Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Day in Walker

It was a little more windy on Friday in Walker, so Captain Joey had to be a little more strategic with his boating skills.  He didn't disappoint.

We started the morning with French Braids at Salon Grandma!
Totes Adorbs ;)

 Followed by a little playtime with Daddy at the of Daddy's favorite memories from the trip

Matchy Match

We headed out for a little morning fishing

They played so well with their Elsa dolls :) Loved eavesdropping on them

We packed up our lunches and hit it full speed ahead to get to a calm spot for lunch and a swim...and to dry out from all the waves splashing up, it was quite a sight.  At one point I considered putting on Sally's goggles :)

Uncle Joey and his Goddaughters and a loon photobomb :)
We got drenched on the way back, but made it through.  Father Don made the trek over to come and visit and he and Reid even got in a game of bags, beating Joey and George.

I guess those were all of the photos we took that day.  We had a late steak dinner that night once all of the kiddos were in bed.

Happy 3rd trimester to Squirt today, whaaaaaaaaaat?! I'm definitely feeling the transition from the bliss of 2nd trimester to the slow down of the 3rd.  If anyone has any awesome recommendations for some sciatic nerve relief, it would be greatly appreciated :)

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