Friday, November 30, 2012


Libby hands out kisses by the mouthful!

Happy Friday, Happy Last day of November!

For all you parents out there, I thought you might enjoy this :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Portrait

Sally drew her first family portrait.  I'm quite impressed.  I haven't seen her draw anything more than scribbles, circles, a few smiles and practicing her name.

I love the simplicity of it.  I love that she drew she and Libby first and that Mommy and Daddy are standing closer together.

I had her explain the picture to me.  I learned that you're never suppose to ask a child, "What is that?"  rather "Tell me about your picture."

The bottom "stuff" she explained that she was practicing her 7s and her Vs.  Wouldn't it be fun to be inside a 3 1/2 year olds head to see their thought process?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It was a little farther than 2 blocks away.

The directions were a little more than one left and the fourth house on the right.

But distance doesn't matter when you're friends.  They say distance makes the heart grow fonder.

These two are quite fond of each other.  As well as the two younger ones and the Mama's of the two {Daddy's too}.
It was fun to have a long play date with our friends. It sure was fun to have a bigger house with plenty of space for the girls to nap so the Mama's could actually have a little bit of interrupted chit chat.
We miss having you so close, but know the bond is there to last forever.  We look forward to many more play dates and maybe even sleepovers!

We're excited for you to start this new adventure and make new memories and friends.  Even though we're not neighbors anymore, we will still be along for the ride!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movin' on Up

Libby has the same love for stairs as Sally did at this age.  I looked back at blog posts from when Sally was 11 and 12 months.  Pretty much the exact same child.  Libby just has darker hair.

Sally loves the gate being up. She kept saying "help me, help me, I'm in an enchanted castle!"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend up North and Grandma and George's.  Too many pictures so we made a slideshow.  You'll spot

::Libby learning to stand in her crib
::3 Turkeys doing a 5K trot
::snuggles with mommy
::Family pictures
::Thanksgiving dinner
::Crushing Turkey
::Sibling love
::Christmas Jammies
::The Wicked Witch of the West
::Target with Uncle Joey
::"What's that white stuff?"
::Story time with Grandma
::Cozy Fires
::Little Ole
::Meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus
::Asking for the Brave Girl
::Libby not impressed with the cold weather
::Crazy girl at the bar
::Building towers
::Early morning drive to tailgate
::Dedicated Gopher Fans
::Listening intently to Grandma's song about Santa
::Twin sisters
::Sunday morning Puzzle
::Getting out Christmas Decorations
::Grandma taught Libby how to climb stairs

Thank you Grandma and George for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with many memories.  Thank you Uncle Joey for being such an awesome uncle and loving your neices so so much! We love you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We are Thankful

Sally has been adding something to her Thanksgiving list for each day of the month of November!

1. School
2. Family
3. Making Me
4. God
5. Healthy
6. My House
7. Food
8. Playing with Daddy {Nope, not Mommy. Not the one who gave her life up to stay home with her kids :)}
9. Toys
10. Family Weekends {When we are all together and have no plans}
11. Music
12. Babysitters {Andria, if you're reading this, she specifically said you, and that you need to come back and finish Belle :)}
13. Snow {this was the morning we had gotten a dusting}
14. Learning
15. Teachers
16. Friends
17. Grandparents
18. Church
19. Swimming
20. Libby

Haven't done one yet for today.

Here are a few videos from the past few days.  Sally had a little Chapel program for her preschool and Libby has been a moving/chatting machine! 

**I apologize for the shaky camera, not easy holding an almost one year old while recording!

Yep, she's the waver.  She's also not impressed with the little boy behind her who is shouting quite loudly.  I was afraid she was going to give him a little nudge...

**I wish I didn't stop it so quickly as she walked by she told Libby she loved her.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

The Craigmile Crew! xo

psssst Happy 6th Birthday Godson William! Love you so so much! {really, 6 already?!}

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daddy's Girls

There's no question that Reid is the Father of our girls.  Most people say they are Reid with a bow.  It's hard for me to see, but there have been certain times when I see they are identical!

If we had a boy, this is what he would look like. 

Crawling, Crawling, everywhere, I love it!

Crushes water, especially after naps!

Happy Pants

She's holding her phone to her ear.  She knows what to do if you say "Hello?"

Saturday morning donuts with Daddy.  Libby made the cut!

It's been a while since they've been to Nelson's. Check past blog posts from last year, I think there is a similar picture, crazy how much she's grown.  {Sorry, too lazy to search and link it up for you}

Bringing the goods home to Mommy.  Libby's not impressed, she knows she doesn't get any

Libby wishing she could be out helping Daddy put the lights up too.

