Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Days

I can't get over how beautiful this weather is! We've been enjoying some relaxed playtime at home to kind of catch our breath from all of the travels, packing and unpacking, as we get ready to do some more :)

The Lindberg Girls were in town and made a stop to play for a bit! Always great to catch up with them!

The other day we stopped over to support a local Lemonade Stand :)

Sally got to try out her basketball skills this morning at her sports sampler

Can tomorrow really be August already???  Although, I can tell the girls are starting to have too much together time and could use a little break from each could mama ;)

New Pregnancy Milestones:
--Baby Bump, bumps in to the washing machine
--Getting much harder to paint my toenails :)

Tonight is Daddy's LAST EEEEEEEEEEEVER summer class!!! Whoop Whoop, High Fives all around!

Happy Almost August and Happy Almost Friday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beautiful Weather

My goodness the weather has been beautiful.  After Saturday's hot day, it certainly made me appreciate the weather we've been having.  I picked a good summer to be pregnant :)

Friday night we were invited over to the Selby's for some fun and fab food!  Thank you!!

Crushing their dessert.  Not too many more weeks/days and they'll be adding another little Baby Girl to their family!
Dad made his first appearance at the pool on Saturday, it was also our first time going on the weekend.  Holy Moly am I thankful for our peaceful weekdays!  Similar to the grocery store on the weekends vs. during a weekday morning.

LOTS of people watching!

The girls quickly learned how much more fun Daddy is in the pool than their preggo Mama.

Daddy taught Libby to jump in on her own.  A big step in the brave world for her :)

A fun ride down the slide with BP

Libby wanted to cheer with Mommy instead

We ran in to Kallie and Maddie and encouraged and cheer them down the water slide too!

It was so nice out that we went back after naps with the Norton Family for an evening swim and some dinner at the pool!

Sunday we helped at Mass and Mommy was EM.  We had a low key afternoon with some t-ball, grilling and Mommy's new Fav...

batter up!

We had a good chuckle over some 21st century entertainment

Once Daddy finished up his Group Project meeting for class we met up with the Norton Family again to walk and get some FroYo

This is Sally's last week of her Park Program, we'll definitely be doing it again next summer.  Libby and I sure have fun during our one on one snack time before heading to pick Sally up.

How old is she starting to look?  "I can help you with the potatoes because I'm so so so strong!"

After dinner we headed up to the high school's parking lot so the girls could have some open space and practice their biking skills!

Happy 1st Birthday to Wesley today!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

A little bit of this & a little bit of that

Here's what else has been going on around the Craigmile Crew

She loves her Rapunzel hair!

They both had "butterflies" land on their fingers

After getting home from Walker Sunday the girls took great naps and we hit up Our Lady Of Grace's 6pm teen Mass.  I love this Mass and the music at it.  After Mass we surprised the girls with a trip to Sebastian Joe's to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.  A great ending to a great summer vacation.

Something must have been going on to the right of me :)

A little art time with Daddy

I don't want to forget the love of learning this girl has

Reading a little poem

Helping to make French Toast

Libby learned how to swim all on her own this week, from start to finish.  She's pretty proud.  "Hey Sally, do you wanna come swimming with me?"  Prepping for next summer...

Don't mind the fact, they almost hit a little kid with Ariel...

We were in need of a little swimming/sun break so we decided to head over to the West End for their Wednesday concert series.  It was kind of fun to go on our own and just be able to focus on the girls.  It was also very nice to not have a stroller and to trust the girls to stay close and follow when needed.

They got to make frisbees

Getting so old!

Dancing away

She was particularly silly this afternoon when we were sitting on the step enjoying snack together, waiting to head to pick up Sally from her park program.

I don't remember all of her specific one liners, but one was. "Hey Mom, when Baby comes, umm I can't wait to come to the ummm the ummm dentist?!" Insert HUGE belly laugh.

She knew dentist wasn't the right word, but couldn't think of the word hospital .

Daddy was gone for 3 straight days, add in the the make up from lack of sleep from being on vacation, the hot days and the start of the 3rd trimester with a third pregnancy and you result in one slow moving mama.  The girls wanted a tea party and mommy took the chance to rest on Sally's bed, play DJ and take in the girls.

They wanted to make sure to share some tea with Squirt.

Another precious line from the girls lately.  "I will never stop loving you."

"I love you Mommy and Baby" Always ALWAYS including baby :)

Sally had T-Ball this week at her Sports Sampler

Waiting to retrieve a ball hit her direction

Batter Up!

Work trips suck, but the reunion is pretty priceless

And just like that he was gone again for class.  Only 23 TOTAL sessions left, but who's counting.

At dinner it came up the Grandma used to braid my hair in 3 braids and I would sleep with it in to make my hair "curly"  The girls wanted to give it a try

They added some accessories. Libby added the arm around Sally's back...

Some day I'll forget the long days of Daddy going to class and the nights with just me and the girls.  In the not too distant future the girls won't have to ask, when they wake up in the morning, if Daddy will be home for dinner, because he'll be home every single night.

Until then, we'll make the best of it...

A fun little Skype session with Nana and Grandpa

Happy Friday Folks, enjoy your weekend!

**One of Joey's crewmen came back with this finding from one of their job sites.  The steel company my Dad used to work for...kind of cool!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Day in Walker

Oops, there were a few other pictures from Friday night in Walker.

Sally's proud face of starting and continuing to swing/pump all on her own

Piling, filling and dumping

 Dinner for the girls, app for preggo mama waiting for a late steak dinner

She had 2 chocolate covered pretzels...bath time

Mom and George, Joey and Emily went for one last cocktail cruise while we put the big kids to bed.  Then Grandma watched the babes {they all took naps, so a later bedtime} so Joey, Emily, Jenny, Brian, Reid and I could go for one last cruise on the boat before returning it early in the am.

He redeemed himself with his picture taking abilities :)


Saturday morning all the guys went golfing. We had a low key morning at the park

After lunch there was a little kayaking and some Nines

I borrowed Lucy's tube so I could float on my stomach, a dream come true for a preggo tummy sleeper :)

Searching for minnows

Katie Ringle was in town for a visit and we were so happy she was able to find the time to come and visit and meet all of the kiddos and for us to meet her cute guy Jack!

Our attempt at getting a picture of all of the kids

Silly faces and boat photobombed

Another successful Walker weekend in the memory books.  Thank you so much Grandma!!  Crazy how fast those 365 days seemed to go by to have it already have happened, and crazy how fast our days in Walker flew by!  See you next summer, Shores of Leech Lake!

A little entertainment for you, it's really too bad the sons of the family don't get along