Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Today was a great day!  I've got a girl with a very big heart.  Earlier this week, she asked me if I knew what special day was coming up.  I responded that yep, it was her birthday. 

Nope, Mom, that's not the one.  It's on Sunday, Mother's Day!!

What 5 year old counts the days to Mother's day over their own birthday?

Last night as she was about to go to bed, "Remember what tomorrow is Mom?! I'm so excited!"

I heard her feet hit the floor this morning and come flying down to give me a big hug and a kiss and a joyful "Happy Mother's Day, I love you!"  Seriously, the best gift ever, when she totally remembers it on her own.

We planned on going to 8:30am Mass, which is always a little rush rush, since we roll out of bed around 7am.  I was heading in the shower and overheard her "Daddy, I think we should get Mommy's breakfast ready for her, because it's Mother's Day!"  What a big heart she's got!!

It was a great day filled with lots of special family moments!  I've been meaning and meaning to get over and try Hazel's Northeast.  It's owned by two fellow Alexandria Brothers.  It was fabulous, I would HIGHLY recommend it, not that it needs any recommendations, it was packed!!

There was a water fountain across the street, that Daddy took the girls to look at :)

Craigmile Crew, Party of 5 ;) Waiting for our table!

Perks of knowing the owner, he brought us Mimosas while we were waiting...if only I could have had mine :)
 We had so many full out belly laughs during this meal.  Honest to goodness, they crack us up!! It was such a great time!!

We came home and Daddy insisted to run a quick errand...

to pick out flowers for Mommy :)

We had a successful nap time, even Mommy!  The rain held off--Yay!! and we walked to Caribou for our BOGO with a stop at the park!

 Mountain Climber

I love the series of these pictures
Little Hands

Here I come

Made it




Mastering the web!

We came home to have Sally practice some more on the little bike without training wheels.  She is doing excellent and Daddy is being very patient!  She's getting the hang of it and getting pretty far on her own.  Practice Practice Practice !

Daddy grilled us some brats, we went outside for some more biking.  Libby was working on her scooter skills.  Daddy did clean up and showers and some quick bed time stories, and now they are sleeping soundly.

I know many people overuse the word blessed, but I truly do feel so very blessed to be the Mom of these two beautiful girls {and Squirt!}.  They make my heart smile each and every day and I thank the Lord for trusting me with them!!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, the one who taught me to be a mom and helped shaped me to be who I am today.  Love you Mom!

And Happy Mother's Day to all of the other Mama's out there, especially the ones who so desperately would like to be one!! xxo

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