Monday, March 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Make-Up

Since the girls were sick on Valentine's Day, we made it up Saturday night.

We usually go to Famous Dave's for V-Day, but we were in the mood for some Chinese food.  So we hit up our favorite, Great Wall.

It's actually kind of fun to take the girls out to eat now.  They're very well behaved and Reid and I can actually have a conversation.

Thanks Nana for the Barbie and Sofia coloring activities!

After dinner we headed to Target to pick out our favorite ice cream to come back home and eat!  The girls had a lot of fun and so did Mommy and Daddy!  Only true Minnesotans would go looking for ice cream when it's 12 below outside!

We got out and about as much as we could, we're all going nutso with this crazy winter.  Mommy had a relaxing girls night Friday night.  Thank you for hosting Mandy, so great to snuggle one month old Stella!!

Saturday we ventured to the Mall, mommy was able to find a new jacket that was on sale! Saturday night we had our Valentine's Date night.

Sunday morning we went to early Mass since Mommy wasn't EM and Sally didn't have Sunday school.  No one wanted to go home so we headed to Brueggers/Caribou for a little break.  After naps today {I posted late} we might head up to the Tav and go bowling!

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