Monday, July 14, 2014

The Importance of Girlfriends

My girlfriends are an essential part of my life.  Right up there with my Faith, Husband and Family support.  They offer a different love and support.  In my opinion, because of my "profession" they are a necessity in my life.

Some have quite a bit of adult interaction throughout the day based on the ability to talk with co-workers throughout the day.  My fellow co-workers are 5, 2 1/2, and moving and grooving bladder jumping baby.

If you ask my girls, they know how important Mommy's girlfriends are.  They know when we're meeting up with one, "We need to be good girls so Mommy can talk for a little bit, because Mommy doesn't get to see adults very often, and it makes her happy and helps her to be a better Mommy."  Sometimes the pep talk works and sometimes it doesn't.

Either way, girlfriends to me is like water to survive :)

I am very much blessed.

My heart was filled this weekend with some girlfriend time.

Saturday morning we got to celebrate Baby Girl Harberts! Added bonus, baby snuggles with Milo and Stella as well as a handful of other preggo mamas :)  So very excited to meet Baby Harberts come September!!

Reid hadn't gotten a chance to meet Milo and see Liz and Joe's new house, so the whole Craigmile Crew came to say hello before the shower started.

The girls were extra excited because they knew it meant snuggles with baby Milo!  Before we left our house Sally said "Oh, I have to pick out a toy for baby Milo so he'll smile when I'm holding him."  So sweet of her to think of it all on her own.  Libby, of course, followed suit.  Sally picked out a yellow rattle and Libby picked out Goldy the Gopher.

I wish you could see Libby's left hand gently patting his back :)

Perhaps a little foreshadowing? :)
They were only a little bit jealous {Daddy included!} when they learned he fell asleep in Mommy's arms for an hour :)

Another heart filler upper is this one

It's just so easy.  There's no prep, we come as we are and be who we are.  We're honest and we go deep.  We skip the surface talk and dig right in.  The kind of connections everyone needs, but some are afraid to let show.

An added bonus? Our families click and fit together, we're on the same page.  A little different stages in the parenting, but not really.

So, when I got a text Sunday morning, when we were on our jammie walk, "what are you cats up to today? Maybe a little morning swim?" I knew it was going to be a good day.  We whipped a U-turn, headed back home, packed up lunch, slapped on some sunscreen and were headed to Lake Minnetonka for an impromptu morning swim!

The Dads and their daughters!  The Mamas jumped in and joined the crew once the picture was taken :) Haddie did great at her first middle of the lake swim!

Same page example.  Family time and nap time is sacred time to both of our families. So we wrapped it up early afternoon and still made it home for nap time, a productive afternoon/evening and family time.

Thank you Martinson Family for letting us join you on boat!

Heart is full!

Other great moments from our weekend

Sally's new found love of ponytails and spicing them up
 Friday night Daddy took the girls to Menards--one of their favorite stores due to the awesome escalator. Mommy got to hit up a solo Target run to cash in on the 40% off Maternity Clothes Cartwheel coupon.
Libby makes sure she doesn't leave home without her purse.  This time around Sally followed her lead and grabbed one for herself too :)

They got to pick out some candy for Walker!!

Sunday morning was beautiful, so we loaded up the girls in the stroller, packed the bananas and juice and headed for a walk to the far park, jammies and all!

Another successful summer weekend mixed with friends, family and down time.

Now it's time to tackle some baking, laundry and packing!  Happy New Week!


  1. I love this:) You are such a great mommy and your girls are so sweet! I get it now....girls nights make for better tomorrows. Love you!

  2. What a beautiful post, Jacks! It was such a special day and I love all of our girl time! It's the best "soul food" anyone could ever ask for! I can't wait for you girls to meet Baby Girl!