Friday, March 7, 2014


Oh, Hi there!  It's Friday, yay!

It's my 3 years older twin seester's birfday today, too!

I hope it's filled with lots of YOU time and cake, maybe some wine too, since you're not pregnant OR nursing, Yay! Love you!

I love the temps, not loving the grayness, but I guess it kind of goes with the season.  Happy Lent! We're off to a fish fry tonight.  I'm not typically a fish person, but I've heard most that aren't "fish people" do indeed enjoy this fish.  We'll see.

We may have had the last EVER back to back school nights for Daddy.  Slowly, but surely we're getting closer to that finish line!!  We had a movie night to celebrate!

So, I cut 6-7 inches off my hair! It was kind of a last minute decision and ummm I kind of love it! I love the simplicity and I love how quickly it takes to do it! win win!

Happy Happy, girls were playing at an awesome free child care at Lifetime, it was a HUGE gym with a crazy amount of awesomeness, not one tear when Mommy left to get her hair did!  Also picked up my $2 Caribou! Thank you Bridget, you're the best!

I got to have a girls night last night.  So fun catching up with Kari and Tiffany.  The time always goes too fast.

The girls enjoyed their time with Daddy.

Sally got her official Kindergarten acceptance letter in the mail this week.  I'm a little bit sad and a lot a bit excited! She's so ready to spread her wings and FLY!

Happy Weekend Ya'll I hope it's splendid!

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  1. I see Libby in your picture but not one speck of Nash kids in Jenny! Love your new cut and color!