Monday, March 31, 2014

Superb Weekend

First of all, thank you thank you for all of the Congratulations and excitement about Baby C-Mile #3! 
TWO Big Sisters!

It's always fun to share the news and takes the excitement to the next level!  I'm starting to feel some relief here and there, so that's an added bonus too!!!

We had a pretty great weekend! The weather certainly helped!! Loooooooved soaking up some much needed vitamin D!

I'm pretty sure we're all suffering from a little S.A.D after this ridiculous winter.  It was amazing how everyone's behavior was so positive this weekend!!
Please Lord, no more of this!

That's pretty in the winter, but not 10 days after the first day of Spring!

We had our Norton Neighbors over for dinner on Friday! 

Good Ol' Cheese Pizza on a Friday during Lent!  We're hoping our next dinner date can be done outside on the grill!!
Daddy took the girls to get donuts Saturday morning and they surprised me with "Happy Spring, Feel Better" Daisies!

Sally borrowed one to play with.  She's big in to creative outfits, especially her jammies

We got outside for a couple of walks, the girls got to ride their bikes.  Libby's working on learning how to ride a big girl bike!

Sally thinks she's pretty funny with her horn honking abilities.  Our neighbors love us, I am sure!

While the awesome weather weekend was going on, my good friend Lizzy had her first baby!! A Boy, Milo!! How amazing does Liz look and how perfect is Little Milo!!

So proud of you Liz!

Welcome to the world, little guy, you're loved more than you know!!

Aaaaand to top it all off, Carrie turns 30 today!!

We all went out to celebrate her at Rosa Mexicano, Saturday night.  Oh goodness, is that food delicious!  Happy Birthday Carebear, love you girl!

And that brings us to today, a rainy Monday.  The girls are on Spring Break all week, we could sure go for some more sunny 45 degree days, we're not picky, we're not even asking for the 60's back :)

Have a great week Ya'll

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's True, We're Adding Another Craigmile to Our Crew!

The Crazy Craigmile Crew will be a family of FIVE, a little before Halloween!

The girls are BEYOND excited, take a look for yourself:

Proof that the greatest gift you can give your children are siblings.  This right here is what life is all about!!  It makes our hearts burst with joy to see their excitement.  It hasn't slowed down since.  Sally will often mention how many people are riding in the car, or going to Target, always including the baby.  Before Sally heads in to pre-school she gives me, Libby and the baby hugs and kisses.  Libby asks little questions here and there like will the baby like Mickey Mouse?  At night during her prayers she says "I think we should pray for baby, I like our baby."

They have been so patient and understanding of their Mama.  I'm not sure if this go around for morning sickness is truly worse, or it just seems that way because I have an additional child to watch and am a little bit older than the time before.  When I'm at my worst, the girls always find a way to play really well together, to give me a little extra peace that's needed.  Daddy has stepped it up too, without even being asked.  I joked that maybe I should feel this way the entire pregnancy and then there might not be a whole lot of adjustment that needs to be done when baby arrives.  I kid, I kid!!

I'm pretty sure this weather doesn't help either.  Hoping next week when I turn 12 weeks I'll feel a little relief and 2 weeks after that when I turn 14 weeks it'll be completely gone, just like it was with my other two pregnancies.

We got to have a little sneak peak at our little babe and see him/her kicking around and the heart beating away.

We're keeping the gender a surprise!  One of our favorite parts, there really are no true surprises in life.

"For this child I have prayed; and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart" 1 Samuel 1:27

Hint Hint

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend with Nana and Grandpa

We had a great weekend with Nana and Grandpa.  Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures, we were having too much fun!

The girls and Gparents got out for some chilly bike riding.  Friday evening, mommy helped with the soup supper at church and the crew came to check it out.

Saturday we headed to the Mall to get out and about!

Uncle Poosch stopped by for a visit during naps.

Nana and Grandpa encouraged Mommy and Daddy to get out for a date night!  They surprised the girls with watching Frozen, an Easter craft and some games!

