Monday, May 19, 2014

The Original Girlfriends

A while back I got an email from some high school girlfriends that we are loooong overdue for a get together and we should make it work, celebrate all of us turning 30!  The weekend was set and we met up {missing Linds}.  It was so fun to have so much time to catch up, remember memories, and just have girl talk!!

Friday night we met for dinner and dessert.  Saturday we met for brunch, shopping, lunch, deck talking, take out and more talking.  There was lots of eating, lots of laughter and lots of talking :)  It was so very fun!  Thanks girls, for making the effort, we need to keep up the tradition!!

Brunch at Hazel's--have to support the hometown boys :)

Meanwhile, Daddy did a great job holding down the fort with the girls.  They got to go to Josie's Birthday party.  Great Grandma Gen and Poosch came by for lunch, lots of outside play time.  They had a great time!

It was great to be back together again today.  How Gorgeous was today?! Once we were home from 8:30 Mass, we were outside the rest of the day.  We took our morning coffee down to play with the neighbor girls.  Mommy mowed the lawn.  We had lunch outside....

We had our first popsicles of the seasons!

Delores surprised the girls and made them capes.  {they no longer have to use their jackets} They were sooooooo excited!! They each have them hanging on their doors so they can put them on first thing when they wake up tomorrow.  How adorable are these?  Thank you Delores, you're too good to us!!

We enjoyed dinner on the grill and then headed for our first trip of the season to Park Yogurt!

Sally was excited to use some of her Birthday money--Thanks Great Grandma Gen!

Daddy wanted one with his girls to remember his fun one on one time from the weekend

The Craigmile Crew, ready for summer!!

Libby had her last day of school on Friday, she sure had a great time at ECFE and we met some really great friends!!

"I'm going to paint a picture for you and daddy, it's me and Sally playing outside"
 When we joined the kids again they were "Going on a Bear Hunt." So stinking cute!!

Happy "Nice Weather Ahead Week"!!!

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