Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beautiful Weather

My goodness the weather has been beautiful.  After Saturday's hot day, it certainly made me appreciate the weather we've been having.  I picked a good summer to be pregnant :)

Friday night we were invited over to the Selby's for some fun and fab food!  Thank you!!

Crushing their dessert.  Not too many more weeks/days and they'll be adding another little Baby Girl to their family!
Dad made his first appearance at the pool on Saturday, it was also our first time going on the weekend.  Holy Moly am I thankful for our peaceful weekdays!  Similar to the grocery store on the weekends vs. during a weekday morning.

LOTS of people watching!

The girls quickly learned how much more fun Daddy is in the pool than their preggo Mama.

Daddy taught Libby to jump in on her own.  A big step in the brave world for her :)

A fun ride down the slide with BP

Libby wanted to cheer with Mommy instead

We ran in to Kallie and Maddie and encouraged and cheer them down the water slide too!

It was so nice out that we went back after naps with the Norton Family for an evening swim and some dinner at the pool!

Sunday we helped at Mass and Mommy was EM.  We had a low key afternoon with some t-ball, grilling and Mommy's new Fav...

batter up!

We had a good chuckle over some 21st century entertainment

Once Daddy finished up his Group Project meeting for class we met up with the Norton Family again to walk and get some FroYo

This is Sally's last week of her Park Program, we'll definitely be doing it again next summer.  Libby and I sure have fun during our one on one snack time before heading to pick Sally up.

How old is she starting to look?  "I can help you with the potatoes because I'm so so so strong!"

After dinner we headed up to the high school's parking lot so the girls could have some open space and practice their biking skills!

Happy 1st Birthday to Wesley today!!

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