Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Extended Day Sunday

Instead of spending Sunday packing up and hours stuck in traffic we decided to enjoy the beautiful day and leave later.  Hoping the girls would end their streak of being the worst car sleepers ever known to man.  Much different than the worst car riders, that they are not.  But sleepers?  Psh, not a chance, no one believes us either, they think each time will be different.  Really? After all the swimming and fresh air? This time was no different.

Anywho, we definitely enjoyed our relaxing Sunday. We heard back in the cities it was too hot to be outside and we also heard that traffic times pretty much doubled.

We woke up, headed in to town for a beautiful Mass and a nice breakfast at a local cafe where each piece of bread is freshly made that day! It was delish! We said See you Later to Nana and Grandpa and headed back for nap time and cards!

Intense game of Nines...Mama won, BP won the night before, Poosch finally got some jokers though ;)
We let Sally skip her quiet time/ nap time and lucked out with a playmate next door!  She loves her new sense of independence and the ability to play with friends without her parents right there, it is so sweet to watch

Eating Ice Cream Sandwiches
Poosch wanted it to be known that he tested out his Norwex products

Saying Hi to Jesus before heading down to the boat for an afternoon swim

A dad and his daughter

Just hanging out enjoying her snack

Poosch is the master of head wraps to transform in to Queen Elsa!

The girls enjoying just relaxing

Little sister adores Big sister, always
Pretty much a beautiful day!

Taking it all in

Scratch Back for All time

Mesmerized by the motor and the waves

Rainy Lake

Poosch's place
Coming in for a landing
Ma Girls and Squirt...ummm just saw we're under 100 days {give or take}to go, Whaaaat?!

Poosch's Place

Until Next Time...
And then we packed up and headed back to the cities.  We didn't get stuck in any traffic--yay!  Sally fell asleep for the last 15 minutes, Libby was wide eyed and bushy tailed.  But again, they weren't naughty at all.  We definitely set their clocks back an hour to sleep in until 8am instead of the usual 7am.

Luckily Daddy took Monday off so we were able to play catch up, unpack, laundry, grocery shop, mow the lawn and get set for the week.

Resting up to get back at it in a week for another family vaca, can't wait!!

We're enjoying today, a top 10 weather day, according to WCCO :)

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