Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More than one Step!

She'll walk for food! Just like her Uncle Joey learned how to walk too!

"Easter is coming. May it remind us that life ends not in mourning, but in joy; not in sadness, but in laughter; not in "goodbye  forever," but in "hello again." -Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions

May you all have a very Blessed Easter!

The Craigmile Crew

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Howling Like A Wolf

Remember when Reid taught Sally what a crow says? #mostannoyingthingever

Well he's decided to switch it up with Libby and teach her to howl like a wolf. Her little voice is the cutest!

Peek with Libs

Monday, March 25, 2013

This, that and the other thing

Libby is quite the climber. She is most happy when she's up high on something, couch, chair, bed...

She actually climbed up on the top top of the couch, I only got a picture of her coming down.

She loves to play anything that involves snuggling under blankets or in her sleeping bag

How precious is she? Taking a break to watch a puppy walk by outside
All you need is a box...

We got to watch Miss Haddie Friday afternoon, while her Mommy got her hair did

Trying out bows

I kind of miss the newborn snuggles when they'll sleep anywhere

Libby seemed so old, especially when I asked her to get Haddie's toy and shake it for her and she understood exactly what I said.

Baby Hogs

Sally the photographer...mama the dancer... favorite family time!
The Craigmile Crew


Holy Week Prep

Making Memories...and drinking beer ;)

Cheer Squad


Trying on Daddy's "glasses"

Such a big girl!

She'll walk for food...just like her GodFather Uncle Joey!

Auntie Carrie stopped by for a visit and some tea time!!
Happy Holy Week! I might be in and out this week, may post some auto posts of videos, but mostly we'll be "celebrating" Holy Week.

Happy Easter if I don't make it back on here before then{I'm sure I will, but just in case}. Have a very Blessed Easter!

The Craigmile Crew ♥

Friday, March 22, 2013


Yay it is Friday!  Mommy is very much looking forward to her girls night.  We're doing a "favorite things" theme tonight.  Have you seen that on Pinterest?

Thanks Jenny, for hosting!!

I don't remember when Reid {he kind of enjoys messes}first let Sally eat her yogurt by herself, but after her did, I was thankful.  She was then ready to eat her whole lunch meal all on her own.  The other day {maybe a month ago?} we introduced it to is the only way she will eat her yogurt.  Want proof?

I'm sure my mom would tell me it is a taste of my own medicine.  Growing up a common statement made by me was "I do it!"  Even if that meant having two legs through one hole of my underwear.  Well I guess this is payback for my stubbornness.

Sally had chapel at preschool yesterday.  Parents are welcome to come listen to the quick little prayer service and the kids to sing a few songs.  It was a great time and quite cute.  I got most of it on video thanks to Libby being so cooperative, but my favorite part is as Sally is walking out with her class.  Her little gesture wasn't missed by many as you can hear others around me giggling at her.  What a little diva!

Me: Sally, what is Easter all about? Besides the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs?

Sally: Well you know mom, Jesus is always in our hearts.  But He also carried a really heavy cross and he died on that cross, and you do know why he died?!

Me: Why Sally?

Sally: For our sins!! We don't want to take those with us to Heaven!

Me: AMEN!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stripes and Gymnastics Certificate

She was feeling the stripes the other morning
 Girlfriend's got a new trick...that she's been doing for a while
Downward Dog

No Hands!
 Uncle Poosch stops over periodically on Monday evenings.  Usually Daddy is at class, but he's on spring break this week.  Mama treated herself and got her hair did...
Uncle Mark's glasses

 We are blessed with some hand-me-downs from Reid's cousins.  Love this little dress on Sally, she looks like a little Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Thank you Joerger Family!
How old is she getting??!!
 We're going a little crazy with this cold weather so we brought out the window markers.  Sally thought she died and went to heaven!

Today was Sally's last day of Gymnastics. {next up is a little 30 minute dance class for a few weeks}. Usually we are out helping the kids do their things, but the coach allowed us to step back and take video today.  Libby is suppose to be contained during class, so you can imagine about how much she likes that, being that she's in a wide open gym.  I've even put her in the Bjorn as I usually need my hands free to help Sally.  You might hear little sister whining a little more than usual...

Finally Libby was freeeeeeee
 They were presented with a little certificate at the end.

Nana shared some new socks with Sally =)
 I stepped out to get the mail and came in to see this.  I mean really??? Can it get any sweeter than this?  Thankful to be the one to witness this moment!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Libby's First Hair Cut!

Another part of our really great weekend was the girls got their hair cut! It was Libby's first!

Libby's hair wasn't crazy long, but I remember after we got Sally's first hair cut that I wished I had done it sooner because once you start cutting the baby hair off, it really does grow faster!

I remember being nervous for Sally's first hair cut that she would cry through the whole thing, which to our surprise she didn't mind one bit!  I'm not sure if I learned my lesson or if Libby just truly is a low key #2.

She was quieter than normal, but didn't really mind any of it.  She didn't even need a sucker to keep her occupied and she didn't even whine that she didn't get a sucker!

Gosh they grow up so fast, I can't believe she's already had her first hair cut!!

Watching Sally get her hair cut first

What do you think you're going to do, Lady?

I kinda like this

Look at those cheekers!

Whadda think Mom?

I love her hand on the chair

"Where's my sucker?"
Another first checked off the list for #2 :(

Even after getting a hair cut she still has the sweet hockey hair curls after bath!

Libby also had her 15 month check up this week! She's healthy as a horse {are horses really that healthy, where did that saying come from?}

Advanced in the verbal.  Taking her sweet sweet time in her motor skills :)

Head: 47cm-80%
Weight: 23lbs 8oz-61%
Length: 30inches-36%
Soooooooo big! Gotta keep those toesies warm while we wait for the doctor!