Thursday, July 10, 2014

Catching Up

Pictures from the days before the cabin and pictures from this week

Always a bonus to meet up with your sitter at the pool :)

 We know we are so blessed to have Delores as our neighbor!  She's always there for us.  Like yesterday, for example.  Libby was still sleeping and I had to run quickly to the park to pick up Sally so she hung out on our front step while Grady played outside so I didn't have to wake Libby up.  And of course, her delicious pies! She shared a slice of her peach pie the other day, yum!

Libby's learning!

The girls enjoyed a day at home so mama could clean.  They were rewarded with lunch in the Castle!  "Libby, we should put on pretty dresses and beautiful shoes, and we can't forget our headbands for July 2nd!"  Sally also said Happy First day of July to every person she saw, when we went to Target on July first.

Today in the car Sally said July was her favorite month because we get to do all sorts of fun things like swimming, playing outside, sparklers, going to the park, going to cabins, swimming in the lake, the beautiful butterflies, jammie walks, I just love July, Mom!  Me too sweet girl, me too!

I got to enjoy a relaxing evening catching up with Kari! It was very much overdue and did the heart some good.  Love that girl and what she means to me!

We got to hang with the Selby siblings while their mom had an appointment!  We had a fun time playing at the park and coming back for snacks.  Come back to play again soon!

Soon there will be 6!

Snack time!

The afternoon was sticky so we got out our pool for a bit

I've started to get all emotional about Sally heading off to school and being gone all day.  I've said before how wonderful Libby plays on her own, but I'll miss simple moments like this.  "Hey Sally, do you want to play Candyland?"  Dressed in her jammies and a crown and Sally being a great big sister helping her to move and not even cheating :)

Sally is quite the fish, and proud of her jumping in skills.  She's mastered the deep end!

Jumping in the deep end

Loves to swim on her back

Goofball at lunch

Looking older and older every day

Tuesday night was a beautiful night for a jammie walk!

Love this little video of the girls enjoying a dancing break at the pool :)

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  1. What a crazy fun, active life you all are enjoying, C-miles! Thanks for sharing it with us! XO