Wednesday, April 9, 2014

S E V E N T I E S ! ! !

What a glorious day!! Other than the fact that oldest woke up with a fever.  If it wasn't for the fever, you would never have known she was sick.  Oh well, we rolled with it.

I got to snuggle baby Milo for a bit this morning as we dropped dinner off at the Housman's.  Sicky and her sister had to hang in the car so they didn't bring any germs with them.

The girls rocked their naps today, and Mama got a tan line!! I sat out, let the winter bones thaw and caught up on some Lenten reading.

Youngest was up first so we enjoyed a one on one snack time

And some chalk drawings

Delores played "Going on a Bear Hunt" for the crew to act out

We rode bikes, met some new neighbors with kiddos around our kids' ages and just enjoyed the sunshine!

Daddy came home and we grilled pork chops for dinner

Sun was a little bright in Sally's eyes

With the new season we have to refresh the rules and limits.  We weren't sure if Libby fully understood not to go in the alley and the girls were up to something in the garage.  Daddy checked in and caught them working together to pump up their soccer ball.  He brought them around to show me, so sweet

Libby really was having a good time :)

It was a "leave the dinner mess on the table and let's go for a walk!" kind of night.

Mmmm I love me some springtime/summer!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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