Libby made the cut for silly phone pictures with Daddy

You can't not smile at this one. 

Mornings are our favorite!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Peek With Daddy

We had a nice little weekend.  Daddy did some studying for his final that he has today {You'll do Grrrrrrrrrreat!} Mommy did a few little projects and we managed to get the Christmas lights up!

Here's a quick video from our low-key weekend

Happy Short week, Happy Turkey week!

Friday, November 16, 2012

11 months!

Libby Coco {Sally's name for her, who knows?}, Libberooni, Libbers, Monkey Moo, Monkey, Monks, Libby Jo

Elizabeth Jospehine Craigmile is 11 months today!  eeeeeeeeek one more month until she's ONE!! Wowzers, I thought it would go slower the second time around.  You know, not always anticipating the next stage, enjoying each minute, knowing the next thing will come on it's own.

I guess the biggest thing this month is that she mastered crawling on all 4. She's cruising.  It really is a lot of fun.  I like that my girls are later on the physical development.  I think they don't get into as much stuff because they're older and wiser when they learn. They develop the smarts before the moving. I'm sure I'll be eating my words by tomorrow :)

::Favorite food is yobaby yogurt.  She squeals when she sees it.  Just like Sally, she's obsessed with the little baby pictured on each container.

::She really isn't a picky eater at all.  She often eats more dinner than her sister.  If there's something new she won't try you just have to hold it in her mouth and then she realizes she likes it.  Yep, she judges a book by it's cover :)

 ::She totally understands NO, most of the time she listens.  Some times she just has to try it real quick and then she'll move away

::She's a very happy girl with a very strong temper, it is quite entertaining.  I'm sure it won't be entertaining when she's 3 or 13.

"Oh, you wanted these to say something? Sorry!"
 ::She continues to be a great sleeper.  6:45pm-7/7:30am, Nap 9-10:30/11 and again 1-2:30/3

::She finally LOVES her whole milk, we were slowly introducing it.  Only nursing at night before bed.

 ::She's got a million funny faces.  She also loves to "mean mug" you, as Reid likes to call it

::Her favorite toy is her baby doll.  She kisses, hugs and rocks it quite often. Her table toy comes in at a close second, as well as her Legos.  She loves to pull those suckers apart.

Big Brown Eyed Sisters xo
::She and her sister play quite nicely together.  It's fun to see Libby starting to put up a fight if Sally takes something she wants

::Daddy is still her favorite

I wish this one wasn't blurry, but I must have been being silly to get a smile and moved the camera
::She's still afraid of dogs, but if you ask her what they say she's pant like one :)
Sally wanted in on the picture taking.  Don't mind my wet hair
::She loves to pull herself up, getting better and better each day.  Soon she'll be walking around furniture.
::Her favorite game is to roll around on Sally's bed or the couch.  She loves to dive off head first, into mama's arms of course
We are very blessed to have two very happy and healthy girls!

Thanks for always checking in on us and giving me a reason to blog. 

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!  Almost Gobble Gobble Day!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bed Time Books

Do you have a book that you read to your little one every night before they go to bed?

Sally's bedtime book is Welcome, Little One.

Libby's betime book is Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You.

We've had to move Libby's bedtime book to the floor because she gets so excited to help turn the pages and trying to contain her in the rocking chair defeated the purpose of a bedtime book.  It's a whole family affair.  Mommy, Daddy and Sally take turns reading the pages.  Libby knows the drill, she looks at each person to let them know who's turn is next!

Have you been to Salon Sally?  You really should, it feels so so good :)

It's her new favorite thing to do.  I've dreamed of the day this would arrive, it's why you have girls, right?
 I'm loving that Libby is realizing that she can crawl around the house to be included in whatever is going on in the other room.  She crawled to the back door to surprise Daddy when he got home from work yesterday.  My favorite is that when she gets close enough to sneak a peek she'll flop down, spread out and stretch her neck to give a quick little smirk.  "I see you Mommy!"  It looks a little like this even though this is her trying to pull herself up on the couch:

Have a Happy Day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Mornings are my favorite part of the day.  They always have been.  I've always been a morning person.  Maybe it's the promise of a new day, a fresh start, a blank canvas.

When I had to go back to work after having Sally, it was the mornings that I knew I would and did miss the most.

I love just snuggling on the couch, asking about dreams from the night and what she would like to do for that day.

I got a little extra time with Sally this morning because Libby slept in.  "Mommy, let's have a party with all of my pets."

Here is a typical morning for me.

