Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Saturday on Rainy Lake

Libby was up right at 7 when her clock turned green.  Since mornings are my favorite, she and I snuck out to the dock.

Fresh from bed

Hey Mom, I'm going to drive us to Target to pick up some sunscreen.

Lake life encourages relaxation and no plans, so we did just that.  Enjoyed some playtime in the water.

Lunch with a view

Lake Lovers

Exploring with Gramps


My fish, again :)
A few more Dumb & Dumber references

Teaching her the correct form for bags

Daddy and Grandpa took a walk during nap time and spotted a Fawn

Nap time is over, time from boat cruising and jumping in to cool off

My Girls

Craigmile Crew, with a little sun in the eyes :)

Family swim!! So refreshing and felt amazing to be preggo and just float :)

We headed back in for dinner, a quick shower and then headed back out for a jammie cruise, complete with bubbles!

Libby thought it was so funny when the bubbles would come back her way and pop on her nose

This night we got really close to the Loon and got to hear it call!  We're pretty sure the baby loon had hatched too!

Sally trying to see the majestic red eyes

A wonderful relaxing day, ending with a trip in to town for some DQ!  We had a crazy loud thunderstorm and rain throughout the night, the girls slept through the entire thing, yet again :)

I forgot to post Sally's Sparkler video yesterday, love her innocent comments :)

Our decision to hang around Sunday, complete with pictures to come tomorrow.

Happy Sunny Tuesday!

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