Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catching Up

Last week we heard Squirt's heartbeat. Daddy usually comes to the first and 20 week ultrasound.  Even though this is the 3rd time around, it's still just as amazing and exciting.  Reid asked if I would record the heartbeat.  I'm so glad I did, we've listened to it too many times to count since my appointment.

All is well with little Squirt.  The heart rate was 140, which is typically a boy, unless it is another curveball like Sally.  Her heart rate was 138 the entire time.  Each pregnancy you pop earlier and earlier.  I'm still adjusting to this.  I remember walking in to my 20 week ultrasound when I was pregnant with Sally, still in my normal clothes.  Not so much, this time around :)

Never mind the brushing of the teeth :)
It's been raining and raining and raining.  The other day Sally used her creativity during quiet time and made her own Imaginex image...

A rain cloud and a little girl holding an umbrella with rain boots on!
She's looking older and older.  She wanted to show Grandma how much she loved her new shirt--thank you!

Sally got to have a surprise sleepover on Friday with her cousin Lucy!  Jenny and Brian quickly learned how very similar William and Sally are :) Thank you for allowing us to have only one child for an afternoon, night and morning!

The moment she realized she was going to the Nash's!!
Mommy all to herself!

Trying to eat my breakfast and she climbed on my chair to hug and snuggle

Mommy and Daddy got to have a date night Friday night to celebrate Daddy's birthday.  We met Joey and Emily for dinner and then we headed to a movie.  Of course we had to get some cold stone to sneak in to the movie :)

She thinks she's pointing...

We picked up Sally by meeting up for Saturday morning donuts!

Cousins! 1/3 Craigmile 2/3 Nash

Even though it was only for a little over 12 hours, they missed each other

We took advantage of no rain Saturday and did some spring clean up.  Daddy set up a little fencing to protect our tulips from the bunnies

Libby got to enjoy some spring training...thank you Meggers for the gift!

Mommy had a girls night Friday night.  She got in lots of snuggles with sweet Baby Milo and we got to find out the gender of Baby Harberts!  We're so very excited for the baby boom that's about to happen :)

Father Don came for a visit! Always so good to have relaxing time with good conversation with him.  We're so very thankful for his friendship!

Chutes & Ladders with Father!

Bedtime stories!
Because it's April 29th, we're barely making it to 40 degrees and seeing some snow flurries, here's a little Spring for you.  I thought Sally did a great job with her sunflower!

"Do you see those W's? They're not W's, they are worms!"-Sally

Monday, April 28, 2014

29 and Lookin' Fine!

Our main man around here turned 29 today! He was able to take the day off to spend with his girls.  Otherwise we wouldn't have seen him at all, because he had class tonight--Boo!

It was an ordinary day for the most part, with lots of sweets mixed in!  He got some special one on one time with each of his girls!

While he was at the gym, mommy was up getting the banner, balloons, presents and cards ready for the "birthday boy" as Sally called him all day!

Sally was excited to have Daddy along for school drop off.  She informed her teachers of the special day and just how old Daddy was, they were quite surprised.  Soon to have 3 kids under 30!

Libby, Birthday Boy and I, headed to the Mall to cash in on his free Caribou!

She picked out her special shirt just for Daddy's day!
Enjoying an Auntie Ann's pretzel!
While L was down for a nap and Mommy was finishing up laundry, Sally got to skip her quiet time and go to the DMV with Daddy to renew his license. She was a good partner so he treated her to a cookie at Nelson's!

Before Daddy had to head to class we went to Yum! for an earlier dinner {for Daddy} and birthday treats!

We're excited that next year at the this time, Daddy won't be having ANY class to head to!

Happy Birthday, Babens! Thank you for being more than I could have ever dreamed of, as a husband and as a Father of our Children.  I love you so very much and hope you know how special you are to us and how very much we appreciate all that you do to make us happy!  Cheers to many more years!!

Your Girls and Baby

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ordinary Days

The ordinary days tend to be my favorite.  I knew it was going to be a nice morning and that the rest of the week held the potential for rain, so I decided to go to the park in the morning.  I can't remember the last time we went to the park in the morning.  For sure some time last year, but unlikely when the pool was open.

