;)

Checking on her rolo pretzels


Fun after dinner games: [VIDEO]

After searching and searching I scored the girls some Matching Winter Jammies.  Not an easy feat with Sally being in Girls size and Emma being a 2T.  I know there are a million options online, but I don't want to spend a fortune on jammies.  Costco for the win! They had these in size 2T-10 and I hit them on a day when it was full stock!  Sally had been requesting and she cares the most to make sure she matches with Emma.  I think I'm going to have to watch for some clearance ones after Christmas and get a boy and a girl one, so I'll be set for the next year!


Emma had extra spunk during our photo-shoot and she was cracking us all up

 Cheeeeeeeeese Mom
 These are my sisters
 Kiss for Sally
 Kiss for Libby
 and then Daddy got home from California! Look for the tight, around the neck, hugs

I missed capturing Emma's morning reunion, but I heard the squeals of excitement!

and then we headed out to pick out our Christmas tree

 The guy told the girls to hang on tight, otherwise the tree wouldn't stay on the car...they took it very seriously ;)
 Annual picture!
 Little Full, Lotta Sap (Christmas Vacation)

little bits of progress.  It's so full I don't have enough red ribbon and it was bought last year so I don't have any to match...picking my own battles ;)
 Love our little town and our trip to visit Santa.  He said he remembered us from last year.  Yay for no tears!
 Checking out the Big Guy
 Sally made a scroll of her list for Santa to read
 Libby asking for Josefina, an American Girl Doll she would like. Then we headed to dinner with the Christensen Family, but didn't manage any pictures!
 Sunday morning after Mass, we stayed extra long and the kiddos ended up volunteering to be greeters, complete with their very own name tags.  Even Emma stood calmly and peacefully next to her besties, Anna and Layla. They asked if they could stay until the end so they could pass out the bulletins too.  Future Saints in the making ;)

never a dull moment...face swap with Emma and BP
 putting on the finishing touches
 Daddy situating the cardinal just right, Libby a little nervous something will happen
 Daddy capturing Bedtime stories

3 Little Pairs of Shoes awaiting Saint Nicholas to arrive
 Sally also remembered that our Elf typically comes on St. Nicholas day.  She wanted to make an ornament for him and to write him a note

 Grandma and George like St. Nicholas day, too.  Thanks for the fun package for the girls!
 Emma put her ornament from St. Nicholas on, all on her own
 Christmas magic and a juice chugger

Happy Happy

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