Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

It's been quite a while since my family has been ALL together on an actual holiday. Everyone packed up and headed to Grandma and George's on Wednesday and we had a grand ol' Time.

We enjoyed a day of packing up on Tuesday.  Emma loved her track suit and thought she could run so fast...makes her look too old, especially with the pony!

Watching the snow come down!

 Sally came home with a cute little Thanksgiving Story that she wrote:

 and then we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow.  The Bigs played outside all morning while I got everything ready to load in the car.  There was even enough for Daddy to snowblow and the quickly come inside for 3 conference calls in a row.  Mama  packed the car and kept everyone quiet while Reid was on his conference calls---soon his crazy season will be over
 Cheers to being loaded and ready to go!
 William got to do a little scavenger hunt to find his birthday gift from his Godmother


 and then the kiddos and George headed to play outside!
 I was impressed to wake up on Thanksgiving morning at 7am and the house was still dark and quiet.  I took Sally and Libby down and we found the rest of the Nash cousins quietly watching cartoons :)
 and another trip outside to play and sled!

 Emma loved it and hated it.  She didn't want to sit down and wanted to take her hat and mittens off...she'll learn quickly
 She could live outside all day
 She was the master sledder
 Cute Pink Puff
 C-Mile Sisters! Thank you Emily, for capturing such a cute pic!
 The Moran Cousins!
 Biggest sisters, Emma will do whatever she says :)
 and then we had a craze of an Eagle flying around right outside the windows, so cool!



 Love Reid's face in this one

 Emma was a snuggle bug, hard to get in a decent nap with the excitement of an Eagle and the Viking game
 1st attempt, Emma was a little sleepy, but the rest are cute
 Uncle Joe Joe, being Uncle Joe Joe
 as soon as the pictures were over she was ready to smile
 Thanksgiving Dinner time!  Kid's Table
 showing me her braid
 she's got a nice little perch, 30 weeks tomorrow!!!
 Love this one of Emma looking up
 Moran Cousins...Emma had just got done watching the Nash Family do a silly picture :)
 Time for a show


They didn't appreciate jokes...[VIDEO]

Game time

Back outside for some more Eagle Spotting
 It did come back when they were out there!


Loves her Daddy
Spunky Fluff
 I think we captured enough of Emma outside...
 Movie time with matching sweatshirts! Grandma's first time seeing Finding Dory!
 and then we headed home.  Always good to be home and sleep in your own bed.  Saturday morning we woke up and got all of the Christmas decorations out!

 After Mass on Sunday (Happy 1st week of Advent!!) Sally had 2 of her friends over for a little playdate.  I loved that they played engineers instead of the typical, house or princesses...
 and then I got a text from Sheila (kind of an Aunt...would be my dad's 1st cousin/our realtor...the BEST realtor) asking if she could take Sally and Libby on a little Christmas Adventure.  She took them to the General store where they got to pick out some goodies as well as an ornament to add to our tree this year.  Thank you Sheila Baby!!
 and then it was Adult's Night Out! We got to celebrate Natalie's Birthday...such a bummer that the  pizza place we were planning on going to was OUT OF PIZZA DOUGH...we made due, and had fun.  At least we know there will be a follow up!

Such a great group of people and nice to have adult conversation, we usually have 8 kiddos running around when we try and chat
 PhotoBooth Fail ;)
 and then the girls still had Monday off of school.  We enjoyed a low-key day with 50 degree weather!! What in the world, MN??

They're excited to share a room soon!
 Christmas cuts!
 5 days ago was the picture of Sally and Libby lying in the Winter wonderland!
 Christmas will be fun this year, seeing it through Emma's eyes.  She loves the blow-up Santa!
 and that's a wrap, Thanksgiving 2016 is in the books.  Thanks Grandma and George for hosting and the great food!  8 adults, 7 kiddos and a babe in the belly and we all survived!
Happy Advent!