Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sally's Last Day of Preschool

Last Friday was Sally's last day of preschool.  As stated before, she wasn't one bit sad.  She is so excited for Kindergarten and movin' on up to the next chapter of her life.

I kept my tears to myself so she didn't know it was something to be sad about :)

You can click HERE to check out her first day of school pictures, I can notice the changes, but she does look pretty similar
Always always looking up and admiring her big sister.  There's a lot to admire, that's for sure

Mommy, when I turn 3 1/2 then I can go to pre-school too!

Silly nut

I loved this article on the Huffington post the other day. I think it pertains to 5 year olds too :)

Here are a few songs they sang for the parents, the last song gets me every time.

Today was Sally's first official day of summer vacation, and we had a good one! Pictures to come tomorrow.

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