Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yesterday was our first 80 degree day since September.  To say we've earned it, would be an understatement :)

Non-school days I let Sally pick out her clothes, within reason. {Thank goodness for uniforms next year!}She's been asking and asking to wear her butterfly dress.  You should have seen her face yesterday, when I said yes.

S:What did you say? Did you say yes?!

M: Yep, you can wear it!

S: Wow, thank you for being such a nice mom today.

M: Honey, I'm not mean the other days, I told you, as soon as it was nice out you could wear it.

S: What leggings do I need?

M: You don't need leggings.

S: Okay, what sweater do I need?

M: Nope, no sweater either, it's really going to be that nice!

S: Libby, did you hear that? We get to wear dresses today with nothing else!!

Oh, the simple joys!

Thank you Joerger Family for always sharing your girl clothes!!
Libby had on one of Nana's favorite dresses!

Today was a special day at Sally's school where the parents come to enjoy a morning as a pre-schooler. It was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately Daddy is traveling this week for work.  As much as we missed him, I really enjoyed my one on one time with Sally.  We don't often get that.

Thank you to Delores for watching Libby!! She had a great time!

We did some songs that the parents got to participate too.

And then some songs just for the pre-schoolers to do

After the songs they read a quick story.  I love capturing this look on Sally, you can almost see the wheels turning away in her head as she processes and absorbs all that is being said.

We all know I can be an overly emotional person, both excitement and sad, and even more so when I'm pregnant.  I try hard not to let my emotions about something feed off on to the girls, and let them develop their own.

I was talking with Sally and reminding her that this was her last week of pre-school and then she would be all done. forever and ever and ever and ever, that part was just in my head :)

"Do you like the eyelashes, Mom? I like girly stuff, don't I."
Yep Mom! After school is done on Friday, you know what's next?! KINDERGARTEN!!! I'm soooooo excited!!

I'm pretty sure she'd forego summer vacation and jump on the bus come Monday morning!

Seriously, the best of the best!
I guess if she's not sad about it, I shouldn't be either...Friday might be another story, as her fantastic teachers can be emotional wrecks like me :)

We even went out for Noodles with her friend Adriana!  So glad we don't have to say Good-Bye to her, as she'll be joining Sally next year too!

**We're still loving on Squirt.  Baby gets more kisses during the day than I do.  Squirt is moving and a groovin away.  Daddy is getting quite jealous, although, he got to feel a few little taps last night!**

Happy 5th Birthday to Lucy, today!!

Happy Hump Day!

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