Monday, April 7, 2014


We did a little shoveling Friday morning and then we headed North to Alexandria, to spend the weekend with Nana and Grandpa.

The weekend didn't disappoint.  It was filled with great conversations, LOTS of relaxing, delicious food, laughter, memories and a few reunion catch ups :)

I'll explain through pictures:

Nana and Grandpa came down earlier in the week to attend the Grizzlies' game.  We went to dinner with the crew before they headed to the game

To peas in a pod
Double Trouble
I dare you not to laugh
Nana and Grandpa brought down some new Spring/Summer clothes.  The girls really wanted to wear their matching night gowns.  Soon they'll be able to wear them how they are supposed to be worn, I hope!
Helping prepare the Cinnamon rolls!

This caused a little delay in our departure...grrr
She loved to make and deliver her creations!

Family pic, Sally being Sally and well, Libby being Libby :)
 Measuring the chocolate chips to help Nana make muffins!
 Stir stir stir

 Daddy wanted to make sure the girls got to enjoy one of his favorite childhood movies, The Land Before Time

Deli and Denelle came over for a visit! So great to catch up!

Uncle John and Great Grandma Gen came over for dinner! So great to have time to catch up with them!!

Libby put her hand on her shoulder all on her own for the picture, so sweet

Reid and his Grandma!


Green Stripes

Gal Pals

Singing Amazing Grace together

I was enjoying it and then realized it was probably one of those moments that should be recorded, so I quickly grabbed my phone to catch the end of it

Uncle John getting a head rub from Sally.  She made sure he paid her in advance.

We hope to come visit in August!

Bedtime stories

Thank you Nana and Grandpa for such a wonderful weekend!!

We came home to the snow melted and some lovely weather!  Wesley and Kyle stopped over for a visit! We hope to make this a more regular occurrence!

How adorable is he?

Happy Springtime!

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