Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend at Grandma & George's

We had a great weekend at Grandma and George's.  The WHOLE crew was able to go and we all survived!!

Thank goodness for the beautiful weather! I guess we're skipping Spring thing year, I'm not complaining!!

Quite proud that she helped make Oyster Crackers to bring to share with everyone! She got a sample in the car on the way up
We had heard traffic wasn't the greatest, so we opted for a little round about way, that adds on about 30 minutes, but at least we're moving the whole time.

Almost there and still smiling!

Goslings wanted to say Good Morning

A trip to see Grandma wouldn't be complete without a french braid, and a chocolate doughnut face

First "suit up" of the season

Cousins, and Bobby the photobomber :)

Cousins, missing William {he was golfing}

Silly Faces

Child labor...

Time for coloring

Taking a break from the sun to play Guess Who.  Emily is always so good with the kiddos--thank you!

A dad and his daughter

After Mass, we made a quick visit to Nana and Grandpa's.  It's didn't take long for the girls to "transform"

After lunch we went up to the field to fly a kite!

A mom and her daughters

Time for some boat rides!

Ahhhh, summer

Thank you Grandma and George for the delicious food and great time! Many wonderful memories!!

We came back a day early to enjoy a day at home.  Daddy landed at 1 on Friday and we were out the door at 3, so we needed a day to just be.  I'm glad we did, pictures of our Memorial Day to come tomorrow :)

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