::Alarm goes off at 6am
::brush teeth
::put hair up
::put on workout clothes
::go to gym for a 45 min work out
::Get home, make coffee for husband and I
::get bananas and juice ready for when the girls wake up
::Check in with husband to see what time he'll be home and what we should have for dinner
::7am Sally's clock turns green, we hear the pitter patter of her feet
::She gives Daddy big hugs and asks if he gets to stay home today
::She goes potty
::on the way to the bathroom she notices her juice and banana are ready for her
::"Thank you so much Mommy, I love you!"
::Help wipe Sally
::Give Daddy hugs and kisses and wave as he heads to work
::Turn on the Today Show to check the top headlines
::Pour a cup of coffee
::Snuggle and chat with Sally on the couch

::7:30am Libby's up!

::Hugs, Kisses, Snuggles, change diaper
::Give Libby a banana and catch the rest of the news, ending with the weather
::Turn on Doc McStuffins for Sally
::Libby rocks and plays with her babies
::Heat up coffee to get in a few more sips
::get breakfast ready to go, waffles, cheerios, toast...
::Help Sally find a spot for her tower so Libby can't get it
::unload dishwasher
::Redirect Libby away from outlet cords
::make my bed
::get girls in their seats for breakfast
::take out meat for dinner
::eat breakfast
::Talk about what we're thankful for to add it to our list

::wipe off Sally
::"Mommy I have to go poop"
::wipe off Libby
::Help Sally wipe
::Change Libby's messy diaper
::get Libby dressed
::help Sally get dressed
::clip Libby's fingernails
::set up toys and block off danger zones in Sally's room so the girls can play
::Half wet, run up to make sure all is well with the girls
::clean up the mess in Sally's room and set out books and puzzles for Sally to do
::put Libby down for nap
::Heat up coffee and check email, update blog, check deals, think about what we should do today
::it's 9:15am

**If it is a preschool day we do most of that, a little less play time, as we're out the door by 8:40.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Prayers Worked

Lucy's surgery was successful.  Please continue to pray that she may have a speedy recovery and all will be well before Nash #4 enters the world! :)

One more swimming class left for this session.  Sister is learning a lot!

Since Libbers is out of her bucket seat she has to hang out in the bjorn so mommy can still use two hands to help shower and dress Sally.  It's quite the workout, let me tell you.

We got to be at the Nash's house to greet William from Kindergarten.  He started waving 2 blocks away just to make sure I knew he saw me :)

He was excited that his Auntie Jackie was there to see him! Can't believe he's going to be 6 in a few days!!

Libby enjoyed showing him her crawling skills

The girls couldn't get enough of their cousin William!


Heal quickly Lucy girl, we'll be sure to come back so we can play with you too!! xo

Monday, November 12, 2012

Silly Faces and Laziness

Extra prayers for Lucy Girl is much appreciated!! Love you little lady! Can't wait until all of this is behind you again and we can celebrate you becoming a big sister again in a few short weeks! xo

Our good friends, the Lindbergs, officially moved this weekend :( We can't wait to come and see your new house and play extra long!!

We had a weekend filled with lots of silly faces and laziness, it was wonderful!

 We were on our way to 5 o'clock Mass Saturday night.  Reid was listening to the Gopher game on the radio and they had just scored a touchdown.  He sang the MN chant that they sing after a touchdown and ended it with a "Rah!" 2 seconds passed and a little "rah!" came from the back seat.  Little Libby wanted to cheer for the Gophs too!  There are happy Gopher fans in this house as their win meant a spot in a Bowl Game!

Tea Party, with proper pinkie placement

Trouble.  Her whole world is opening up now that she has learned to crawl

We are red in this picture from laughing so hard.  We had a stay-in date night on Saturday.  We ordered BWW to go and I snuck in a little cold stone for dessert.  Hey, it was next door.  Sally had taken a good nap so she got to stay up a bit later and we were hungry.  We had Sally take a picture of us with Reid's phone.  It was kind of dark in the room so she couldn't see on the screen what she was taking pictures of.  She kept taking pictures of things that would show up like the tv or lamp.  She finally got this one...maybe you had to be there :)

Daddy has been wanting to get "Sally" the new Taylor Swift CD. She isn't used to getting things just because, so I told him she couldn't be at Target when he bought it or she would learn to ask for things {trying to keep my solo target runs with the girls as peaceful as possible. After he bought it he hid it in her toy box and they played "Hot and Cold" to find it.

It's Taylor! I like Taylor!

We were trying on winter gear to see what fit and what should go in storage.  This hat was a gift from Pat and Tiffany when we had first found out we were pregnant with Sally.  They knew our love for Monkeys :)

Have a great week! Don't forget about those prayers for Lucy! xo