Enjoying Frozen!
We checked out Milton's {Thanks Mandy, it was a great recommendation!} and then we went to 12 Years A Slave.  Ooofta, very powerful!!

Sunday morning we hit up Mass and then breakfast at Park Tavern!

It was a great weekend! Thank you Nana and Grandpa for all of the great memories!

It might have snowed this morning {grrrrrrrr}, but I did get the girls registered for the pool and some fun summer activities! It will come, right?!

Happy Monday, make it a great week!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring!  At least the weather delivered!! We were able to get out for a walk and some bike riding!!

Earlier this week it was chilly.  We thought if we prepared for it, it would come {spring}

Painting our itty bitties :)
We had a fun morning hanging out with Kari and Haddie.  Getting sad that Kari's getting ready to head back full time.  Although, we know we'll still see each other.  It'll just be nights and weekends, but at least it will be summer, and boating season!!!

Gal Pals.  One Year and a day apart
Daddy got Sally's bike out the other day, so it was nice to let her ride that and only have to push Libby.
I don't know where she learned it, but Sally would look  back and shout "Catch you later!" Silly nut!

Libby really wanted the Princess bike out, but I didn't think it was the right time to start teaching her.  She settled with her 3-wheeler instead. 
So nice to break up our day with getting outside again!! Come on Spring Weather, please hang around!!

We're looking forward to a weekend with Nana and Grandpa!!

Happy March Madness!  How's your bracket doing?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Sally's cousin, Lucy, made this at school last week.  How sweet!

Surprise Surprise, we are in for another wintery mix!  We're sick of it, so Reid shoveled out the grill and Sunday we had steaks and tonight we had brats.  Mmmm tastes good, even though it doesn't match the weather.

We had some fun visitors this weekend.  Our good friends the Lindbergs were in town!! The older girls and the dads went out for donuts, while the Moms and Maggie hung back so we could actually catch up in the short time we were together! It felt like old times!! We sure miss you guys and appreciate you stopping by to spend some time!  We hope to make a road trip to visit this summer!!

Crazy to think they met when they were 3 months old and now they're going to Kindergarten next year! They went from 4 blocks away to 4 hours :(
Uncle Poosch was in the area so he stopped by for a visit, he came with gifts! Donuts for the crew and flowers for Mommy!

He captured this cute picture of L trying on his readers

Last week during some of the sunshine we were out playing with Grady!

Elizabeth {I've been calling her that more often, she likes it} is quite the tower builder.  She's got steady hands and a very proud heart! She doesn't get too discouraged if it falls.  She just sings, "Just keep trying, you'll get better."  All you Daniel Tiger watchers would know the song :)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Kmart!

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Friend, inside and out!! So very happy that our paths crossed seven years ago!!  You are truly an amazing friend! I'm so glad we were able to spend the morning together with our crazy girls!!

Make a wish!  We had a delicious brunch at Good Day CafĂ©! We even got in some decent conversation even with our sidekicks along!

It was too nice of a morning to be done so we headed out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine!

Thank you for being you Kari. I'm so grateful to call you my friend!!

***The cousin slumber party was a success!  All girls slept until 7am!

Matchy Match! Thanks Grandpa Peggy for the matching dresses!

Discussing Life!


Yesterday We got to hang with Haddie for the day!  The girls were obsessed!!

3 musketeers!

Let the girl breath :)

A little chopsticks? :)
Happy Sun Shiny Beautiful day!! Tomorrow's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Yahooooooooo! We maaaaaaaaade it through the worst! Thank goodness for the sunshine and warmer temps! Even the crazy mud puddles! Love love love this weather!  Someday years from now we'll be able to say, "Yeah, I remember the winter of 2014!!" One for the record books, that's for sure!

The girls have been getting a lot of outside time.  This weekend they were out with Reid while I surprised Jenny for a birthday lunch {and then again Saturday night for her surprise party! Love you JenBen!}!  Sunday we went for a walk and played outside.  Sally got to go outside for part of school today and we went for a walk and played outside this afternoon.  It's glorious!!

