Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bowling Birthday Party!

It was almost too good to be true.  It went off without a hitch and we didn't purchase a thing, kind of!  You know our awesome summer bowling pass we bought, well, we were able to use that for the party.  I brought in cake and juice boxes and kind of kept expecting to get in trouble since we never actually ordered anything.  Nope, notta.  Big Ol Part-ay and I didn't have to mess up my house :)

See? No crazy birthday details, just a bowling alley, some cake and kidlets :)  I'll let the pictures show the fun!

Waiting for the Guests to arrive!  Sally was excited about her Frozen cake topper!
The Lindberg Girls and the Craigmile Girls, unite again!

Adding more to the crew!

Later that day I mentioned to Reid how Libby certainly held her own with the big kids.  She didn't whine once, stayed out of trouble and was always ready for her turn!

Some of the controlled chaos :)

Love that Joey and Emily came too!! Thank you for the amazing cookies Emily!!


Big Girl getting a STRIKE!!

Gal Pals, love that they still have their bowling shoes on


Izz and Lib
The Gang! {Awe, Annie and Libby are holding hands!}

Strikes and Bumpers ;)

Love Sally's innocent face!
Thank you to all who came and celebrated Sally.  And for all of your wonderfully generous gifts, we appreciate and are thankful for you and your friendship!

Sally was most excited to read her new book when she got home.  Teachers know the best gifts ;)

We continued the morning outside in the beautiful weather, meeting up with the Norton Family!

We made it! Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Sally Ann.  You are loved by many!!

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