Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catching Up

Last week we heard Squirt's heartbeat. Daddy usually comes to the first and 20 week ultrasound.  Even though this is the 3rd time around, it's still just as amazing and exciting.  Reid asked if I would record the heartbeat.  I'm so glad I did, we've listened to it too many times to count since my appointment.

All is well with little Squirt.  The heart rate was 140, which is typically a boy, unless it is another curveball like Sally.  Her heart rate was 138 the entire time.  Each pregnancy you pop earlier and earlier.  I'm still adjusting to this.  I remember walking in to my 20 week ultrasound when I was pregnant with Sally, still in my normal clothes.  Not so much, this time around :)

Never mind the brushing of the teeth :)
It's been raining and raining and raining.  The other day Sally used her creativity during quiet time and made her own Imaginex image...

A rain cloud and a little girl holding an umbrella with rain boots on!
She's looking older and older.  She wanted to show Grandma how much she loved her new shirt--thank you!

Sally got to have a surprise sleepover on Friday with her cousin Lucy!  Jenny and Brian quickly learned how very similar William and Sally are :) Thank you for allowing us to have only one child for an afternoon, night and morning!

The moment she realized she was going to the Nash's!!
Mommy all to herself!

Trying to eat my breakfast and she climbed on my chair to hug and snuggle

Mommy and Daddy got to have a date night Friday night to celebrate Daddy's birthday.  We met Joey and Emily for dinner and then we headed to a movie.  Of course we had to get some cold stone to sneak in to the movie :)

She thinks she's pointing...

We picked up Sally by meeting up for Saturday morning donuts!

Cousins! 1/3 Craigmile 2/3 Nash

Even though it was only for a little over 12 hours, they missed each other

We took advantage of no rain Saturday and did some spring clean up.  Daddy set up a little fencing to protect our tulips from the bunnies

Libby got to enjoy some spring training...thank you Meggers for the gift!

Mommy had a girls night Friday night.  She got in lots of snuggles with sweet Baby Milo and we got to find out the gender of Baby Harberts!  We're so very excited for the baby boom that's about to happen :)

Father Don came for a visit! Always so good to have relaxing time with good conversation with him.  We're so very thankful for his friendship!

Chutes & Ladders with Father!

Bedtime stories!
Because it's April 29th, we're barely making it to 40 degrees and seeing some snow flurries, here's a little Spring for you.  I thought Sally did a great job with her sunflower!

"Do you see those W's? They're not W's, they are worms!"-Sally

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