Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Sally's cousin, Lucy, made this at school last week.  How sweet!

Surprise Surprise, we are in for another wintery mix!  We're sick of it, so Reid shoveled out the grill and Sunday we had steaks and tonight we had brats.  Mmmm tastes good, even though it doesn't match the weather.

We had some fun visitors this weekend.  Our good friends the Lindbergs were in town!! The older girls and the dads went out for donuts, while the Moms and Maggie hung back so we could actually catch up in the short time we were together! It felt like old times!! We sure miss you guys and appreciate you stopping by to spend some time!  We hope to make a road trip to visit this summer!!

Crazy to think they met when they were 3 months old and now they're going to Kindergarten next year! They went from 4 blocks away to 4 hours :(
Uncle Poosch was in the area so he stopped by for a visit, he came with gifts! Donuts for the crew and flowers for Mommy!

He captured this cute picture of L trying on his readers

Last week during some of the sunshine we were out playing with Grady!

Elizabeth {I've been calling her that more often, she likes it} is quite the tower builder.  She's got steady hands and a very proud heart! She doesn't get too discouraged if it falls.  She just sings, "Just keep trying, you'll get better."  All you Daniel Tiger watchers would know the song :)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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