The girls are obsessed with a particular Monkey hat, and they found one that is for 0-9 months, it looks pretty ridiculous on Sally...

Happiness, me and my girls

We have a budding reader on our hands.  So much fun to watch her grown and her love for learning!  The first video was her second time reading the story.  Rag can be tricky :)  She was also getting used to having the camera on her.  The second video was her first time through with that story.  Love the B.O.B book series!

Proud of this little lady!

We're having a slumber party tonight with Lucy and Katherine!  Ever since Sally learned of this, she's been bouncing off the walls and telling everyone within earshot!  It's bound to be a great time!  All 4 girls are currently snoozing away!

Cousin Twins, 2 weeks apart :)

Sweet Dreams!! Happy Sunshine, Happy Melting!

Have fun Jenny and Brian, you more than deserve it!!

Friday, March 7, 2014


Oh, Hi there!  It's Friday, yay!

It's my 3 years older twin seester's birfday today, too!

I hope it's filled with lots of YOU time and cake, maybe some wine too, since you're not pregnant OR nursing, Yay! Love you!

I love the temps, not loving the grayness, but I guess it kind of goes with the season.  Happy Lent! We're off to a fish fry tonight.  I'm not typically a fish person, but I've heard most that aren't "fish people" do indeed enjoy this fish.  We'll see.

We may have had the last EVER back to back school nights for Daddy.  Slowly, but surely we're getting closer to that finish line!!  We had a movie night to celebrate!

So, I cut 6-7 inches off my hair! It was kind of a last minute decision and ummm I kind of love it! I love the simplicity and I love how quickly it takes to do it! win win!

Happy Happy, girls were playing at an awesome free child care at Lifetime, it was a HUGE gym with a crazy amount of awesomeness, not one tear when Mommy left to get her hair did!  Also picked up my $2 Caribou! Thank you Bridget, you're the best!

I got to have a girls night last night.  So fun catching up with Kari and Tiffany.  The time always goes too fast.

The girls enjoyed their time with Daddy.

Sally got her official Kindergarten acceptance letter in the mail this week.  I'm a little bit sad and a lot a bit excited! She's so ready to spread her wings and FLY!

Happy Weekend Ya'll I hope it's splendid!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strikes and Bumpers

We had a Sunday Funday and went bowling! The girls had a great time and are still talking about it!

Daddy smoked us!!

Sisters-Big Papa-Momsie :)
**Libby got to have her very first very own play date on Monday.  Second born play dates are much easier, they're used to having to share everything, so everyone gets along.  Thanks Tibby for coming over to play!!

**Happy 30th Birthday to JenBen!! Welcome to the 30 club!! xxo

Monday, March 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Make-Up

Since the girls were sick on Valentine's Day, we made it up Saturday night.

We usually go to Famous Dave's for V-Day, but we were in the mood for some Chinese food.  So we hit up our favorite, Great Wall.

It's actually kind of fun to take the girls out to eat now.  They're very well behaved and Reid and I can actually have a conversation.

Thanks Nana for the Barbie and Sofia coloring activities!

After dinner we headed to Target to pick out our favorite ice cream to come back home and eat!  The girls had a lot of fun and so did Mommy and Daddy!  Only true Minnesotans would go looking for ice cream when it's 12 below outside!

We got out and about as much as we could, we're all going nutso with this crazy winter.  Mommy had a relaxing girls night Friday night.  Thank you for hosting Mandy, so great to snuggle one month old Stella!!

Saturday we ventured to the Mall, mommy was able to find a new jacket that was on sale! Saturday night we had our Valentine's Date night.

Sunday morning we went to early Mass since Mommy wasn't EM and Sally didn't have Sunday school.  No one wanted to go home so we headed to Brueggers/Caribou for a little break.  After naps today {I posted late} we might head up to the Tav and go bowling!