Friday, May 2, 2014


The SUN is out!!!

Happy Belated May Day!  The Selby Family do a great job of keeping the May Day Basket tradition alive.  Thank you for the surprise at our door yesterday!

We scored an awesome unlimited summer bowling pass that's good May-October.  We had our first afternoon there yesterday!  It will help fill the void of rainy days and something fun and different to do.

Reminds me of when I was school age.  My neighborhood friends and I would bike up to our local bowling alley and bowl a game each day of the summer and then get a 50 cent ice cream cone!

Keeping the traditions alive!

Sally graduated to a solo bowler!

Libby was not too happy that Mommy still had to help her.  "But I AM 4, I can do it!!!" I feel your pain second born ;)

I couldn't get over how "cute" size 6 bowling shoes were :)

Sally had Kindergarten Roundup this morning.  It happened to fall on a day that Libby also has school, so Daddy took the day off and took L to school while I went with Sally.

It was lots of fun, crazy that this time has already arrived!

Perks of knowing one of the teachers, you get your own personal text with pictures :)  She said Sally looked up just as she snapped it.

During separation time Libby told her teachers "I love my Daddy, Daddy didn't have to go to work today. He got to bring me to school."

Mommy's just chopped liver, she's always around ;)

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy Everything!

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