Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Days

I can't get over how beautiful this weather is! We've been enjoying some relaxed playtime at home to kind of catch our breath from all of the travels, packing and unpacking, as we get ready to do some more :)

The Lindberg Girls were in town and made a stop to play for a bit! Always great to catch up with them!

The other day we stopped over to support a local Lemonade Stand :)

Sally got to try out her basketball skills this morning at her sports sampler

Can tomorrow really be August already???  Although, I can tell the girls are starting to have too much together time and could use a little break from each could mama ;)

New Pregnancy Milestones:
--Baby Bump, bumps in to the washing machine
--Getting much harder to paint my toenails :)

Tonight is Daddy's LAST EEEEEEEEEEEVER summer class!!! Whoop Whoop, High Fives all around!

Happy Almost August and Happy Almost Friday!

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