At any rate, it was a beautiful spring day and it was just me and the girls.  The quiet moments allow me to soak it in and be grateful for my experiences.  Reid works very hard to provide for his girls to allow us these beautiful ordinary days, and I don't think we thank him enough. Thank you Babens, we appreciate you!

I got my coffee ready and the girls chose the wagon.  School is still in session so it was a quiet morning.  Just me and my girls at the park for an hour or so.  On the way home they chose to walk and skip and run and hold hands.  I got to hang back and watch and be thankful.

This is my life and I am so very grateful.  There are definitely hard and trying days, but these beautiful ordinary days way out number those.

"Hey Mom, take a picture of us and send it to Daddy!"

Libby's Godmother Meggers, sent her a little Easter gift so she could pick out a toy at Target.  This was the first time Libby got to do that.  She was pretty proud!

Thank you Meggers!

If you remember, last Fall Nana and Grandpa came down and planted some tulips for us!  Since the day they were in the ground, Sally would ask when they would bloom.  I told her when it was close to her birthday.  We've been anxiously waiting and watching.  Today we counted 9 or so popping through!

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Nana Banana!

Happy Birthday Nana! We're glad we were able to celebrate a little bit with you on Sunday!  We're also glad that you spent the day celebrating YOU, you waaaaay deserve it!

We love you!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend in Photos!

We kicked off Easter weekend with Thomas and Erin coming for a quick visit! We picked Thomas up from the airport Thursday evening and Erin rolled in when Reid got home from class. It's always so fun to catch up with these two. Reid and Thomas are like two peas in a pod!

We packed up and were on the road by 9:30am on Friday, to make it home in time for Good Friday Mass at noon.

We laid low, caught up and watched Gravity that day.

Saturday morning was the Easter Egg Hunt/Party at the Church.  We got to meet up with Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Marc, Auntie Regan, and Cannon and Reice.  The girls had a great time!

Found one! Last year, this was the place she took the most first steps in a row!

Right hand on yellow!

Great form!

Sucking on Jelly Beans, but were able to smile for a quick pic

The Craigmile Crew

Cookies with cousins!
The girls went down for naps and Grandma and I did some baking and cooking to prep for Easter brunch!

Once the girls got up we dyed Easter eggs.  I forgot to get a picture of Daddy's awesome purple and yellow Vikings one and George's lame green and yellow packer one ;)

The sun came out so we headed out for a walk!

I was excited that the girls got to witness the ice going out.  Each day it was a little less and a little less.  They loved checking it after bed and naps.  Finally Saturday afternoon it was out!

Horsing around while George was grilling our steak dinner--YUM!

Grandpa Joe stopped by for a quick visit!

Playing Frozen with their "capes"
George and Sally had a heart to heart for a bit on the patio.  I had to do a double take, it looks like Sally's holding the wine :)

Grandma was off to the Easter Vigil.  She was a sponsor for one of the candidates, as was Grandpa.  The girls needed to be a little older to pull that one off.

Thank you to George for hanging back while the girls were sleeping so Mommy and Daddy could say Happy Birthday to cousin Sarah at her surprise 30th birthday party.

Easter morning, the girls were up at 7am ready to search for their Easter baskets!

We met up with Father Don and went to beautiful Easter Mass.  After Mass we came back for some family photos and a delicious Easter lunch, thanks Mom!!

The Crazy Craigmile Crew, party of five!

They love their Grandma and George

Our special visitor--Father Don! Always nice to catch up with him!

The girls headed out for a quick Easter Egg Hunt!

Their favorite tree
Little Miss Diva spotting an egg
Nana and Grandpa came over for dessert to celebrate Nana's Birthday!

They love their Nana Banana!
Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the fun Easter gifts!

While the girls napped we sat outside, visited and got some awesome tan lines!  We packed up and hit the road, with a pit stop at DQ--yay for dessert!!

Thank you Grandma and George for a fabulous relaxing weekend, we had a great time!  The girls LOVE their Frozen DVD and got to watch it on the way home since we ended up taking the scenic route to avoid traffic!  Thank you Thank you!!

Two thumbs up for a successful Easter Weekend!